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Subject: Call for Entries
Don't forget this initiative around visual poetry, new media and critical debate.

Best Regards

Caterina Davinio
e Caterina Davinio
6 Jan 2003 19:01:44
e CO10PI
1 Jan 2003 20:01:39
Subject: Re: Returned mail: see transcript for details]
If only I liked women, I'd sing what Eric Clapton sung: "...Baby, you looked wonderful tonight." Pitty you! Mind the grapes! So long!

De: "David Still" <>
> bettiepage1.gif
> Happy New Year. I wish you well. May all your dreams be fulfilled.
Subject: Worm
Hi Folks
Worm, is looking for a new place in Rotterdam. Cause they are gonna break down their current building. If you have ideas, or if you just wanna support them you can send an email to
Please pass this email as far as you want

e Wim v/d Herik
28 Dec 2002 14:12:44
e Daoud Kuttab
28 Dec 2002 10:12:29
Subject: Re: Christman in Bethlehem
So you think that the entire city must bear responsibility for the crime committed by a person who moved into town a few months before doing his terrible act???

From: "David Still" <>
> I was very moved by your article on the Israelis closing station. I was also moved by the suicide bomber who lived and operated out of Bethlehem and took 11 lives of innocent people. Oh, you forgot to mention that part of it,
e pierre fraenkel
25 Dec 2002 21:12:07
e Moritz Gaede
24 Dec 2002 03:12:00
Subject: Re: Xmas
Dear David

Wishing you a great Xmas old buddy. Stay out of trouble and have a good next year.

hallo alle zusammen,

die anlage ist ein einfaches htm-dokument, das sich im explorer oder netscape etc oeffnen laesst. (einfach rueberziehen).

F.W., andre.
e A*
23 Dec 2002 22:12:50
e Jackie
22 Dec 2002 05:12:37
Subject: Fw: Merry Christmas From Shamokin
Just Wanted to wish all my Family that lives away and I don't have address just e-mail a Merry Christmas & a Happy & Healthy New Year.
Love You All.

Jackie & Arvin Shicora
Subject: RE: Are ya gonna talk to me or what?


From: David Still []
thanks, GG: and an interesting name you have made up for yourself!

George Guernsey wrote:
e George Guernsey
21 Dec 2002 00:12:52
e George Guernsey
19 Dec 2002 20:12:30
Subject: RE: Are ya gonna talk to me or what?

Subject: Re: Returned mail: see transcript for details]
Nice invisible link. Thanx, I don't like the Costa del Sol, less in the summer. Picasso is in fact in the Prado (ever heard of the Guernica?). You seem vague and fool and ask too many questions. Give it another try when recovered from your severe brain dammage.

De: "david still" <>
> Costa del Sol for fun and to get away from madrid during summer. Museum... nah, we would slip close by to see Picasso, not allowed in Prado. Valesquez, si, bueno--how am I doing? what are you reading this week? and how do you like it and what film have you last seen?
e CO10PI
18 Dec 2002 17:12:35
18 Dec 2002 07:12:44
Subject: Surprise! You've got a Lassa Christmas card!
Hi David Still,

Esther has send you a Lassa Christmas-card.
Click below to view your personal card:
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This card will remain on the server for one month. You can print your card if you want to save it. If the card won't open up, copy the adress in your browser and try again.

the webmaster of Lassa.
Lassa, picture books and more for people over 2 years of age
Subject: Saturday party
Hi all,

Ive been told by my roommates we're having a christmas party, so sorry for
the late invite, but I'd love to see you all if you can make it! Feel free
to bring friends (and a bottle of wine!)...

Merry Christmas

e Jill Barnes
18 Dec 2002 04:12:22
e Taylor,Dan
17 Dec 2002 16:12:35
Subject: RE: my god
Thank you for your kind words and support--perhaps in the future we can meet in person and discuss this further

> From: David Still
> You are a stupid prick. The most terrible person I've ever met. Last week was a prime example of your mediocrity. You don't know anything about design, color, or composition. You are a lawsuit waiting to happen. Other than the liability you present, you are useless.
Subject: Re: In the fles
Thanx, friend. But better than calling yourself Phrend Friend, you should try Thstill Friend. More accurate in the present circumstances.
Please, don't try to pull both my legs at once when speaking of languages.
How about Romanesque? I think it a lot more appropriate and artistic, don't you? How about if you don't put so very many rules? You seem to be trying to rule me. ME! Better relax a bit. Seven messages in two days is a lot, even for you! Haven't got time to keep up this way!
Is your Spanish improving? By now you're probably almost done with the "A", aren't you? Go on, don't give up. The harder you try, the sooner you'll speak it as a native!
Nice picture, nice flowers, nice pages. Sorry to say I like Milton and I'm not irritable, but sharp... in Spanish. [ Weren't you bothered by my observing your gentlemanly attitude!] Needn't strive for a gentleman. I'm just waiting for the day we can speak Spanish face to face!!!

