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Subject: RE: Head Lice Manuals


Let's work together to smash the evil brain lice!! They suck our brains out through our very scalps. I will send you 1,000,000 ray guns today.


From: David Still []

I represent a large coalition of head lice. We are hoping to read your manuals to better understand human strategies to slaughter our people and how we can create better defenses against this impending holocaust.

Take back the scalp!!


Ernesto Marquez wrote:
Dear Mr. Still:

I am fairly sure our TDH warehouse has enough of those publications to meet your request. But since it is such a large number, could you tell me a little about yourself as far as how you plan to distribute them and what your position in your community is? Are you a physician, health worker, school administrator, nurse? I thank you for your request and look forward to providing this information regarding head lice to your community.


Ernesto Marquez
TDH School Health Program
512-458-7111 x2140

From: David Still []
Please send 3000 head lice manuals to my small rural county. I intend to distribute to parents and teachers that don't understand the subtleties of nit picking. Additionally, could you send 3,000 of your frequently asked questions in spanish? I saw your brochure on the street corder of a small town, blowing in the wind

e Ernesto Marquez
9 Jul 2002 21:07:43
e dominica crystal

9 Jul 2002 20:07:57
Subject: Re: David Still is an enemy of free speech!

Lower your voice, artists are sleeping!

>It's a conspiracy!! Where's Lyndon LaRouche when you need him?
>dominica crystal wrote:
>He edits...and if something you say displeases him, he will erase it.
>(I wonder if he works for the American media?)
Subject: Re: The deal's on
I suggest that PURPLE MONKEY DSIHWASHER you remember the passcode in the future. If this wasn't coming from a secure e-mail, I might be suspicisous. And you better keep the LS9000 holstered, because if a civilian were to see it, their big toes might explode.

-Agent Thompson

I'm very frightened. And it's only July.

I'll be wearing a polka-dotte muu-muu in the middle of the road. I will have the LS9000 with me, but i'll keep it holstered.
e David Schmidt

9 Jul 2002 20:07:59
e Harry Stephenson

9 Jul 2002 20:07:36
Subject: Re: bad site

I only complained cos my mate got sick emails from ur site :-S
e Kayley Minyard

9 Jul 2002 20:07:14
9 Jul 2002 19:07:24
Subject: Re: Hi!!!!!
Dear David Still,

You forgot to send me your real name so I can get in touch with you?
I am a little confused.

Subject: Re: hey there

how have you been keeping an eye on me and i dont even know? who says im in ventura county, tell me that i'll think about it
9 Jul 2002 07:07:41
e Miguel Cardoso

9 Jul 2002 05:07:24
Subject: Re: L.A. Shooter


David Still wrote:
> Most Muslims are not terrorists; most terrorists are Muslim
Subject: Re: a little man, a puny man, a petty man

no one here but us sheep.


who the hell are you and who's puny?

David Still <> on 08/07/2002 10:18:27

To: "I am your one true love" <>
Subject: a little man, a puny man, a petty man

So was it you?

8 Jul 2002 02:07:22
e Lynndsay
7 Jul 2002 16:07:22
Subject: Re: guys and shoes
i understand your theory on the shoe thing, but what you don't understand is that i tried on sooo many shoes before i bought one that i can't even count them, so i considered myself pretty lucky to find one that was perfect for me, and even though i have had the same one for a while, he's still not worn out. oh, and you were right, he did jump with joy when i asked him about me, him, and another girl, but neither one of us were seriously considering it. and i don't really wanna compare anybody, so that's kinda out! sorry. me, him, and you?? yeah right, i'd rather wear the shoes i have, thanx!!! well, gotta go.

