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Subject: Fwd: The evils of wearing a tie?
What's wrong with being an anarchist in a tie? Is it better to be an anarchist in rags or a Nazi death-camp commandant in a spiffy uniform? I don't make as much as 30,000 dollars a year, but see nothing wrong in you earning that sum, provided you do so by the fruits of your labour without coercing anyone.

Antoine Clarke

> > >From: David Still <>

>> >It might wll be that the U.S. is bad spot for Libertarians because
>> >there are so many level-headed folks in America and they see through
>> >he political nonse you espouse when underneath it all you folks are
>> >just plain ME, want all for you and screw the next
>> >person. Liberarians are nothing but anarchists with ties, making
>> >over 30 thousand per year. Mostly, they took college loans from Big
>> >Bad Gov and are protected from terrorist by Big Bad Govt by the
>> >taxes they dislike paying.
>> >
>> >selfish pricks
e Samizdata Admin
12 Aug 2002 11:08:56
e Sheik Yoboudi
11 Aug 2002 23:08:21
Subject: Everything you always wanted to know... I know.
Weellll, wontcha pully up a chair and take here a little bituva listen, there, pal-lo.

Now, my wife up and left me a good spill ago, due, no doubt, to the incessant complications that that spindley horde of elderhostel whiskey faeries brought between us in our marriage once her father moved into the spare room of the house.

Then, of course, after she left, and was subsequently abducted by an El Salvadorean cartel kingpin, and furthermore after the ensuing daring/ravishing rescue I was forced to undertake, armed only with a toothpick and a toenail clipper, we set aside our differences and found new cause to renew ample friendship.

I'd up and invite you to the house for a bit of absynthe and delectable try of crackers and cheese, but basically, from the sound and tone of your last letter, I'm afraid I'd unwittingly suddenly find myself practicing my tracheotomy skills on ye while you were midsentence before taking your first bite of the appetizers. Real 'Princess and the Warrior'-style thang. And I'm afraid that might ruin my mood for dessert. And we can't have that.

The odd thing about anonymous email systems, the amplifying median skill level of your basic average reclusive programmer and technae saavy artist/engineers these days... you can never quite tell who you're talking to, or how much they are able to discover about you--- Y O U --- from a simple IP address, a few pots of coffee, a little inspiration
and a few spare minutes.

Sleep well, there, buckarooney. Sweet dreams.
Subject: Re: Canada and the Muslims

It is for all muslim people, married, single or whatever. We talk about different things all the time. Maybe life, careers, politics or just everyday social conversation. Nothing is set in stone you can talk about whatever you like.

I started the club a few months ago and some converse via e-mail and some just come out to the fuctions. The website is being worked on so as soon as that is up I am hoping people can also chat on that too.

Thank you

>From: David Still <>
>tell more bout Calgary connection for Canada Muslims! What kind of talk? I know not for meeting women but for talk about things. Politics, jobs? life in Canada? thank you so much. I am 34, ok? for married and single peoples or just one?
e Jenn Yousef
10 Aug 2002 21:08:31
e Ecstasy ...
10 Aug 2002 06:08:41
Subject: oven mitts exciting....what would I do with those?
david, you should thank me for helping, and be nicer ....

>From: David Still
>Congratulations!! You've written more messages to David Still than anyone else in the past two weeks. You win a free oven mitt. Please respond with your mailing address to redeem and receive this special prize.
Subject: Re: US as bad place for libertarians
>It might wll be that the U.S. is bad spot for Libertarians because
>there are so many level-headed folks in America and they see through
>he political nonse you espouse when underneath it all you folks are
>just plain ME, want all for you and screw the next person.

How is not wanting to tax 'the next person' screwing them? Explain
how a disinclination to take the property of others under the threat
of force amounts to screwing anyone. When
socialists/statists/whatever such as yourself take this tack it is
essentially non-rational.

>Liberarians are nothing but anarchists with ties, making over 30
>thousand per year.

For your information several of our contributors do indeed call
themselves anarcho-capitalists and really do not have a problem with
that label. If you actually want to know what an ethical
anarcho-capitalist is, read Murray Rothbard's 'Ethics of Liberty'.
Personally I am a minarchist but feel free to stick to your 'well
informed' characterisations.

>Mostly, they took college loans from Big Bad Gov

Speaking for myself, no.

>and are protected from terrorist by Big Bad Govt by the taxes they
>dislike paying.

Not very well protected it seems.

>selfish pricks

I guess you feel anyone who thinks they own themselves and their
property is a selfish prick. I can live with that.