> Hi!
> you will like this. Combines art with Borges
I'm trying, honest!!!
Alas, I am not able to use a Latin-based language to write to you... I had some German (yesp; not Latin, I know), and French for grad work (required) but it is mostly gone now. I find your English to be no problem so I am saddened that you will write me only on condition that I write back in a Latin-based language. Sort of obstacle, challenge, that makes me want to rush out to learn Spanish or bursh up on my French... can we settle for a language we both might struggle with, say Romany or Basque?
Do write. I like intelligence and you have it!
Lordy, lord: we are a bit off put here, no? Don Q is marvy but, alas, by now a bit tendentious for my tastes. Joyce is still about as good as it gets in our time; Prouse close and perhaps even as good. And then back to epics: Homer, Virgil, Dante, and yes, Milton, though I am sure your sensibility would not like this one, right>
I had read Boll some time ago and still prefer Mann, the novellas and The Magic Mountain, but now find him a bit much, though Death in Venice still rings the bell. Octavio Paz fine... so there. I do believe I am a gentleman, or at least try my best to be one, and truly hope I have not said anything that in any way has upset you. And if I had: forgive me. I did not mean it. You are very nice, sensitive, bu a bit irritable (ok: not a gentleman for saying that but you ve doubtless been told this before, right>
Write and I will try to be a kinder, gentler, guy who is most accepting of your Vision and your Eclectism....
e CO10PI
14 Dec 2002 19:12:35
13 Dec 2002 20:12:32
Subject: Re: Don't trust ptyson
Thanks for the warning. How did you get my e-mail and know ptyson contacted me?

From: "David Still" <>
> Hi Sir/Ma'am,
> A few weeks ago, i lost more than 800 USD because i've been scammed by a
person by the name of ptyson1215 on ebay. Thinking I would get my new Sony
Ericsson phone, i gave him my credit card # and the necessary information. I
waited and waited but the item didn't come. However, something did come. A
credit card statement saying I bought alot of things which i did not. I
asked ebay but ebay said they couldn't help me because the trade did not
take place IN EBAY so i wasn't insured. I had to redo my credit card because
if i didn't, my account would probably be empty. I've learned that you and a
handful of others are his next target. And if you did what i did (give him
your credit card #) you should ask your credit card company if there are
irregular activities in your account, and if worse comes to worst, i
strongly advise you to redo your credit card. I learned the hard way that
there are true assholes out there. further information on scamming and
safety on ebay can be found through the ebay website ( Take
care and have a nice day.
Subject: Re:
thank you for your quick answer and the informations.
About the visit: of course you shouldn't come, if you don't want to, so you can have a look on our homepage
By the way our festival is between January 16-19.

Best Wishes

Madlen Makowezki
e Archiv
13 Dec 2002 13:12:40
e Madlen Makowezki
12 Dec 2002 19:12:58
Dear David !

I am happy to inform you, that your web site "" is included in the Programme of the 16th Stuttgarter Filmwinter.

Unfortunately we had problems with importing the informations from the internet and miss the production country of your work. Please could you forward it to me As Soon As Possible.

For further questions please contact my colleague, the New Media Coordinator
Ms. Xenia Leydel (

Looking forward to your visit.
the Wand 5 - Team
Madlen Makowezki

Media Coordination & Archive
16th Stuttgarter Filmwinter

E-Mail: Tel: 0049 / 771 - 223 96 01 Fax: 0049 / 771 - 226 91 61
Subject: fresca
you are genius!
have we met?

From: "David Still" <>
> Sugarfree,
> Ah, yes the 80's. I am a tab fan myself, with a slice of lemon. You can still find it if you look hard enough. I do have the sudden urge for ding dongs and ho ho's once in a while.
> The 80's were very much about being "sugarfree". In the 90's it was "natural" and 00's "fat free". Maybe you could have a diferent dj name for whatever decade you are spinning. You can thank me for this idea later.

> Carolyn J Coleman wrote:
> aw shucks - thanks!
> by chance - were you at Botanica this past Saturday?
> I am into some sugar-free foods (when I can overcome the occasional submission to DONUTS and pecan pie) and my substitute of choice is nutrasweet (Equal and all of her knock-off sisters)
> I chose the name Sugarfree because I started off spinning only '80's records and wanted a name reminiscent of the times.......
e Carolyn J Coleman
11 Dec 2002 08:12:17
e Maria Valcarce
11 Dec 2002 01:12:59
Subject: Re: job offer
Dear David Still,

First of all, I am sorry for the delay, but yesterday I had some problems with my internet conexion.

You seem to know a lot about my communication skills and my professional interests and I am very glad you have thought of me for that job. It looks quite interesting, but please, may I ask you to be more explicit?

Yours sincerely,
Maria Valcarce
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