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Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
I'm so glad i found your website and i must say your site is a real peice of work:)
I love the way you allow people to become you David Its so well cool. I Hope nothing but the pure best for you on this special day and i hope one day i do meet the real man behind this piece of work.
Happpy B-Day
e Melaine prindle
27 Feb 2003 16:02:24
e Miriam
27 Feb 2003 11:02:55
Subject: Re: it works
HI Raykeje,

ben nu in afwachting van het boek van Arno, hij stuurt het op, want is hier niet verkrijgbaar. Verder in Malibu geweest en getennissd-- is niets leuker dan dat en rarer filmpies maken,. Wil ook weer een raar filmpie maken. Lekker email me, wannner je maar wil, want dan bedenk ik me dat ik iemand wil bellen en dan is het 4 uur s'nachts of zo. Ben erg benieuwd naar je film en wilgraag iets ruws zien als dat er is en als dat mag.

hope to see you soon,


Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Dear David,

Happy Birthday. I recommend Crest WhiteStrips.

e damon rivera
27 Feb 2003 02:02:05
e fred aanbi
26 Feb 2003 23:02:14
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Freer than any freeware, human as you! Ciao, David
thank you so much for sending me the notice
At the moment I'm still @home in Torino but tomorrow evening I'll be back in Amsterdam (and unfortunately just for 5 days; I have new projects to carry on here) but I would like to meet you; by any chance do you think to go & spend some time in Rotterdam for the DEAFestival ? maybe near the week-end? I would go friday orand saturday 1st.
But maybe the preparation of your birthday is taking you all the time...
Anyway, I hope to hear from you
Have a nice evening (or day , if you'll check this mail tomorrow)
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
I'm in the Netherlands right now, but just for changing planes--I am not leaving the airport. So I won't be able to go to the party. But we could say hello next time I am really in the Netherlands, if you like.

>Almere is a city in the Netherlands,
e Richard Stallman
26 Feb 2003 10:02:58
e Alex
26 Feb 2003 04:02:30
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
hehe. My bday is on March the 2nd. Why is it that everybody is born in march, is there something significant about october or november?
Subject: This is....... Ben Londen!!
e Ben Anderson
25 Feb 2003 16:02:02
e Mirjam Westen
25 Feb 2003 11:02:31
Subject: Betr.: Are you on the guest list?
dearest david, i would have loved to be your guest at the 9th... I'll be on my way back from austria then, however; too bad and I do hope to join next time the party!!!! lots of love, mirjam
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Thank you David for your invitation. I do not know if I will be there or not...
Anyway, I think to you very often. I hope to see you very soon. Paul
e Pauyl
25 Feb 2003 11:02:30
e Meta Gemert
25 Feb 2003 09:02:32
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Dear David Still,

I 'm afraid I cannot attend attend your party at the Realiteit in Almere, because I have my own reality to deal with. I hope plenty of friends will be there and that you will have an unforgettable birthday.

Best wishes
Meta Gemert
Subject: A'No-sir, I'm a'not on that thar guestlist
Well, I'll a'reckon that I'm much 'bliged to yer on
yer invitation fer yer party'n'all, but it'n
seems'like I'm not 'boutta be treadin' up yer red
carpet any time soon, no sir.

Yer way'ntheheck up in De Reealeetay, a far frog's
steppin' jump 'way from me here, now, 'n' I'm not the
most likely a folks you'll be seein' on an aeroplane
anytime soon, now.

See, I was flyin on back from er big modern
new-fangled toaster convention out East, 'n' I was
mindin' my mindsome, stretchin out er bit, maxin,
relaxin, groovin wid de movin, sinkin tall inte ma
pillow'n whatnot, 'n' next thing I know, I'm bein
wrassled te the ground, hearin' all sortsa folk
screamin and a'yellin 'n a'passin' out if'n I'm not
mistaken. All a'screamin' "Sir, dem damn feets are a
tair-orr-ist weapon!" 'n'whatnot, people all a
shoutin, "Putcher damn shoes on, sir, the pilot's eyes
are gittin hazy and we're losin quick altitoode" 'n
whatnot. Hog-tied me with the plastic wrap from them
li'l chicken cor-don-blew thangs, wrapped my feets up
in a big ole' black metal box, put ma wrists through a
slew a 'dem plastic thingies from a six-pack a Coke,
'n'upon landin, intr'duced me to some
"slightly-less-th'n-kind" gentlemen all wearin the
same grey suits. If'n when they let me go, 'n'drove
me on back to ma homestead, damned if they di'n't done
give me the purtiest li'l wicker basket wid a bow on
top, fill'd wi all sorts of sham-poos 'n' lathery
stuff, 'n' smelly colorful rectangler thangs that
makes you burp bubbles for a week when you eat it.

So 'xcuse me if'n I can't 'tendjer party, now. Y'all
have a good ole' time, 'n' when yer at the snack
table, be sure'n avoid them colored squares th't taste
like jasmine. Give ye the bubbly shits fer a month, I
tellz ya. Bele'e you me.
e Sheik Yoboudi
25 Feb 2003 06:02:59
25 Feb 2003 05:02:03
Subject: Re: Reality
How can i believe you if i have never seen you? A photograph is a mere image of someone's likeness.
Who are you really?? How can i trust my eyes...are you what you say you are or am i blinded by the image i want you to be. And is that really you? If i saw you outside of the cave would I recognize you?
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Dear Mr. David Still,

We are here to celebrate for your birthday and wish you all the best in the following year. Thank you very much for your invitation, unfortunatedly, we are now in Hong Kong that we are unable to come and join your party. Hope you would have a very surprising and unforgettable birthday party.

Kind regards.

Happy Birthday to you.

Memory gallery
e Memory gallery
25 Feb 2003 04:02:04
e maria pask
24 Feb 2003 23:02:06
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Dear David
Thankyou very much for your kind invitation. I would very much like to come
along to your pre-prandial get-together
I can't wait to actually meet you in person- whatever you do don't disappoint me!
See you soon
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Dear David
I congratulate you!!!!
If you are really real person, send please for me money for my short trip to you.
I live in Kazakhstan and I havn't enough money for this trip.
Chao David and good party!!!
e Pawel Permjakow
24 Feb 2003 20:02:37
e Chris Swanson
24 Feb 2003 17:02:16
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Thanks for thinking of me. It just so happens that I'll be in Almere
that weekend. I'll be there with bells on!

Subject: RE: Are you on the guest list?
Dear David: don't be mistaken; in life, in everything which is composing the whole life network, if you just care to open your eyes, you'll see that NOTHING is important. So keep down this excitment and observe
carefully this art event, and you'll promply arrive face to face with vacuity, which is the genuine sense of life... Of course it is also true that for now, you have to continue on your path. You won't celebrate without me because i'm already in, observing you in your very environment...

e Banville, Martin
24 Feb 2003 16:02:23
e Casper van der Kruit
24 Feb 2003 10:02:20
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Maybe if you spelled my name right, I might come.

Subject: RE: Are you on the guest list?
Thanks for your invitation;
I doubt, I will be able to come
But, if I do, I would first need to know, in which country is TA Almere...


e Teo Spiller
24 Feb 2003 08:02:10
24 Feb 2003 03:02:43
Subject: Re: Are you on the guest list?
Dear David:

Of course I will be there! I have purchased my tickets and have packed my
bags. Can I bring a date?

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