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Subject: Re: no worries
Aha let's check things out but not now i am running late on deadlines.
sorry but the lovechild is not one of my priorities right now.
we'll meet again some sunny day!

>what a pretty name! I am enthralled. I have grand genes and for our
>love child there will be a most promising future. After all, with
>whatever inadequacies I might have you will more than make up
>for--charm, discipline, high IQ, lovely outlook...what could be more
>promising for the future!
e eliane
10 Nov 2002 07:11:14
e eliane
10 Nov 2002 07:11:41
Subject: Re: no worries
Wow I am amazed by the beauty of this child? Take care David and Melissa gonna find my own David and make a lovechild. Bye tata e

>for true and real privacy, i am at this is
Subject: Re: no worries
that's quite a change in tone, well ok let's have a lovechild I am in for it, let me know when where and who!

David Still wrote:
>I worship the ground you crawl on! Be mine. Let us have a love child.

>eliane wrote:
>Hi David, yep I think I know which knock-out nurse you mean.
>Recently I had my ... done if you know what I mean, well let's
>have a drink next time instead of a fight, it was quite the
>excitement for the moment,
>talk to you later tata, gr e
>p.s. say hello to your wife from me (kiddin)
e eliane
9 Nov 2002 04:11:04
9 Nov 2002 00:11:19
Subject: Re: Re: cant you remember?

hi david, famous man.

am 25.09.2002 19:55 Uhr schrieb David Still unter
> Oh cruel Andre, founder of Birkenstock you know what means to Birk?
> do look it up and use for your next porn film.
Subject: I'm not ...
e martine.peignier
8 Nov 2002 16:11:49
e CO10PI
6 Nov 2002 20:11:06
Subject: Re: In the flesh
Needn't to be sorry, I'm almost recovered. Just let me thank you, though I mind you I needn't a servant. I don't even know what can I possibly need from a stranger! Are you some sort of Hitchcock's character, spying me through the window? As for the flower in my ear, I'd rather it was a carnation. Roses've got stitches! Next time, please send the rose, it's a
lot more romantic and it will involve you too.

De: "David Still" <>
> first let me say I sorrow over your illness and wish i were in your presence to sooth in whatever humble manner I might the discomfort you are undergoing. As for the flower in the ear! simple: I wanted a touch of the very romantic, the exotic... sort of a film thing, cute, funny, cliche but OURS to remember always. I send this all too brief note with my fondest wishes for a speedy recovery. David, your humble servant.
Subject: Lenore
Dear Aunt Grace

How are you thanks very much for the pictures on CD-ROM. Dave printed both pictures and they were great. I wondered if you could tell me any Christmas memories of when you were kids. Joan, the archivist @ The Grey Co. Museum asked me if I could get some memories of Xmas from people that grew up in Grey Co. I got Carl's he said that he got a sleigh one yr. that went really fast down the big hill; he still has it above the woodshed. He thought dad got skis one yr. I also got some good memories from Chris she knitted her dad a pr. of socks. Joan wants to know if Xmas gifts were wrapped or unwrapped, what did girls expect& boys. Did you hang your own stockings? where did you hang them ? what did you get in the sock? did you give anything to your parents?grandparents, aunts & uncles? Did you write a Xmas list? Did you study the Eaton's catalog? Did you expect to get anything out of the catalog? Did you believe in Santa Claus? These are Joans questions she is doing an exhibit called Xmas unwrapped. I would be interested in other memories as well like what you has for dinner turkey or goose. My mother's uncle who's 86 said that they all ate goose because, who'd want to eat a dry old turkey. Frankie Donovan's picture was in the paper, front page in colour Wed, Oct., 23.; Wayne McKibbon & his wife were in the 2nd section of the paper that day too. They bought the Blue Water driving academy & were giving winter driving tips. Then Frankie was in on Sat, she was among six veterans that were being honored by the Billy Bishop Museum. On Sat Larry Ramages farm was in the paper the river had been fenced in by the Sydenham Sportsmen. Sat Oct. 19 Crystal Ramage's picture was in with her calf ; front page in colour. All the relatives are getting good press!

We are going to Frankie Donovan's sometime as she was thro' the States where the Ramages settled J.F. and she got a history book that has an article in it about them. Five or Six yrs ago the Donovans and Jim & his wife went to Scotland & found the Ramage grave stone. She said Jim is very interested and is working of a family tree. I think I have found another picture quite far back of Matthew Russell Ramage Sr.'s wife, Jane Findlay's parents. I am also tracking a picture of James Mustard, the one that is your mother's grandfather. I saw Mary Janet Mustard in Zehrs & she thinks she has it or can get it. Dave & Mom and I went out to Aunt Eleanor's for lunch as she is a deer hunting widow this week. Jack is hunting with his buddies; they usually get a deer. We are going to the Dufferin Co. Museum and Archieves tomorrow. Mom doesn't want to go tho' as she and Doreen are going to the play Oklahoma tomorrow night. Dave signed the ownership over on our 91 Mazda van on Fri., in exchange for the bill being marked paid. We are really glad that's over with. We test drove a van today but aren't in a big hurry to get another one. I guess I'll go for now.

