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Subject: Re: it's been awhile!
e Janelle Fischl
27 Jun 2002 05:06:11
e Saunders, James
27 Jun 2002 00:06:00
Subject: Re: How are you?
I went to your website and I must admit I don't remember you. Although maybe the years have blurred my memory. I live in Whitby now and am married (no kids). I work in I.T. as well as a net admin downtown Toronto. Sounds nice to be living in the Netherlands! I always wanted to travel to Europe. Maybe it will be our next vacation. We have spent most of our vacations on a resort in the Caribbean somewhere. My wife is from Jamaica so we have been there a whack of times as well. I still hang out with Bill Perkins and Erik Igel as well as Doug Harrison. They all still live in the GTA. The guy with two sisters and a brother must be Doug. I was at his bros stag a few weeks back. Perkins is a teacher at L'Amoreaux and Erik works in his old mans import/exporting business. He just had a little girl on June 10th... his first. Tyson I see every once in a while and he is married with two kids and works in construction. He actually bought a house in the Guild. Well dude I better run as I am on the clock but it was nice to hear from an old mate. Your site is well done. Very cool. Get back to me when you have time. Cheers. Yes I still drink... but not like the old days. Ciao.

>>> David Still 06/26/02 05:32PM >>>
James - how the hell are you. Long time and no talk. Just to ramble your
memory, I was in a bunch of your classes at Laurier. I hung around Eddie D'Souza, Mikie Weeks, and Garry Ball. Our paths never really crossed except at parties and of course in our classes. I remember that you hung around Steve Tyson, Erik Eagle (?), Bill Perkins, and others.
Incase you are wondering, I found you on the classmates website. So, you married? Single? Still Drinking hahahaahah? Following the Jays?
Do you remember Laurier, or is it as blurry as it to me. I do remember
smoking with you out back, Mr. Rock (how the hell did he get a job there?)
Denise Connell, those shitty dances. I remember all those punks puking on their daddies wine and shite. (I guess I remember a lot don't I).
As for me, I'm a recent emigrant to Almere, Netherlands. I work as an IT
Consultant for a small but expanding start-up business that specializes in
communication systems. I enjoy this, as it gives me plenty of opportunities to meet new people. I also like where I live, it's clean air, well planned cycle
paths and neighbourhoods, and the newness of it all. My home, that I live in on my own is called the Sail Tower, is close to Noordenplassen (North Ponds), where I often go for a swim, as part of my new lifestyle, though i still continue some of the bad habits i had from my previous life. (I'm recently divorced.)
I hope this email finds you and I hope you find the time to email me back. It would be great if you can add some other peoples email so that I can get in touch with them. Do to remember that guy who had the two sisters and brother?
I can't remember his name, but I remember that he is funny as well.
Any ways, I hope to talk to you shortly, and maybe we can get together for a

Until then
Subject: Re: I miss you too
e Jen C
26 Jun 2002 23:06:22
e Harry Stephenson

26 Jun 2002 23:06:17
Subject: bad site
Im sorry but this site is screwed and sick! My friend recived a e-mail from
this site which brought up the past she dont wana here about. Shut this site down you sick man.
Hope this has made you think. I want to find who sent that e-mail, search
your database and get me a I.P. address. Contact me on this matter.
Subject: RE: a mess. from Jennifer
e Armando Dalay
26 Jun 2002 20:06:03
e Kayley Minyard

26 Jun 2002 20:06:24
Subject: Re: Kayley Arrington....
Subject: Re: message for you
I just received your email and very interested in knowing how do you know Jarvese? Does he miss me that much. I will contact him, but just curious.

David Still <> wrote:
Hi Tamiko,
You don't know me, but I'm a friend of Jarvese Brown. I thought you should know that he really misses you and want you back in his life and I wish you would talk to him. Thanks...David
e t c
26 Jun 2002 18:06:59
e Adam Klein
26 Jun 2002 18:06:00
Subject: Re: This can never really end
Subject: RE: Head Lice Manuals
Dear Mr. Still:

I am fairly sure our TDH warehouse has enough of those publications to meet your request. But since it is such a large number, could you tell me a little about yourself as far as how you plan to distribute them and what your position in your community is? Are you a physician, health worker,
school administrator, nurse? I thank you for your request and look forward to providing this information regarding head lice to your community.


