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Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
e Alfred G Gerteiny
16 Sep 2002 19:09:50
e Freaky Becca
16 Sep 2002 18:09:13
Subject: Re: Is it me or is it you?

the freak bit is just a joke. anyway who are you?are you the same person emailing me each time or is it loadsa random people? i know about the david still website so you could be anyone.. eek

>From: David Still <>
>Dearest Becca,
>rwilliams is a psyudonym, and he must be the 209th one. maybe the real question is why are you freaky? is it a good freaky or bad one?
>We await your peaceful reply.
Subject: RE: Do you know what happened?

It doesn't really suprise me that you don't remember that evening. Yes, it is you in the picture, which was taken at some point between 11pm, and 4am. It was a damn'd
good show you put on, even though you had your wrists were tied to your ankles behind your back and you were wearing that oversized chicken suit backwards and inside out.

Shortly afterwards, we were all kicked out of the brothel because you wouldn't stop snorting like a pig. You were violently thrown into the back alley, and to add insult to
injury, the bouncer who had to carry your hogtied ass down the stairs and through the kitchen decided to take a piss on your face as you squirmed around in a pool of vomit, broken glass and used heroin needles. It took the rest of us a good hour to stop laughing, and you finally started laughing yourself, still snorting like a pig everytime you inhaled. that just made it worse.

I don't remember the rest of the night myself, so you'll just have to keep asking around if you want more details. or maybe if you wanna go out for another drink, I'll try to remember a bit more. Next time, you're paying for the hookers. We should also try to avoid those midgets.

16 Sep 2002 17:09:49
e dominica crystal
16 Sep 2002 17:09:21
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
You must be lonely for me... how sweet.
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
e Alfred G Gerteiny
16 Sep 2002 16:09:31
e Bob Serrano
16 Sep 2002 15:09:17
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?

Yeah, I know what happened . . . ever heard of the term "Hot Carl?"
Subject: Betr.: Do you know what happened?
e Mirjam Westen
16 Sep 2002 10:09:49
e bituur esztreym

16 Sep 2002 10:09:29
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
Subject: AW: ... start of the search ...

I guess your level is too high ...

...i mean, higher than mine.

Von: David Still []
Dare I say it? Dare I remind you? You said to me" our lovemaking was the real magic of this week."

Elke Hennen wrote:
I've no idea how this could have happened. When was the photo taken -- it was taken after you've won 10 000 dollars in las vegas - i'm surprised about your lost pages, 'cause I can still hear you saying, that you'll never forget this day ...
e Elke Hennen
16 Sep 2002 10:09:53
e roland coenen
16 Sep 2002 10:09:27
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
Hi David,

I travel a lot. Meet people without remembering names. Doing things withoutthinking of the consequenses. So everything is possible. Maybe I wanted a last souvenir before I would you. Who knows?

bye, Roland
Subject: Betr.: Do you know what happened?
Dear David,

I do not know about this story. I do not know you, I think. I will explain myself and introduces myself. I am 54 years old; married, three kids. I am a member of the council of Rotterdam for the Social Democratic Party (PvdA) and I am working in a foundation. This foundation gives money for art, cultural and community development. Sometimes I give my card and numbers to people with good and interesting ideas. Is that maybe a connection?

friendly greetings

Atie Mol
e mol
16 Sep 2002 09:09:26
e Florian Ebner
16 Sep 2002 09:09:54
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
Dear David Still,

the riddle of time and identity is sometimes difficult to understand.

Unfortunately, I can't help you

Best Regards

Florian Ebner
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
Hello David,
This story is a black hole for me...
Where do you live? And what is your profession?
Did we meet overseas somewhere?
I'm a filmmaker so I travel around a bit..
sorry, no idea...
but I'm sure we can sort it out!
e janet merewether
16 Sep 2002 08:09:44
e Foxy Redhead
16 Sep 2002 06:09:30
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
This is so bogus....
I know this guy David Still (or at least some guy who came up with the name David Still) has a site that allows people to use his name to send emails. Even has some pictures.
That picture is gross, to say the least....
Sorry... not falling for it.
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
Hi David,

It's probably Patrick that took your picture, you know how he likes to carry his camera around in case he sees something interesting. But I don't know how he could have put the picture in your pocket since it's a digital camera that he has.

Be careful next time you see a flash. Take care.

e nathalie
16 Sep 2002 01:09:30
e Alfred G Gerteiny
16 Sep 2002 00:09:59
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?

Dear David...
YOu know you were a tad out of it that night ... and well you got a tad crazy too..... Ummm I could help refresh your memory... But well I would need a few drinks to get that wild... BUt just hope you do not get any surprises in 9 months ok... LOL.. Bye Bye Arriana
On~Line tarot Services
e Arriana
15 Sep 2002 22:09:03
e Mateja Perenic
15 Sep 2002 22:09:12
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
My dear David,

How can you say you don't remember. This hapend on 11th of september when your son didn't like his lunch. You stepped to him to convince him otherwise and then boom - it happened. Luckily I was there with my camera and took the
photo of you.

Beleive me it's you.

Take care,

Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?

> Dear picofarad
> Something really strange happened to me....
Right! ;) I can see how it might be difficult to be sure it IS you when you were all dolled up in that donkey outfit.

> I've no idea how this could have happened.
Think about it. We were at the rotary club convention and you droppedsomething in the tapioca.

>When was the photo taken and who took it?
Last night at 4 a.m. and _I_ took that photo of you while my friends watched. Consider yourself lucky it was not taken an hour earlier. You really are a cut up when you get "loadDED."

>And how did it end up in my jacket pocket?
Good question! No thanks to you, we found your jacket in the night-blooming jasmine where you fllung it and placed the photo there . . . you dolt.

>If you've ever found evidence of an incident you were involved with but have completely forgotten you'll understand my need to fill in this blank.
Nope. Hasn't happened to me in my long life of 82 years yet.

Consider it solved amigo.
e picofarad
15 Sep 2002 22:09:06
e shirin
15 Sep 2002 22:09:11
Subject: Re: Do you know what happened?
Dear David;

It must be a 24 virus, or some ET disease. Were you ever abducted? that would be my guess; Alien experiments gone wrong. Any scares?:-)

I don't know you, so I don't know who must have taken that photo? And why my name? I bet you say that to all girls :-

But I will try to remember, in my next hypnosis session, maybe it is deep in my subconscious and I am trying to not remember....:-)

Who knows stranger things have happened already.

Good luck with your quest

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