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Subject: Re: job offer
Thank you for the offer. I apologize for replying so slowly,I've just updated my computer and been able to get online and check my mail. I'm always open for any interesting prospects. Please feel free to e-mail me with more info and we can go from there. Again thanks for your interest I look forward to hearing from you soon.


9 Apr 2002 00:04:13
e Philip Skingley
8 Apr 2002 14:04:22
Subject: Re: job offer

Tell me more...

Subject: Re: job offer
hi david
i'm deeply honored by your job offer,,,when and where shall i start?
i'm free from now on and i'm dying to meet my future team

e Olivier.b
5 Apr 2002 21:04:26
e Cat Little
4 Apr 2002 18:04:34
Subject: RE: job offer
Dear David,

thank you for your interest, however I have secured a job elsewhere.

best wishes,


Catherine Little
The Guild Of Students
The University of Birmingham
Edgbaston Park Rd.,
B15 2TU
0121 472 1841
Subject: Re: job offer

Sounds good David.

When do I start?

e Sender
3 Apr 2002 07:04:18
29 Mar 2002 12:03:14
Subject: Re: job offer
Subject: RE: Thank you
Dear David,
Do you recognize the following:
"This is from someone who thinks the world of you :)
You don't need to see me. I see you. I like watching you."
Tell me David, what do you like best about me?
e Suzanne Swenson

29 Mar 2002 06:03:03
e Seth Finkelstein

29 Mar 2002 04:03:08
Subject: Re:
> Just read about your stalking campaign on
Have you read my side of the story? It's partially at

I encourage you to consider that someone who starts out
admitting that he's hijacking a website for his own flaming rants, may not be telling the whole truth.

> I'm shocked that anyone could remain so ridiculously
> obsessed. You really need to forget about it and move on!
> Dude, you are such a dick.

Ahem, just out of curiosity, why isn't Michael Sims an
<insert-name-calling-here> for deliberately misleading people who want anti-censorware information?

Just in case it isn't absolutely clear to you: Much of what
Michael Sims wrote is utterly untrue, and an attempt to distract attention from what he did in destroying But it seems to work as a smear.

Seth Finkelstein Consulting Programmer
Subject: Re: job offer
Dear David,

Its very kind of you to affer me a job - but to be honest I have enough trouble being me - let alone being you. Unless I also get your credit card details etc - which would seem to fairly reasonable under the circumstances.

I feel I could really bring a few new traits to your personality.
An investment for both of us!

Yours most insincerely,

e prescott rob

29 Mar 2002 02:03:55
e Suzanne Swenson

28 Mar 2002 22:03:21
Subject: RE: Thank you
Thank you, David, but I don't consider myself a person so deserving of your adoration. You say that you are watching me, but you still have not answered my question. When will I see YOU?
The other night at the theatre, I could sense your presence behind me. Perhaps it was your popcorn breath or the way you repeatedly nudged the seat cushion in front of you. Why didn't you call out to me then, David?! I lament the fact that I did not turn around in that theatre.
Subject: yeah, there is fear.
This site is far too distressing for me. It has deluded me into believing I open myself, make myself vulnerable to another caring individual. Nothing could be further from the truth. The anonymous nature of the "many" David Stills gives me the feeling I'm being talked at by a voyeur. You see, I am interested in relationships, real relationships with people. The idea of developing a relationship without intimacy is ludicrous. The concept of developing intimacy without revealing that you are or your wants, needs and identity is a cruel game. Writing to David Still is a game perpetuated by coward and those not capable of extending themselves to another human being. I can not play such games. I will not play such games; my heart and my conscious will not allow me.

e Barry Lipschutz-Perry
28 Mar 2002 21:03:02
e jason

28 Mar 2002 19:03:31
Subject: Re: job offer
This is so clever, nonchalant and sexy I would almost marry you despite you being male and unattractive. I will not, however, work for you.


> Since your have good oral skills there will always be an opening her I'd be willing to fill.
Subject: Re: job offer
e jimpunk

28 Mar 2002 17:03:48
28 Mar 2002 15:03:44
Subject: RE: job offer
summertime, summertime in the city. you and me and a bottle of jack.

do you remember, david, the times we used to climb trees and talk about quantum physics? we'd try to excite our atoms and have them all jump states at the same time. remember poor julie who did it? how she kinda just exploded?
well, she never reached a new state; i just put a grenade in her backpack.
i hope you can forgive me.

From: David Still []
let's sit on a summer rooftop and let drop the most melodramatic speech bombs to the passers by.
oh yes yes.
and all the while be looking into each other's eyes.
oh but, yes, we are... we are.
Subject: Re: job offer
28 Mar 2002 15:03:00
28 Mar 2002 11:03:52
Subject: Re: job offer
dear D.whoKnows.
you remind me of my close friend Netoschka
whom you can pass the arm thru

what do you propose?

Subject: RE: job offer
I have an erection.

give me a clue to your identity, so I can put a face to my masturbation sessions.

e Jerry O'Leary
28 Mar 2002 06:03:26
e Xavier Vandenbossche
28 Mar 2002 02:03:26
Subject: Re: job offer
A job offer? As appealing as it sounds,I'm afraid I must decline... since it's obvious that this message has reached the wrong person again. What's the chance of 2 people sharing the same address? One might wonder whether I have developed a second personality through MPS... By the way, your previous 2 messages were also sent to me. Maybe I should have informed you back then but I am also a very busy person (and therefore do not take the time to check my mailbox at a regular basis-it's usually all corny jokes and dirty pics anyway ) and I must have judged the content not to be important enough to react immediatley(for which my sincerest apologies). I assume you find this situation to be rather annoying, so I promise to help in any way I can in finding out where it all went wrong (I'm not talking about our love lives here...). Try to contact your friend by any-if any-other means possible. If I happen to receive any of your future messages, I'll try to notify you as soon as I can. I sure hope your message wasn't an incredibly ironic comment on MY poor communication skills.

Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
Seems like there are many David Stills. I was warned by someone who thought I did not know about the tactics of this website. You who send emails are all cyber stalkers.... and I love it!!


>From: David Still <>
>Bonita you can't be David Still..........
>why you ask?
>Because I am the real David Still.
>David Still
e bonita applebaum
27 Mar 2002 22:03:45
e Monroe, Nicole
27 Mar 2002 21:03:31
Subject: RE: job offer
only the chinese splits not the american... but i have pasties too.. we will be set....:) nic

From: David Still []
There might be some naked ness as well.
Can you do the splits?
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