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Subject: Re: Thanks!
Actualy I know what David's site is, and I think it is truly excellent! A wonderful forum for fun in this fast paced society. We all need to have fun, so relax and just chill as this is a grand adventure we call life :)
Online Tarot Forum
e Arriana
26 Mar 2002 16:03:53
e John Lucas
26 Mar 2002 16:03:56
Subject: Re: ECT

Safe recipients means you do not have the people who complain about bulk email in our lists. You may order by phone.

Subject: Re: Playing the hero?

I have known this from the beginning, because... I AM DAVID STILL!!!

insert evil laugh here ;)

>From: David Still <>
>Don't you realize there is a website with your name and email on it and every time you reply it gets placed on the website for the world to see? So complete strangers can reply? I'll be dammed if the real web master is actually replying!
>It's a FAKE! Don't fall for this. This is one of the few legit warnings you'll get!
e bonita applebaum
26 Mar 2002 16:03:32
e jimpunk

26 Mar 2002 16:03:49
Subject: Re: job offer
Subject: Re: job offer
i like you too, darling
but these pre-set messages are breakin' my heart

26 Mar 2002 15:03:12
e Banville, Martin
26 Mar 2002 14:03:24
Subject: RE: job offer
This isn't much alike a job offer...However,I already have received the very same letter from (whoever it is) you... According to what I can read here, what step are you waiting for me to do? Am I really expected to offer my ass? Even If I prefer fucking instead of beeing fucked.

So, Mister Still, what kind of a job are you offering? Do you want me to put my soul in showcase? Beware, you will me deeply traumatized...

Why can't you be a woman Mister Still.... I would have managed to cannibalize you...

Subject: Re: job offer
e Nicolas Roope
26 Mar 2002 14:03:55
e Claudia Stebler
26 Mar 2002 14:03:41
Subject: Re: job offer
dear david still
actually, i decided not to answer your mails anymore, because after a while i was quite sure that, even if your mails seem personal, they are sent in copies of thousands all over the world. and i only like to cummunicate with real
people. even now i am not sure, if you play the same game again with me but you triggered me because i feel flattered because of your compliments about my "communication skills" and here is claudiplaudi in the net like a fish and curious how deep you want to keep testing the waters with me.

so test me and pour over me all the cash i need.

claudia stebler
Subject: Re: Ordering
Hello David I accept PayPal under my id:
or you can send a check to:
Arthur zacchia
5602 w. mercury way
chandler az

Once I receive payment I will send you a link to the states that you pick.

(480) 598-9141
e arthur zacchia
26 Mar 2002 13:03:47
e Andreas Schmeiduch
26 Mar 2002 13:03:44
Subject: Re: job offer
Hi Dave,
i hope i may call you dave!

I am very sorry to tell you that I cannot work for your fascinating organisation, because i am a liar and a poser! I cannot work with a computer or even make a job with it! I just call my friend and he makes the whole job for me!
His name is Kim Schmitts an he is in jail in Germany, because he earned a lot of money with, so if you want somebody, who can make really good work, call him. If you want somebody who ca do really good sex, CALL ME! That'is all i can do!

Subject: Betreft: Second Hand Hardware

make me a offer for a amd 900 board then

David Still <>
Dear Sir,

>From my very good friend Ron van Zadelhoff i got informed about your search for secondhand hardware. I would like to say that as a manufacturer of hardware components i do not like the sound of that. As long as people will only buy cheap second hand stuff i won't be able to buy my new mercedes. So would you please consider to buy new stuff. And when you do please do buy stuff from my site!!!!
David Still
e Dhr C. Viveem

26 Mar 2002 13:03:56
e M. Venderbosch
26 Mar 2002 12:03:59
Subject: job offer ?
Hello David,

Thank you for the job offer, you are right I am looking for a job, only I have no experience in IT at all... But I am an experienced AV designer. So if you have place for a skilled, creative and happy person in your company let me know... And if you're interested in my c.v. i'll send it to you.

Greets Mascha.
Subject: Flattery
Dear "David,"

I am flattered by your email, although I will admit that I wish I knew exactly who you were, and how you know who I am - maybe even if you have the wrong person, because I don't see myself the way that you do, I guess, and it was suprising to read that.

Perhaps if I knew who you were, I could tell you if I felt the same. there are people who come in and out of my life, even if just for an instant, that I wish I could spend more time with. People that I wish I could talk to more if I wasn't so shy myself. Who is to say that you are not one of those people?

You have peaked my curiosity, I will admit. However I must tell you that I do have someone in my life, currently, who has consumed my resources to the point of exhaustion. I am looking for something new, something exciting - and I'm seemingly terrified of moving on from what I am contained with now.
Shall we say I opened Pandora's Box, metaphorically?

I would like to know who you are, basically, and what your interests are. Maybe we could meet somewhere, and see what fate may have in store.

e Emily Norton

26 Mar 2002 12:03:29
e Matej Kavticnik
26 Mar 2002 12:03:19
Subject: Re: job offer
Dear XY

Yes...i am interested in your proposal. But I have to remind you, that in this very crusial time for the whole world
and me especialy... I will cost your organisation greatly.

I am talking about 175.000$ a year, plus good car (not to expensive, just something like X5,ML or similar), plus last but not least... I would like that your prosperous organisaton pays my good friend - Fedja a trip around the world (all inclusive package-naturaly). And between you and me, I would
like that you personaly hand pick the chicks for him, that will wait for him at the airport while he is en-route to the destination selected.

In good belief that my reasonable demands will be acceptable for your organisaton... I salute you

Subject: Re: job offer
Dear David,

I must congratulate you on the most original junk mail letter/e-mail I have received to date.

You deserve to do well !!

e Lois Levett
26 Mar 2002 12:03:26
e wong sia wee
26 Mar 2002 11:03:43
Subject: Re: job offer if u r seriuos

cut out the foreplay...go straight to the act....what about the job sucker...

if your next mail is going to be all these craps.... you will hear the last from me...

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Playing the hero?

26 Mar 2002 11:03:38
e Marcel Beijer
26 Mar 2002 11:03:46
Subject: job offer
Dear David.

I recieved your job offer. I will respond to you very soon. Maybe tomorrow. Please send your mails to my personal e-mail account: I think it's not fair to use the mail account hosted by the newspaper i work for.

Thanks for the offer.

Marcel Beijer
Subject: Re: job offer
England is cold and dark.
I want colder or warmer.
Darker or...darker.

You have my attention.

>>> <<<
e Sounds Ichiban

26 Mar 2002 11:03:08
e carol brandon

26 Mar 2002 10:03:01
Subject: Re: job offer

i could join your team
to be david still.....???
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