With due regards,

Perry de Havilland ...-
e Perry de Havilland
10 Aug 2002 06:08:45
e David Latimer
9 Aug 2002 20:08:43
Subject: Re: the Thresher

Articles in the printed version of the Thresher #2 explore the motives and they seem to be, if true, strategic control over global oil supplies. Conspiracy does happen at the highest levels ( I'm guessing you remember Watergate and all the other ____gates since) and even though I agree with you that reverse engineering an event like 9/11 to fit the facts you have at your disposal is not the same thing as "knowing" what really happened.
Still I see no reason to believe in what we are being told just because the source of the information is the office of the President. GW is a liar or perhaps a politician is expected to say what is expedient not what is true.


on 8/9/02 10:34 AM, David Still at wrote:

> Conspiracy theories are the best way to avoid serious thought. When you adopt
> a world view that puts dark, unknowable hidden motives at the center of all
> things and mock all official versions of events as a "cover up," you free
> yourself to make absurd leaps in reasoning, or to tailor "facts" to fit your
> foregone conclusions.
> Like this crackpot:
> Our government has played a lot of dirty games, but has never deliberately slaughtered 2,000 civilians at a time of peace.
Subject: jerks
You must be that nincompoop who started this davidstill business with me, and I have a pretty good idea who you are....
e Ecstasy ...
8 Aug 2002 23:08:51
e David Latimer
8 Aug 2002 20:08:48
Subject: Re: the Thresher

Do you have issue #2 of The Thresher? I have three articles laying exploring the premise with some very chilling facts... many have since been reported in the mainstream press.


on 8/7/02 5:52 PM, David Still at wrote:
> OK: you assert or at least suggest that our military may have been complicit.
> He who asserts should prove. What evidence do you have to accuse our military
> of allowing a plane to be crashed into the very building that is theHQ

> David Latimer wrote:
> David,
> I'm glad to see that the material provoked a response. Don't be so certain
> that the US Military wasn't complicit on some level in the events of 9/11.
> It wouldn't be the first time our countries Global policy goals needed the
> cover of some "war" to be carried out. I hope that isn't true in this case.
> David
Subject: your friend

What do you mean my real e-mail address? That is the only one I have ever used, in reply to his first e-mail from your site asking me to use his private one....

Someone else originally wrote to him from your site (in French), hence his reply posts in French.
And, it looks like someone else e-mailed me with his address (taken from your board)....what a mess.

Thanks to your creation, I guess...I suppose you are right, it is an art form in that it does being abour new awareness and engenders new and creative forms of interaction, (mis?)understanding and communication, to put it in a very nice way....

Nice day/night,
e Ecstasy ...
8 Aug 2002 08:08:42
e Alfred G Gerteiny
8 Aug 2002 06:08:23
Subject: Re: cher Monsieur
Subject: Re: Everything you always wanted to know...
...sorry, but my personal opinion of this "david still" crap was never very high to begin with... as was/is my personal opinion of people who use it on people they's cute and novel the first time ...the second time it proves the sender to be someone who entertain themselves with the mysteries of their underwear stains and the consistency of their boogers....

to whomever is using it,

please just stop...i would hate to think that someone i know as a friend is being thought of, by me, as a childish ass... but on the other hand, there are persons in this world that i know to be childish asses, so can you see how this works? can't escape being an ass (hell, maybe i don't know you, but nonetheless you fall into the "ass" category)... but at least a friend would grow tired of it and stop at the first
request... *hint* ...*wink* ... *nudge nudge*....?

soooooo....thanks for playing... have a nice day... here's a $1... go tease a starved pit bull or something....

i almost forgot.... learn how to spell...

PS...have you ever used the address block on an email program?... i just did, and let me tell ya.......
7 Aug 2002 19:08:19
e Alfred G Gerteiny
7 Aug 2002 17:08:07
Subject: Re: cher Monsieur
Subject: Re: lost posts

Ok. tried a few times and the second one you gave seems NOT to be working (twice returned), the first may be ok, no returns so far. And the original first one he gave me, a slightly different version of the hotmail one, was not ok earlier but seems ok this time... I hope my efforts are not wasted, ... I don't give up easily, and if he is your friend, do let him know...thanks.

