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Subject: Re: Reality
Hey, David, it's another your mistake!!!

I have sayd - My English is NOT good. I can't listen American Radio Show.
It's for me hard.

So, David.... Reality?... Ah, David, David....

Chao, my kiber(?)-friend.

e P.P.
19 Jul 2002 18:07:55
e Ecstasy ...
19 Jul 2002 16:07:00
Subject: Re: our love
lol. i hope so, baby, coz ur killing me...
Subject: Re: our love
I do not do anything with 'ghosts'
e Ecstasy ...
19 Jul 2002 07:07:15
e scradam
19 Jul 2002 04:07:41
Subject: RE: Reality
I don't understand why so many people have a problem with your site. Some people make you out to be so sinister. I like your site. I think it's amusing and innovative. I almost thought you were actually the one reading and replying to all my replies. Your site is soo cool.

From: David Still []
I have a fetching young tortoise bitch currently in estrus- maybe we could work something out?

scradam wrote:
David, I was indeed surprised. But it was a pleasant surprise,
nonetheless. David, you are very real to me; I take you with me everywhere - in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, in my pants. I love you. I want to mate with your household pets and be happy.

Best regards,
Subject: I am on vacation

I will be away July 12-July 20. I will do my best to read and
respond to your message upon return. If it is something important, please try to resend on July 20.

Tanya Reinhart

e Tanya Reinhart
19 Jul 2002 04:07:25
e blessthe chickz
18 Jul 2002 11:07:56
Subject: RE: Sorry
hi this is rachel and u said sorry for sumthin but i dont know who u r
please reply and i dont remember anyone hurting me reply asap thanx
Subject: Re:
e Kayley Minyard

17 Jul 2002 20:07:54
e Pawel
17 Jul 2002 20:07:40
Subject: Re: Reality
Dear David Still

Thank you for message.

And you are really all right. We (all) are parts of my, your or his world and parts of my, your or his own reality. Five minute ago I have accused another man. And this my activity had influensed on you and on somebody in Africa. On whole world. IT'S TRUTH.

Probably, my English isn't very good and I havn't understood something from you message and you projekt.

Subject: Re: Reality

faggot!!!! your such a moron. have fun with your faggot friends and all writes:
>MY GOD!!! You are so wonderfully stupid!!! I love it!! You are a treasure. Keep on keeping on man, you're too good for this world. Tell me more about my "broken code," you genius linguist!

>Ryan Francis wrote:
>yeah well i got some info for you buddy. everyone that is on your data base has just broken your code. seems as though one of your close buddies cheated you out. so i hope you enjoy your failure. but it seems to me that your used to failing because your a loser. a loser with no life that should just kill yourself, youd be doing the whole world a favor. you just take up space.

> writes:
>>Okay, besides Drunken Redneck and Profane Moron, what are the other two languages?

>>Ryan Francis wrote:
>>yeah uh a maojor retard with college education. i speak 4 languages, i hardly think retard is a good word to lable me
>> writes:
>>>You really are a major retard.
>>>Ryan Francis wrote:
>>>you like that huh.... believe me im pretty sick. you wanna hear another story. i took a cat one time and ripped its guts out then took a cross stuck it upside down on this professors grave that i despised and rapped the guts around the cross.
>>>pretty cool huh
>>> writes:
>>>>I love your delicate prose, Ryan darling....
e Ryan Francis
17 Jul 2002 16:07:09
e Kayley Minyard

15 Jul 2002 23:07:39
Subject: Re: ad violation?
Dear Mr. Still. Consumers Union of U.S., Inc., is the noprofit publisher of CONSUMER REPORTS(R). THere is a union shop here, represented by The Newspaper Guild.
Wendy Wintman
Manager, Legal Services
Consumers Union

From: "David Still" <>
> Is there a difference between Consusmer Reports and Consumer Union? Does one magazine have a union and the other not? Do you want a union? We could slash management's car tires if they don't give in to our demands. We could get you better hours and more time off. C.Reports does none of this and is tool of big business.
> Let me know and I can get three organizers down to Yonkers before you can say Joe Hill or Woody Guthrie or Joh Gotti.
> Regards--all for one and all for me
> nocomm wrote:
> Thank you for letting us know about the reference to Consumers Union's material and the potential violation of our no commercialization policy.
> Every incident requires careful study to see if it is a legal violation of copyright or trademark law, or a violation of our policy; in either case, we take it very seriously. We then determine the best method of securing cooperation, and whether to seek it through voluntary or legal means.
> We appreciate your taking the time to let us know of this unauthorized use of our material. Please rest assured that your name will not be mentioned in any correspondence in connection with this. We will always protect your anonymity.
> In most instances we learn of these violations through the eyes and ears of our subscribers and readers who feel as strongly as we do regarding the misuse of our name and Ratings.
> Thank you again for your efforts in helping us to enforce this policy.
> Sincerely,
> Wendy J. Wintman
> Manager, Legal Services
> Consumers Union of U.S., Inc.
> 101 Truman Avenue
> Yonkers, NY 10703-1057
> PH: 914-378-2448
> FX: 914-378-2946
> E-Mail:
> www.ConsumerReports.orgSM

