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Subject: Trust
My Dear Sweet Peeble -

We can never anticipate what lay at the bottom,
we are not in charge,
But know, if we are truly loved,
someone dear will be there to break the fall.

You will never know how long I have love you,
to me it seems an eternity.
Time notwithstanding,
I will be there, promise.
just to kiss your sweet brow,
to gather you in my arms,
to hold you tight.

I will be there, just trust.


Tomorrow I give you the key to my heart, so at your leisure, you may enter and fill my soul with titillation, terror and loves sweet tango.

At 01:01 AM 3/3/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>im gathering momentum. rumble-tumbling down my
>grassy hill.
>dizzy sickness and uncertainty - flash of sky -
>glimpse of stone.
>sometimes i dont know who i am anymore...more
>person than one.
>for whom am i responsible, i wonder. how much can
>i really be, i wonder.
>what's at the bottom of this hill, i wonder.
e Barry Lipschutz-Perry
3 Mar 2002 06:03:07
e jimpunk

3 Mar 2002 02:03:18
Subject: sea sex & sun
yes i know but as i told you before, i have a lot of work , write my book for my editor who is not really happy but sure i'll come soon

ps: playing golf every days, time is marvellous here in the south of France
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
e felino albino
2 Mar 2002 22:03:16
e felino albino
2 Mar 2002 20:03:39
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
i won't fade away
i hope you too
Subject: Re: still, who is this kindred spirit
You need never be alone again.
I offer you the key to my heart.
I place it in your male box.


At 04:06 PM 3/1/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>That they are untouchable. That besides thy beauty, drives me crazy. I have been alone for a while now
e Barry Lipschutz-Perry
1 Mar 2002 20:03:40

1 Mar 2002 12:03:54
Many a time, to lead us to our loss, The instruments of the darkness say us the truths; Gain(win) us with .
Subject: Re: still, who is this kindred spirit
For me tis all true,
thoughts o' romance with you,
even if only folly,
tis very true for me.

Yes, I wear my heart on my sleeve,
but then you knew that.
Take pity,
do not destroy me,
I mean you no harm.

Love is an honorable gift,
a bequest from the heart.,
a tribute to you,
the person I deem you to be.

Is this time warp,
Ney a renaissance
of chivalry and honour.
I am honour bound to
protect you with silence.

O' Pray this will last forever.
Let me dream of disserted beaches,
Cold winter nights snuggled with you.
Let me fantasize of clandestine encounters.
Some secluded space,
away from wandering eye -
critics who are without
love so gentle and sweet

Let me revel of whispers in thy ear,
and churlish laughter.
Oh, I've heard you laugh,
it is wonderous,
your laughter, your wisdom,
your being.

Whisper one word,
one simple word,
let me hear your voice again.


At 12:08 AM 3/1/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>the creeping hours make me crazy.
>the tick tock, the hurry up, the slow down.
>the slithering distance makes me crazy.
>how close are you to me? which corner of your
>room can you stand in to bebrings closest to me?
>which corner of your mind can you indulge in
>to be beyond me? NONE
>when i blink; splitting hairs of imaginary
>details. because nothing is true, is it? yes it is, I choose to believe.
e Barry Lipschutz-Perry
1 Mar 2002 03:03:39
e Barry Lipschutz-Perry
28 Feb 2002 20:02:30
Subject: still, who is this kindred spirit
As fair as a rose,
as free as a daisy,
Besides thy beauty
What makes you crazy

At 12:22 AM 2/27/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>knowing a beautiful thing will disappear makes it that much more intoxicating. now now now..... here we are living - why try to satiate desire with consistency and permanence... like asking for a neverending midnight only to find you miss the eleventh hour.
Subject: Morning's Sweet Song
Peeble -

Awake sweet, strong peeble. Allow me my morning grace. Let me hear thy song so sweet and masculine.

Have I mentioned my love for you grows- as the days grow longer. The sun's warm and your love nourishes me as dothe the rose, I liken you to.


