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Subject: Re: job offer

My religion doesn't allow me join these perversions. I don't wanna perish in hell.

--- David Still <> wrote:
> Well, once we make it there, you can have all the virgin maidens you can handle, and there's cocaine, too.
> -D
e Bruno Campanella
25 Mar 2002 15:03:38
e Macha Roesink

25 Mar 2002 14:03:30
Subject: RE: job offer, I almost couldn't refuse...
Dear David, it definitely would be an interesting career move but for the moment I am totally committed to the place I am working at the moment. I've just written a statement called Commitment to Culture, and I intend to do that at least for another two years.
Good luck with head hunting...

See you at the new exhibition Nonlinear Editing at Museum De Paviljoens in Almere?
All the best

Subject: Re: Long time, no see
Hello David

Sorry, but I dont undestand nothing you try tell me. I realy dont know you (or dont remember). That's massagens that you send me are true or is this a play? And what about the job? How you get my e-mail? Here u from?
If you dont know: I dont live in Portugal, but Brazil.

See u


From: David Still []
> My company wants to offer you a job. J-O-B. Please reply. We like to hire portugal decent because they work well with the ladies in the office.
> That's our secret.
> The position pays $74,000 a year, stock options, company car, and credit cards are paid.
> Sincerely,
> P.S. I also like to have my secretaries sit on my face...
e Alexis Azevedo
25 Mar 2002 14:03:42
e Mina Stauber
25 Mar 2002 14:03:52
Subject: Re: job offer
Greetings David Still,

I appreciate your offer however, I have a full time job with Truetech Canada Inc.
I am interested to have part time job; I am pregnant, so any money I can bring in would help out.
I have questions to ask about what you are offering: what is the company called, what does the company do, who runs it, what the job exact is and do your employees work from home?

If you can shed some more light on the offer that would be wonderful.

Thank you
Subject: RE: job offer



if any of the users of this website feel the need to send me money, please contact me for postal details. :)

k thnx. :)

e zoh starberry

25 Mar 2002 11:03:54
e alexis chazard
25 Mar 2002 11:03:57
Subject: Re: job offer
Dear David,

I just received your challenging message and intend to answer it as quickly as I can.
First of all, I must admit you're right : I'm on the way to be your successor... anyhow. You will probably understand more clearly than me what I'm saying, as your place is better than mine in all those "understanding facts", but you soon will be disappointed by my skills in the matter ! Practicing is all, I recognize that, and it certainly is my weakest point.
Anyway it can't be said as a starter in the whole process, and I manage achieving the job instead of the difficulties I could meet.
Now you can better understand what I meant in th beginning of my message but the course is not over. Regardless to any kind of content, which could be said for a "frenchie" like me a great obstacle, I can amazingly adapt myself, and the answer I send you today must show you how true it is...
If ever you couldn't understand what I say, then it would significate the end of our relations, as it would mean your skills in communications are not so high.

I'm therefore waiting with great impatience to see if we together will get closer by the way the deal goes. If not, I certainly be obliged to terminate our relations

I assure you of my great respect and admiring feeling,
Subject: Re: job offer
Well, sorry to not remember you but if we really met, then you could help me to...
Whatever, if you're killing to me this is not smart : Actually I'm loocking for a job, and I do not find anything else than difficulties, "human as you"? So let me away of an acid joke ambush if is the way it goes, David "still" human as me then you could help me by explaining to me who you are, if you wanna meet me, where... Secondly, I'm interrested anyway in a communication work, but depend of the "what's about" to communicate..., so inform me about the kind of job, the corporation you work for and tell me what and where is it based (on) that job offer...
'Hope you're still interrested to help me and to engage my pragmatics knowledge and skills (like Semantique, visual semiotics... apply to mediatic and communication system...), expecting meet you soon if i'm more informed...
25 Mar 2002 11:03:35
e Jon Thomson
25 Mar 2002 09:03:17
Subject: Re: job offer

sorry david...............I don't think u can afford
me....but please....................if u
must.......................make a better offer :)

Thomson & Craighead/
Next up: gameon @Barbican, London & Touring
Late 2002: look out for
Late 2002: look out for,'Template Cinema'
Subject: Re: job offer
I have read your e-mail and i have no idea what IT skills are and i am quite illiterate at the moment with many computer skills. I am definitely interested in a job and if you can elaborate more on your offer and what it entails that would be quite helpful.

25 Mar 2002 08:03:54
e Marty Huisman
25 Mar 2002 08:03:17
Subject: RE: job offer
Hi David

All this is very flattering and I must say a job like yours is unique and interesting for one's development.

Why don't we get together for an conversation and you can tell me more about it, before I embark on a new venture. Personally I prefer to talk about serious things like my career in person and look on e-mail as just the first step.
Let me know when and where?

Best regards,
Marty Huisman
Subject: Re: job offer
Dear Mr. Still,

Who, exactly, are you? I'm hesitant to release any information to someone who is hesitant to tell me who/what they represent. This is like giving out a social security number to a telemarketer who wants to help you consolidate your debt when you don't really know their name - does your girlfriend know your social security number? If not, then tell me why I should give you my personal information when I don't even know you?