Cheers, Ecstasy.
e Ecstasy ...
7 Aug 2002 16:08:59
e Ecstasy ...
7 Aug 2002 15:08:18
Subject: Re: lost posts
What do you mean "chasing?" I am not chasing him...HE or whoever, however many of 'YOU' started emailing me first.. ok, very funny, I admit!
Subject: Re: lost posts
Am not sure I understand your last message about how to scared to do anything at all for fear of messing up...y'know cloak n dagger ...
Of the two you gave, I had tried the second without success... will try the first, and failing, will try the first or just port my long 'reply''s nothing secret anyway and maybe he'll see it.
Moved to another country, I just got his mail use the private e-mail.
Now am so confused about your site...who is who..etc....darn!
Friend?? I do hope you'll enlighten me SOON...
Thanks anyway.
e Ecstasy ...
7 Aug 2002 15:08:47
e Ecstasy ...
7 Aug 2002 09:08:44
Subject: Re: lost posts
I can't believe you gave me an address that doesn't work...after I wrote a long thing and tried to send it you. ???

>From: David Still
>I would like to discuss this fasinating article with you but write me at ______________
>Ecstasy ... wrote:
>A promise then..
>From: David Still
>As in Zen, do three more days. Pennance or therapy? You will I promise finally be There.
Subject: Re: the Thresher

I'm glad to see that the material provoked a response. Don't be so certain that the US Military wasn't complicit on some level in the events of 9/11.
It wouldn't be the first time our countries Global policy goals needed the cover of some "war" to be carried out. I hope that isn't true in this case.


on 8/6/02 12:36 PM, David Still at wrote:
> Don't give up your day job if you have one! 3,000 people get killed by a know group training in Afghanistan camps under rotten regime... and you are neutral?
> No: a fool
> Nota bene: take away your hypenated words and there is nothing left. Nada. Zip. Zilch. And stop being so friggin bitchy. It is a mark of gayness.
e David Latimer
7 Aug 2002 00:08:13
e Alfred G Gerteiny
6 Aug 2002 22:08:49
Subject: Re: Merci!
Subject: Re: Everything you always wanted to know...
oh lord...... not this crap again.... just for the sake of fun, i will do my best to sound sincere and respond on a personal level...

Hey! It's great to hear from you! So I am assuming you got ..... (insert appropriate response for whomever sent this)

A. abortion, suicide, and drug counseling everyone has been recommending to you!
B. the script! What did you think?
C. the summons to appear in court for tampering with State
Evidence and Falsifying State Documents?
D. the person who has been hacking your computer!
E. overwhelmed with not having the last word!
F. the letter i sent!
G. the photographs!

If none of the above apply, then my apologies.... life has been busy, so i can't remember everyone and everything!.... um ba-bye!

PS...and for the person who really sent this...if you want to know the background on why some of those responses are there, you should just email me... some of them are dooseys......
6 Aug 2002 22:08:58
e Sheik Yoboudi
6 Aug 2002 03:08:38
Subject: Re: Everything you always wanted to know...
the question is... why did you read it?

--- David Still <> wrote:
> Why oh why did you bother writing all that? Why?

> Sheik Yoboudi wrote:
> Well-y, yessir, ya hey'dere, yeah man.
> I'll a'reckon there, Mr. Day-vid Still, that there's
> quite a bit aboucherself I'll a'reckon y'ain' quite
> awares of-- not quite familiarized with, er whatnot.
> I a'reckon you don't quite know how you know all the
> things you know-- that you don't even KNOW all the
> things you know. I'll be bettin' my house and dawg
> Alfred that yer scratchin yer skull bald tryin' te
> figur out why you have eighteen passports and know
> forty seven dialects of Russian and Cantonese; why
> you happen to notice the size shoe of every
> pedestrian passing you by on a busy sidewalk, why
> you know who's wearing a weapon, where all the exits
> are in every building you've ever been in and most
> that you haven't.
> I a'reckon there's a few things that'll have to be
> explained. About that night in Buenos Aires back
> in--oh, '93 or so, the very day, in fact, you up and
> gotcherself that nifty scar upside your left calf.
> I never done seen nobody ever kill a man like that
> with a standard army issue keychain can opener
> before, but, gah-lly,-- but I reckon you don't quite
> remember that or what came before, or what followed.
> I reckon you don't sleep very well, and when you do,
> you wind up waking up several times a night,
> clutching your throat and gasping for breath. I
> reckon you have a strange inclination to'ards the
> queen of hearts I reckon you have a few copies of
> The Tao of Pooh lying around the house. That is-- A
> few TOO many.
> I reckon you don't remember that two week episode
> where you were held in an underground examining
> chamber, sat through an inquisition with men with
> dark suits, men with no faces, men with guns, and
> dogs, and chemicals, and pastry.
> David, I reckon you don't know a lot about any of
> these things and more.
> David,
> run.
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