At 12:18 AM 2/27/2002 +0100, you wrote:
it is true. my happiness - waxing and waning in to the tide of
affection. but neptune has nothing on me... dolly dancing this way and that, swing and swaying such hips as these.
i can change the surge of the sea.
e Barry Lipschutz-Perry
28 Feb 2002 17:02:06

28 Feb 2002 15:02:49
Subject: Re: Re: Re: je ne sais pas
Subject: Re: what a jerk!

Since all you have sent me are flames despite my attempt actually address your concerns, is it any wonder why I said I won't work with you?

You seem self-righteous and, in my experience, all such people are impossible to be around. Alas, in journalism, you learn there are always at least two sides to a story.

Consider this my final word on the issue.

Have a nice life and I hope I never see or hear from you again.


----- Original Message -----
From: "David Still" <>
> You must have the I.Q. of warm piss. And an attitude akin to Mike Tyson's.
What I said was, I was grateful I didn't work for you, but if I did, I would bring you down in no time flat. Getting supercillious jerks like you fired is not hard. My guess is it's already happened to you more than once. You're the type that never make it over the long term in this business. Am I right?
Go be a security guard somewhere. You and Richard Jewel are two of a kind.
Do you live with your mother too?

28 Feb 2002 14:02:11
e jimpunk

28 Feb 2002 14:02:43
Subject: Re: your nose
Subject: Re: your nose
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> hi jim
> have you seen the david's nose
> it's beautiful like a rose
e jimpunk

28 Feb 2002 12:02:10
e gerrard thebault
27 Feb 2002 22:02:15
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
pretty sure i know who this is - at least until now when i realise the true nature of david's intentions - globalisation wasn't it!
yeh and the flumps are reserved for one person only, so it's you isn't it??


>From: David Still <>
>Heard what this week?
>Can you guess who this is? Remember flumps?
Subject: Re: Thanks!
Hi Danger Mouse...
Sorry I took so long to respond but got very busy at the site , which is always good as I just love this wild thing called the Internet! The Tarot site I read at has been busy, but I would love to chat to you. You can find me easily online, just put Tarot, Arriana into search engines LOL.. or email me at the site Be brave.. take a chance lol...
Lurkers beware .. join in the fun..... Arriana Online Tarot reading and Store

>I am brave enough to let you know who I am, but I would have to email you
>directly. I will not do so until you have given me permission to do so. I
>say this because if our correspondances do get a little more personal, I
>would rather it not be posted on this site for all to see. Nothing
>personal against you by no means. But you never know whom else might be
>out here lurking around.
e Arriana
27 Feb 2002 19:02:08

27 Feb 2002 16:02:11
Subject: Re: Re: je ne sais pas
Our lives are so different and yet our existences are so similar. I need so much to walk during the night to forget my days full with vacuums. You will think that I am only one romantic" niaiseuse" who adore films of meg ryan but I delighted to look at stars; it is as if I quittere my body to raise me small little (so denied) -reality now-
so long

ps: sorry for my spelling mist
Subject: Measure by measure
my sweet peeble -

A dose of Spring, a measure of happiness, a treat of love is my morning potion as I read your missive. Oh I wish love and sonnets such as you write might sing forever.

So sweet the song and resolve of your love.

At 12:18 AM 2/27/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>it is true. my happiness - waxing and waning in to the tide of
>affection. but neptune has nothing on me...
>dolly dancing this way and that, swing and swaying such hips as these.
>i can change the surge of the sea.
e Barry Lipschutz-Perry
27 Feb 2002 16:02:33
27 Feb 2002 03:02:32
Subject: Re: what a jerk!

You were right about one thing, you won't have to worry about ever working for me.
You can count on it in fact.


From: "David Still" <>

> What a load of self-serving nonsensical crap. Besides being a offensive slob, you're stupid too.
> At first I just thought you were misguided. Now I understand that you fail to grasp the issue at hand. A 40-watt bulb. Pity you have a modem.
> David
Subject: Re: your zine
> sometimes life lacks the filters that make the world run smoothly.
> artists exist in a realm completely outside of themselves.
> when is your next 'zine coming out?

wow, thanks, i'm glad someone sees what i'm getting at, i'm very flattered.

issues 4 and 5 are coming out soon. got a mailing address?

take care
e Astrid Bin
27 Feb 2002 02:02:07
e derek carlson

27 Feb 2002 01:02:37
Subject: Re: bmx money
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