Lenore & Dave
e Dave Still
6 Nov 2002 04:11:32
e Marjolein X
5 Nov 2002 21:11:38
Subject: Re: job offer

Believe me I would have done that if I knew him. You really have got the wrong adress. It happens a lot. Maybe it is
Good luck with finding the right one.
Subject: Re: In the flesh
No patatas, I'm sorry. What would have been the use of my wearing a rose in the left ear, if you already know who I am and what do I look like? I would have been there standing alone among the crowd, everybody staring at me and
waiting for the moment I would start dancing flamenco furiously! Just in case it had been you who had sent me the rose might I have considered to go through the whole thing. By the way, how "lovely" of you to call me a dolt, you pea-brain, but I'm just sick with a terrible flu.

De: "David Still" <>
> another tomorrow has come and gone... where the fuck are you, dolt!

e CO10PI
4 Nov 2002 21:11:07
e eliane
4 Nov 2002 15:11:03
Subject: Re: no worries
Hi David, yep I think I know which knock-out nurse you mean. Recently I had my ... done if you know what I mean, well let's have a drink next time instead of a fight, it was quite the excitement for the moment,
talk to you later tata, gr e
p.s. say hello to your wife from me (kiddin)

>Hi David,
>No worries mate! We had quite the fight! Sorry I broke your nose...
>Hope it'll heal nicely. I had my eyebrow fixed this morning by a nock out nurse at the Haven Ziekenhuis. RRRRRRRR
>Let's meet up again soon for some rough times
>David Still
Subject: Re: job offer
Well, that sure is great news for Joost. I really think you should send it to him, and not to me. It seems like you have got the wrong emailadress.
e Marjolein X
2 Nov 2002 11:11:34
e Teun Claassen

2 Nov 2002 00:11:05
Subject: Re: Thanks!
Hello David,

I was trying to remember what you are talking about, but i can't configure it out..

plz let me know, where you know me from..


Subject: RE: impakt
Hallo Wilfried
"het" werkt, hoewel het me een raadsel is "wat" werkt hoop dat je hier iets aan hebt (en mocht je dit lezen, het is nu bijna half 5, bel me ajb even)
groeten Mariska

Van: David Still
Hoi Mariska

Lees je dit bericht vanuit Impakt dan weet ik of het werkt.
e Mariska van den Berg (SKOR)
31 Oct 2002 16:10:40
e amanda l.
31 Oct 2002 15:10:58
Subject: Re: In the flesh

I'm looking forward to finding out who you are! Tomorrow is the date! The event will have a lot of meat, that's for sure!
e CO10PI
30 Oct 2002 21:10:25
29 Oct 2002 15:10:38
Subject: Re: In the flesh
nowadays every fucking idiot is getting famous.. just look at this big brother shit... no reason to be proud...not at all..!have fun with promoting yourself and your big ego
Subject: Re: Sorry
e thi mar
29 Oct 2002 12:10:34
e simon paskell
29 Oct 2002 11:10:12
Subject: Re: Stranger!
this is boring me!!!!!!!!!!!
either let me know who u are or leave me alone!!
got much better things to do than be bombarded with
anonoumus e-mails!!!!!

>From: David Still <>
>Hello there stranger!
>i haven't spoken to you for a couple of days, neither have i seen you
>around. Where have you been hiding?
>i will give you my mobile phone number before i leave work this afternoon,
>and hopefully we can chat later this evening! where i can express my true
>feelings for you.
>the ball will be in your court!
Subject: Re: crush
ok/ Are you worthy too?..
I need a little help here... Who has the crush on me? and who are you?
I will play alone, how about a hint?

David Still <> wrote:and i want to be crushworthy too!

Sandra Carey wrote:
I am confused.. Do I know this person already?
Please enclose a little more information.
Kindly, Sandra

David Still wrote: Dearest faraway Sandra:
You don't know me, I am nobody. But my friend has a crush on you.

He is too shy to let you know, so I must do it for him. Both he and I have just one thing in common: we hate when fate becomes inaccessible. So accept this rope bridge that you may inevitably cross, and have safe luck reaching the otherside, forever love.

You are wanted.

David Still
e Sandra Carey
28 Oct 2002 19:10:56
e laura carter
28 Oct 2002 17:10:15
Subject: Re:

oh fuck off this is a wind up for sure... if u dont tell me who u r, i wont respond from now on


From: David Still
I have always worshipped you from afar! Be mine. I love you. Advise. Tell me what I must do to win you

laura carter wrote:
if u wanna e mail me, send it to this one... its laura carter, i dont even remember who u r, im so crap... let me know
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