Ernesto Marquez
TDH School Health Program
512-458-7111 x2140

From: David Still []

Please send 3000 head lice manuals to my small rural county. I intend to distribute to parents and teachers that don't understand the subtleties of nit picking. Additionally, could you send 3,000 of your frequently asked questions in spanish? I saw your brochure on the street corder of a small town, blowing in the wind

e Ernesto Marquez
26 Jun 2002 17:06:11
e nelson douglas

26 Jun 2002 16:06:41
Dear David Still

Thanks for your mail content well understood. I have
seen that you are capable of handling this transaction
to the best of your knowledge because your years of
expirience in the business talks of that and I know
also that you will not betray the confidence I have
reposed on you.

And you should know also that I am a boy of 24 years
of age just like your son, and you should promise me
that as soon as the fund is in your account that you
will not turn against me or sit on the fund you know
this is the only legacy I inherited from my father mr
Peter Douglas [MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE]and this
transaction is 100% risk free , you should also know
that this is my only hope for life.

Also before I send you the ducoments which was issued
to my late father on the day he deposited the box I
must to confirm if you will be able to come down here
in Abidjan so that we will go together to the security
company to retrieve the box and as soon as we finished
we will go to an international Bank here and open a
non-resedence Account in your name and loge the fund
for onward transfer into your account in your country.

And as soon as we transfer the fund I will travel back
to your country with you.

As soon as I hear a satisfatory response I will then
send the documents for your perusal and proper

And also your phone and fax numbers must be
included.And do mantain absolute confidential of this
transaction to yourself alone.

Thanks and God bless you
Yours sincerely
Subject: Re: got game?
I apologize but I'm having difficulty recognizing your full name... I'm drawing a blank.... I assume we talked about playing racquetball or tennis... could you fill me in the blanks for me? thanks...


P.S. As for playing anything (tennis or racquetball) it might be difficult to play this week... if you're only in thursdays and fridays, I can play next thursday after 7pm (lab meeting from 5-7p)

>From: David Still <>
>Hey Mike, a mutual friend gave me your email (finally). So why don't we set up that game we talked about? Thursday pm is best for me, or Friday early as I am at Homewood those days. Later...
e Michael Freeman
26 Jun 2002 15:06:45
26 Jun 2002 04:06:38
Subject: Re: The deal's on

Excellent news, Dave!

I was very concerned about this deal. Thank goodness for small favors, huh?
I am glad to help out all I can in these uncertain economic times. If you need more funds, please feel free to contact my personal secretary to set up a value proposition meeting.

I don't think I am going to be able to give you the face time this week, however. Let's take a rain check on this one.

Looking forward to receiving the item. My husband will get a kick out of it.

Katherine Huffmaster
Subject: Re: none
e Bob Serrano
26 Jun 2002 03:06:50
e William Ngo
26 Jun 2002 02:06:04
Subject: Re: Supra Swap

Hi David, im at work so cant talk yet, might be able to call at lunch, is ur Supra twin turbo manual??
Cause thats what im really looking for.

>>> David Still <> 06/26/02 10:11am >>>
Hil Will,

My name is David, i got your details through one of your mates.
I have a 96 Supra jet black with 17" zeptor Ligares.
60 000km's.
I am interested in doing a swap for your WRX.
Anyway, call me to talk more.
My Number is 0411 249 281

Thanks Man, See you saturday night at the Runs!
Subject: Re: Thanks!
hey dave,

i still have the problem to file you... where do i know you from? or where do you know me from? sorry... could it be that we changed email-adresses in a club as i was drunken? or are you the drummer i asked 4 drums to create drum.n.bass tracks?