I would appreciate some information regarding where you received this email address, and where you aquired your information regarding my experience in communications. Only then will I respond to your questions.

Thank you,
e Emily Norton

25 Mar 2002 08:03:22
e Kevin Gilbride
25 Mar 2002 08:03:13
Subject: Re: job offer
I'm a CEO of my own company which is doing over $1,000,000 annually. I appreciate your offer but can't imagine what your company could possibly offer that I don't already have financially. And... I AM the boss. Nobody to answer to, nobody to even question anything I want to do and I'm able to do my thing in a sport that is as much a hobby as a job. Thanks for the offer but at this point in time, I'm totally my own man and have no need of the corporate world. Been there... done that. Thanks for asking though

Kevin-Straight Shooters
Subject: Fw: job offer
This spamming motherfucker can suck my 3 inch around testicles. I hope he chokes on them as I come down his throat. After I'm done I'll give him a tracheotomy with the dull end of a bic pen. Take out a turkey baster to retrieve my goo. Fill that tracheotomy with a bottle of butane then put my semen back in, tape it up and flame his mouth. He'll be spewing flaming man-spew! That's what I want to see. Then I'll feed his bbq'd body to goat trolls.

If I get more anonymous "davidstill" mail, I'll do the same to your mothers. You'll pay for your treachery of hosting this evil villainous davidstill.
e George

25 Mar 2002 07:03:27

25 Mar 2002 04:03:36
Subject: Re: David Still Hair Salon
The difference between email an mail. is that it's electronicly sent to u with yet no dotted line to be able to sign on.. Like i said. If u have something in writtting for me or so company information rather than just email, I will have to make my desision now. AS for I cant leave my company at risk. I have worked to hard to get to this point in my life an yet i am not
willing to fold under some small bussiness, and yet another un recoginzed uncertifited company.

thank you so much for ur time. However i am happy where i am at.


jeremi~ Sands
Aveada Concepts Salon owner
Color Specialist
Subject: Re: job offer
lol slutty waitress my ass.
sorry, that was just too funny.

why do you let people use your email?? you shouldn't. you'll get yourself in trouble.

if you are serious about this job, send me more stuff on it. but only if you are serious.


--- David Still <> wrote:
> Rebekah,
> You gotta calm down baby, i don't know nothing
> about this prison situation you speak of, all I know
> is that you got the skills, and you know what I mean
> by communication. Just wanna let you know that the
> position is still open, but it won't be for long.
> I will soon find another slutty waitress to have as
> my personal assistant. You will be the one missing
> out honey.
> Best Wishes,
> David Still
e Rebekah Switala

25 Mar 2002 03:03:46
e Tom St Denis

25 Mar 2002 02:03:35
Subject: Re: Your book

Perhaps, I haven't worked on my book in a long time. When I do pick it up again I may require your services but I wouldn't count on it. The book in its current form was a burst of trying to research various topics. I wrote as I learned new things.

Mostly I have lots of material to clean up before I can keep writing.

Thanks for the offer though,
Tom St Denis

From: "David Still" <>
> Tom,

> Allow me to introduce myself. I am David Still, owner of a small but successful publishing company, David Still Publishing.
> I came across your site while doing a web search on cryptography and I was wondering what your plans are regarding publishing the book you are working on?
> I understand that you are currently only publishing the book on your website, but it sounds like the sort of book we would like to bring to print.
> Let me know if you are interested in such possibilities.
Subject: RE: job offer
You, a CEO, wasting your time to read through all the replies on David Still's website?

Listen stop pretending you are David Still... you will never be David Still. You must learn to like yourself and stop this psycotic behavior!

From: David Still []

Thanks for the reply. You should undergo treatment for your anger. Seriously. I'm going to report this to your credit. Afterall, I own the largest credit bureau in the country. Just check out this months issue of Fortune Magazine.

Have a good one... pee on.
e Jenna Purcella
25 Mar 2002 02:03:49
e n.gee
25 Mar 2002 01:03:45
Subject: Re: job offer
sorry david...............I don't think u can afford
me....but please....................if u
must.......................make a better offer :)
Subject: Re: job offer if u r seriuos
morning david,

if u r serious.... why not ? in any case, Im in the ecommerce business.. with a listed company in singapore....

BUT if u r trying to be funny... i make sure i bury u first... the last bit is definitely serious..

lead me on please..

hear from u soon

wong sia wee
e wong sia wee
25 Mar 2002 01:03:21
e Leah Grycewicz
25 Mar 2002 01:03:31
Subject: Re: job offer
>Dear David,

Being fully aware of people sending out emails in your place... i wonder who is the hand behind these keyboard strokes...

David, Peter, Paul or Mary or any name you may fancy, what might you be offering and - i take it is in euro's + truly if it comes with care, another passport and many many happy faces - i could well be interested...

And the magic title is?

dLux media arts
Leah Grycewicz, Curator
Panos Couros, General Manager
PO Box 306 Paddington
NSW 2021 Australia
tel 61 2 9380 4255
fax 61 2 9380 4311
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