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Subject: RE: job offer
Oh how fabulous.. sounds right up my alley ... do i get a $dollar$ allocation for new cosmetics and clothes?
If so I will take it . Let me know where and when ~ and have a fabulous day. ;) Nicole

From: David Still []
The job pays well and you just need to come in and look pretty all day.
e Monroe, Nicole
27 Mar 2002 17:03:38
e Stan Thomas
27 Mar 2002 14:03:43
Subject: Re: job offer
Hay Dave, I'm almost busy at the moment but what the heck .... send me an application .... I'll review it and check with my lawyer, bookkeeper, psychiatrist, spouse, bands, and Clyde and get a resume together and we can see if we can put our heads together and turn our palms to the color of money green ...... talk to you soon, Stan
Subject: Re: job offer
"I only hire peole who can spell"...oh oh, mister, have destroyed all my life goals. I am just a poor boy in Uganda and I had a dream I could work for your company. I already told my mother I was going away and she was very proud (she told the neigbours too). Now I am ashamed and everibody in the street is laughing at me for being a sucker.
I tried, I realy tried to become better at spelling. God knows how i tried. Now all my hopes for better life are destroyed, I will have to go to the army where many peole do not come back.

I did not wanted to write you back, but the the next time you will see children with ak-47 in their small hands, I hope you will remember me, I just might be one of them. But dont feel ashamed for what you did, it wasn't your fault, remember it was my speling that killed me.
e Matej Kavticnik
27 Mar 2002 09:03:35
e Kathryn

27 Mar 2002 08:03:27
Subject: RE: Used and Abused - Hi Michael
Like I wouldn't know who sent this. And I don't care if the whole world sees it...

You're spineless that's why I broke up with you. Look at you now, you're sending me an anonymous message instead of picking up the phone. Plus you didn't even write this message.

Morals??? Who are you kidding? You misquote a couple of lines from the Bible and you call me immoral. Talk to me about morals when you no longer have your porn collection. What about smoking pot? Do you want to talk about forcing your first girlfriend to get an abortion when she wanted to give the child up for adoption? Shall I go on?

You're the cause off all the problems in your life. Not me, your family, or whatever. The truth hurts and I could have been somewhat nicer but nobody likes getting anonymous messages.

Now if my mailbox gets flooded with crap I may be tempted to post your e-mail address and let these freaks send you stuff.

Have a nice life,

Me !!
Subject: RE: job offer
I'll not be unwittingly duped into replying to this e-mail gag. WAIT! I already have... CURSE you and your slippery ways...

Gosh, David...

I didn't think you recognized my hard work! (You ARE the guy in customer relations, right?) It's funny that we survived the last staffing shakedown.
I thought I was getting cut for sure. I was pretty sure your whole department was going to be axed. And that is why I don't think I want to make the step to customer relations, because I am afraid of what may happen if they cut jobs again. If you have some inside information that would
dismiss these concerns, I might consider it. Let me know. I am awaiting your reply.

e Travis McMullins
27 Mar 2002 07:03:31
e Emily Norton

27 Mar 2002 06:03:21
Subject: Re: job offer
To all those who read the posts on this website;

This is a hoax, and an insult to all those in the communications feild. I am disturbed by the lack of morals on David Still's part in believing that he can randomly email people who don't know him and trick them into believing
that there is something out there for them. The fact that anyone thinks it is ok to steal someone's personal email address and give it out to random people on the internet is sickening, and should be stopped.

In my opinion, anyone who is willing to confuse and disrupt a person's internet experience is a fraud in the communications field. I have personally filed a criminal intent suit against the host of this website, and I hope that all who read this realize that the communications field is not something to joke about or to be taken lightly.

Good luck to all those who are as upset as I am that someone thinks this website is a benefit to anyone. And to "David Still," I hope that you thoroughly enjoy speaking to my lawyer regarding your invasion of my personal privacy.

Emily Norton

>From: David Still <>
>When I first read your email I was a little hurt that you didn't remember me. I suppose I didn't make that great of an impression on you -my wife is correct social engagements and I don't mix. Nevermind about the job, I guess it isn't for you.
>Regrettably Yours,
Subject: Re: job offer
Dear David,

It is true, I have decent communication skills, but I'm afraid my current occupation is self. I will have to forego your offer at this time. I would, however, consider such an opportunity in the future when circumstances may change. Thank you for you interest.

e jason

27 Mar 2002 05:03:40
e sarah duckett
27 Mar 2002 01:03:11
Subject: Re: job offer

Dear Mr. Still!

I've sent many forms of communcation through your trusty site and am so "honored" to finally recieve a message from you. Your compliments are well taken, as flattery will get you just about anywhere you would like to go with me.

I also feel that I am the most optimum choice for the position you have in mind--that said let's get together for a nice dinner and chat about the many details I no doubt imagine should be covered. You can always give me a call or an email to let me know when you might be avalaible to converge over a warm and mellow meal.