/// plain productions
iaka [concepts]
e iaka []

26 Jun 2002 02:06:04
e Adam Klein
26 Jun 2002 00:06:25
Subject: Re: This can never really end
Yes, I have.

The Socratic method involves learning by asking questions. I would like to answer your questions, however I require additional information. I am happy to answer your questions only to a point. The point is that at which I reveal personal information about myself without knowing who you are and what you might be inclined to do with those answers. If you have revealed your true feelings toward me, I would hope you bear sufficient respect for me to tell me a little about yourself. Do I know you already? How did you find this email address (it is my work address)? If I were to ask you to email me at one of my other addresses, would you be able to do so?


David Still wrote:
> Adam,
> Haven't you heard of the Socratic method?
> David

> Adam Klein wrote:
> You didn't answer my question.
> Adam

> David Still wrote:
> > Adam,
> > Are you available these days or are you a taken man?

> > Adam Klein wrote:
> > I'm not sure how to respond to this. Since I don't know who you are or if this is a joke or not (if you're serious, please don't be offended, but you have to at least admit it could be some sort of prank), I don't know what to tell you. If this is a joke, ha. Kind of funny - I guess. If it isn't and you're serious, who are you?
> >
> > Adam

Adam Klein <>System Administrator
Oracle Corporation - Portland Development Center
Ph: (503) 525-3166
1211 S.W. 5th Ave., Suite 900 Portland OR 97204
Fax: (503) 276-2300
Opinions expressed above may not represent those of my employer.
Subject: Re: Reality
Oh, I AM Amy Spencer, alright. Soon it will be a name that all people recognize that when mentioned turns disturbed dispositions to smiles. I know myself enough that I have no need for someone else's name to perform my own tasks.

>From: David Still <>

>But are you really Amy Spencer??? That's the question that keeps me up nights.

>Amy Spencer wrote:
>If such paradoxes exist, I stand crippled while I blindly read your pre-generated letters. The thought swept across my skull that you know me.
>But who am I? Just a reflection of yourself? The drum cannot play both our songs at the same time, so it is impossible for you to harmonize with percussion instruments; They'll drown you out with their own laughter.

e Amy Spencer

26 Jun 2002 00:06:42
e Dee
26 Jun 2002 00:06:03
Subject: Re: ur mom nancy
Hi David,
Gee I don't know what to tell you, but she is married, I don't think that ur in love, maybe it's infatuation or something, sometimes when u meet someone new that u really get along with u always think about them, but that doesn't neccessarliy means that it's love, ur just happy about the person u met and the friendship that u formed. well, if u ever want to chat again to me write me back if not it as nice meeting u bye bye bye
Dee Dee

David Still <> wrote:
hi denise
you don't know me.... my name is david and i am a chat of your mom nancy....... she told me her real age but that doesn't bother me cause i think she is beautiful... she told me she had a 22 yr old daughter and asked me to drop u a line thinking we might have something in common but all i can do is think about nancy..... denise i think i'm in love with your mom.... i don't know what to do......... i can't get her out of my mind... i never met anyone so interesting like her.... she is all i think about... what should i do?..... do u think i should tell her how i feel?
Subject: Re: I've seen you around
e Michelle Harron
26 Jun 2002 00:06:19
e Armando Dalay
25 Jun 2002 23:06:23
Subject: RE: a mess. from Jennifer

who is this anyways???

From: David Still []
Sorry, it's not free. But maybe I can still hook you up with some free tickets to a show?

Armando Dalay wrote:
sure.. ill go.. ill bring my wifey and another friend... if the cruise is free that is =)

From: David Still []
Hi I'm Jennifer Lopez. I seen you in Downtown Sandiego a couple of weeks ago and asked my informant, David Still to find out who you were. The best he could do for me was get your email address because he found out you were married, with a 5-6 mnth year old. If that were not your situation I would have approached you in a different way. I make my pick once every year where I ask anybody who's anybody to come on a 2 day cruise with me and some friends. Now you'd be able to bring only 2 of your closest friends ( no immature young adults.)
I know this sounds kind of akward but I'm known to do crazy things like this once in a while... but please let me know ASAP.
A future friend of yours,
Jennifer Lopez
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