> From: "David Still" <>
> To: "Consumer reports" <>
> > These guys use the statement "According to Consumer Reports." in their video presentation played by auto dealers.
> > I was wondering if they were allowed to.
e nocomm

15 Jul 2002 16:07:46
e Jeffrey A. Kirby
14 Jul 2002 22:07:05
Subject: RE: Desktop Email Blaster - Contact Us
Hi Dave,

The answer to your question is yes and no. Atomic Harvester does clean addresses, but you do not have control over what addresses to clean out. List Manager however, which is included in our packages, does have the ability to filter out specific domains and keywords located in the email address.

So basically, let Atomic Harvester pull in the email addresses and then run them through List Manager. I hope this helps.

Wishing you the best,

Jeffrey Kirby
(608) 743-2117

From: <>

>Name: David Still
>Phone: 702-491-6576
>City: Las Vegas
>State NV
>Zip: 89119
>Category: Atomic Harvester
>Comments: Is there a way to make sure I don't pull addresses from certain newsgroups like ? or to make sure I only get aol e-mail addresses? Usually the AOLers are not that bright and won't complain to my ISP.


Subject: RE: job offer
Dear David:

Thanks for the offer but I am quite happy where I am and I don't think that there is anything you can say that will convince me other wise; Try if you like though.
e Chad Pierson
14 Jul 2002 19:07:42
e Matthew Agland

14 Jul 2002 11:07:44
Subject: RE: Freespace
I don't believe you are either > what exactly is sarcasish?

I have studied website design and so thought it would be useful for the customer to get her started, and also explained clearly that it is in no way associated with

:P any problems with that?

From: David Still []
Ooooh, you're soooooo clever. How do you do all? I'm at a loss for words.
Obviously you are not fluent in sarcasish.

>Below is a link to a tutorial I have written from personal knowledge of
>HTML, please understand that any queries about it would need to come direct
>to me (contact details are on the site) or leave a message for me at the
>websites forums, this is because Virgin do not offer any support for web
>page creation or html queries, we can only help with any problems you may
>have with uploading to your freespace.
Subject: Re: Reality
You couldn't be me if you tried. The balance of me-ness would make the
replica me a product of oblivion. The replica would simply dissolve, and be
no more. Besides, no one needs a clone of themself, and no one makes love
like I do.

e Amy Spencer

14 Jul 2002 06:07:29
13 Jul 2002 21:07:33
Subject: Re: hey sexy
How about you leaving me the hell alone dave.. i have a boyfriend. and he'll be here with me monday and every other day just like always.. writes:
> hi adrianna, heard alot about you from a friend of yours and was wondering
> if one day after you finish at Walmart we could meet up? How about Monday?

Subject: RE: You is batty boy


From: David Still []
Just met Dave Headon - he's not bad in bed, aiiiit!!!!

He said you're gay. heeee heeeeeeee. wooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!

Batty boy.
Peace out.
e David Howell

13 Jul 2002 19:07:17
e b c
13 Jul 2002 16:07:11
So how do I find out who's sending me hate mail?
Subject: Re: Reality
What the hell are you talking about? Just be yourself and celebrate the existence you have.
What do I have to do with it?
Just be.

From: "David Still" <>
> Can I claim your true identity for myself? What does it feel like to be Amy Spencer? I bet sometimes it feels really good, sometimes unbearably bad, and most of the time like nothing at all, unless you start thinking about it, and then's it's mostly okay.
> Hope you have many moments today that feal really, really, good. Take the time to treat yourself - it's on me.

> Amy Spencer wrote:
> I'd only feel guilty if it was below the belt. But, take heart- It's not too late. You too can claim your own true identity, if not for me, for yourself.

> From: "David Still" <>
> that was a low blow :(

> > Amy Spencer wrote:
> > Oh, I AM Amy Spencer, alright. Soon it will be a name that all people recognize that when mentioned turns disturbed dispositions to smiles. I know myself enough that I have no need for someone else's name to perform my own tasks.

> > >From: David Still <>
> > >But are you really Amy Spencer??? That's the question that keeps me up nights.
> >
> >
> >
> > >Amy Spencer wrote:
> > >If such paradoxes exist, I stand crippled while I blindly read yourpre-generated letters. The thought swept across my skull that you know me.
> > >But who am I? Just a reflection of yourself? The drum cannot play both our songs at the same time, so it is impossible for you to harmonize with percussion instruments; They'll drown you out with their own laughter.
e Amy Spencer

13 Jul 2002 09:07:03
e Kayley Minyard

13 Jul 2002 09:07:22
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