PS: I heard the Stanton Warrors were amazing and very sorry I missed your evening, as it was on the lips of everyone as being an outstanding experience.

Subject: Re: job offer
well shit god damn... where the hell have you been all this time? i could have had a fucking dream job looong ago, but fuck no. you've been sitting back being "aware". well... fuck you, mr. still... ya dumb fuckin' fuck.
e Paula Smith
27 Mar 2002 00:03:30
e Samantha Chandler
26 Mar 2002 22:03:54
Subject: Re: job offer
Hi David,

Excuse me, for my reluctance here, but why are you now approaching me about employment when your last email to me was a not very nice review of my sister's behaviour? I would be interested in how you have learned so much about me in my absence?

Subject: Re: job offer
e msc

26 Mar 2002 21:03:05
e laura carmona
26 Mar 2002 21:03:56
Subject: Re: job offer

Im so pleased you contact me for this, thank you so much, im really interested about working with you, i mean i would loooove to work with you, because since i met you i bacame a huge fan of you, (of your work, of course), so please let me know what can i do for you.

thank you again
best regards
Subject: for one cooperation?
e impronta impronta
26 Mar 2002 20:03:16
e mike mann
26 Mar 2002 20:03:18
Subject: Re: job offer
dearest david,
i find your offer intriguing, yet i'm familiar with your site, and purpose. that is why i feel that this is some diabolical plot launched by my friends and part time foes in thought industry, and my power mad friend nikki, whom introduced me to your site. i have also noticed that this letter is one of your stock replies, in your messages section of your
site. In short your petty flateries, are shallow and without meaning as i am aware that this letter has been sent out to anyone who has used your site, or it just has been simply sent by my friends, or new enemies that obviously under estimates my jedi powers.
i find your letters intertaining, and welcome any further correspondence, as it brightens my day, and makes life worth living.
fondest feelings,
Subject: hooo hah!
first you write saying you want to recruit me?
now you want me?
i don't even KNOW you.
long long ago i dabbled in homosexuality but
that was when i was 18.
i am 44 now.
and very happily married.
i think this answers you question

i don't know you
we can't get together

and recruiting me was obviously some ruse.


e Tom Montgomery
26 Mar 2002 19:03:30
e A.M.
26 Mar 2002 19:03:16
Subject: Re: job offer
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i am a professional so i guarantee special things
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go for the bottom line; send me your simplified zinger
my special offer is tremendously helpful
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Subject: Re: TV work
You're in luck - I was just speaking to a producer friend of mine the other day who is doing a pilot called Down Syndrome, Up Syndrome - it's a game show (a bit like Play Your Cards Right only with spasticks) looking for contributors just like your good self.
Good luck fella.

From: "David Still" <>

> Dear Paul,
> I was wondering if you could tell me how to get in to TV. Don't get me wrong - I would never want to work with a cunt like you, you fucking Irish tinker but I would be grateful if you could suggest a decent human being I could approach for help and advice.
> I got your email off a website called I hope you don't mind my approaching you so speculatively, you cunt.
> Yours sincerely,
> David Still.
> PS. Are you also a twat?
e paul flood

26 Mar 2002 17:03:36
e Monroe, Nicole
26 Mar 2002 17:03:50
Subject: RE: job offer
Bernie ?????? is that you again.. :) hee hee hee
you are toooo cute... OH and sure I am always looking to expand my horizons yet I love my Nordy job... hee hee.
Subject: duba
David hi,

what on earth you are talking about? I replied you once and that`s all. In a previous letter you "wanted me" to start the business with you and you were certain and 100% sure that I am the "right person" etc... You don`t know anything about me... Are you mad or what? Now I am reading some angry letter threatening me with some legal action for what? ..and as you note even more are coming.. and just god knows the consequences... I shall block your address, that`s what I shall do... Cool down and stop sending me your confused messages...
Anyway, good luck with your multi-personality project, but I definitely do not want to be you.....

From: David Still <>

Don't you realize there is a website with your name and email on it and every time you reply it gets placed on the website for the world to see? So complete strangers can reply? I'll be dammed if the real web master is actually replying!

It's a FAKE! Don't fall for this. This is one of the few legit warnings you'll get!
e duba sambolec
26 Mar 2002 17:03:08
26 Mar 2002 16:03:15
Subject: RE: job offer
oh david, i am speechless. the thoughts of you, and me, hand in hand, on the beach... that night, so long ago - it lives in my mind, like it was yesterday. i wish i had the courage to let you know how i felt then. but you were so special and i was so scared. no words would form on my tounge. and even if they could, no breathe escaped my lungs. the only thing that seemed to work was my heart, as it beat 10,000 times a minute.

david, please, call me, contact me, touch me. don't let me slip away.

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