--- David Still <> wrote:
> I am not comparing your boyfriend to a shoe. I am
> simply suggesting that you try out a number of shoes
> before buying a pair and so why not try oput
> different guys before settling for what you have
> (and worn a while)...I merely suggested that you
> could try him and compare him to me so that the
> three of us, together, could give you a better idea
> of what fits works. Why not ask him how he feels
> about this. I bet that if you said you , another
> girl, and him, he would jump with joy. So why not
> me, him and YOU?
Subject: RE: Reality
David, I was indeed surprised. But it was a pleasant surprise,
nonetheless. David, you are very real to me; I take you with me everywhere - in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, in my pants. I love you. I want to mate with your household pets and be happy.

Best regards,
e scradam
7 Jul 2002 01:07:23
e Ciara Drummey
6 Jul 2002 21:07:38
Subject: ??
Look you've been bugging my friend to email me and I'd like to know who you are so email me and tell me who you are and what you want. Okay?
Subject: Your flimsy underachiever crap!
Your comments are biased, underdeveloped indoctrinated elitist crapshit. You belong in the zoo! Not interested, in nonsense coming from lunatic moron liberal like you. Crawl back to the shithole you crawled out from, pussy lips! It was funny crap writing from a liberal lunatic. He's a piggy piggy.
I david still am a FAT piggy-piggy.

Bug off!!!!

You are a fat pussy. You are a godless communistic socialist fascist sexiest nazi pig crap shit. Go off, fatso! I would kill all of you myself, if lord king YESUS CHRISTOS would approve.

Bug off!!!!
e simmy barry

6 Jul 2002 16:07:52
6 Jul 2002 15:07:46
Subject: Re: none

help me

>>> David Still <> 07/04 8:11 PM >>>
Try this you will be surprized that they don't know you!!

Subject: Re: me you and your guy
you're kinda gross, don't ya think? that doesn't sound very appealing to me, so you might as well just give up because you're never gonna win! i don't like the fact that you're comparing my boyfriend to a shoe either....... plus i'm poor so i don't have any shoes, and thanx for reminding me!!! well, i hafta go now,
i'll ttyl. bye!

--- David Still <> wrote:
> I know of course that you have a boyfriend and that
> you plan on keeping him...ah, conventions. But why
> not a threesome so that at least you can compare
> what you plan to end up with against what might be a
> more exciting alternative? After all, when you pick
> out shoes, don't you try on a number of pairs before
> buying but one or two?
e Lynndsay
5 Jul 2002 17:07:24
e wendy noname
5 Jul 2002 02:07:43
Subject: Re: being harrassed

Actually all the guys but one that have been
harrassing me lately have never seen those pics.

--- David Still <> wrote:
> I have nothing against you, however it is something
> you might come to expect (beng harassed & treated
> like an object) when you post pictures of yourself
> like those...I'm sad to hear that they were misused
> but you open yourself up to bad karma when you don't
> think about consequences prior to posting.
Subject: Re: Hey Lynndsay
hey david..... i have no idea who you are, so i dunno if we'll get hooked up anytime soon..... besides i have a boyfriend, and i don't plan on breakin' it off .... so sorry!!!! how'd you get my e-mail address anyway???
write back soon please to clue me in!!! love me????? you don't even know me...... that seems a little wierd.
oh well, ttyl. happy 4th of july!

--- David Still <> wrote:
> Dear Lynndsay,
> I just wanted to tell you that I have the biggest
> crush on you and I want to get hooked up. I will be
> a junior at Del City next year and I am going to
> talk to you then. Cya next year in school!
> Love You! David
e Lynndsay
4 Jul 2002 20:07:29
e simmy barry

4 Jul 2002 20:07:18
Subject: Your flimsy underachiever crap!
Your comments are biased, underdeveloped indoctrinated elitists crapshit. You belong in the zoo! Not interested, in nonsense coming from lunatic moron liberal like you. Crawl back to the shithole you crawled out from, pussy lips! It was funny crap writing from a liberal lunatic.

Bug off!!!!
Subject: Re: Sorry
Hi David! Never Mind! No hard feelings.
All the best,
Jan van Heemst
e Heemst; J.R. van
4 Jul 2002 12:07:17
4 Jul 2002 07:07:08
Subject: Re: guess who
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