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Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
I am human being with feelings. you can't just rush into my life and sweep me off my feet, then leave without a word and expect me to just let you back just like that. I am not some cheap whore. I need to know that it's real and it will last, damnit
e Austin Tindle
20 Feb 2002 18:02:03
e Jill

20 Feb 2002 17:02:31
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
david -

you've sent me messages before, and i think there's a mistake. i don't know you. you may have the wrong email address, or be otherwise misled in beleiving that i am this mysterious love of yours.

my name is jill. i am seventeen and i live in pennsylvania. i'm sorry, but i think your love letters have found their way to the wrong mailbox.

i feel rather voyeristic reading these, i'll admit -and i am intruiged. how did you and your love meet? what is her name? how and why were you seperated? i hope that you will soon be full of eachother. i know the pain of absense, the ache that leaves your chest feeling empty and cold.

i hope that you two find each other, at the very least electronically. i hope your messages get to the intended woman - although, being the curious cat i am, i'd like to hear your story myself.

i am but a bystander to this unfolding tale.

Subject: Bravery
David -

The fairy tale of our meeting makes my heart swoon. Oh if it were only real, this mist of romance and secrecy enveloping us in a fog. Much akin, this would be, to days of knights beckoned together in fraternity, courage and shared bravery to real stance. Supplicant I am to man's dual
character anima-animus, honoured with stalwart passion, a sweet kiss, a glancing touch of cheek. If only men were truly brave.

Your poetry warms my heart with its beauty. If only my talent were so blessed with your Renaissance character.

I am,
Brian (alt - B...., much braver than he)
e Barry Lipschutz-Perry
20 Feb 2002 17:02:53
e .g.e.n.e.v.i.e.v.e.
20 Feb 2002 07:02:10
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
more david still in my inbox. i am much more intrigued by the weird concept hatched by the person who created this web site than i am by the identity of the freak who keeps sending these damn things to me. this is really funny stuff.
Subject: Re: I am playing, like you are.
I said it again and I'll keep on saying it. I'll probably stop responding to e-mails that have nothing to say other then attempting to belittle "third grade style" the other.
If you want to get a rise out of me engage me, instead, in an intelligent conversation.

Tarek Fahmy
20 Feb 2002 06:02:17
20 Feb 2002 06:02:20
Subject: But I know so many Davids!
Are you the Marble one?
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
I don't understand... why me?
e Sara Weitl-Slusarczyk

20 Feb 2002 03:02:40
e Simon Glass
20 Feb 2002 00:02:56
Subject: Re: See me. Be me. Dangermouse
Dangermouse, all you need to do is drop me a line, tell me how full of fire you are, I like a rodent who's not afraid of getting burned.
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
See me, be me, touch me, feel me... treat me, irritate me, miss me, dispise me, talk-to me, activate me, explain me, strive for me, strike for me, stribe me, ugly me, inside me, expectorate me, extrapolate me, incorporate me, ursula-andress me, caress me, care for me, carot me, crown me, courcouronnes me, concomber me, cucurbeat me, flee me, bee me, be-OS me, tax-free me,

But please don't spam me, dear Mr. Still.
19 Feb 2002 23:02:54
e Arriana
19 Feb 2002 23:02:14
Subject: Re: Thanks!
Dear Danger Mouse
Well Thank you for your lovely compliments. I have been reading Tarot professionally for quite some time and I do consider it a gift as well. I have been blessed with being able to help people gather insights into important areas in their lives to help them make the right choices.
I talk to complete strangers everyday, but in truth after a chat you will find that we are no longer strangers. I get the privilege of looking inside a person to see who they truly are, this world is full of great people, who often are just hiding behind their fears.
You forgot to tell me what you want a reading on, but I do enjoy our chats and the mystery of exactly who you are in this world. David gives a great cover but who are you really, are you brave enough to let me know??
You know where to find me on-line.... Let us see how adventurous you are
...... Arriana


>You have a very lovely name Arriana. And I am intrigued by you, and very curious. You have a gift, an ability that has always interested me. I hope that we may be able to keep up some sort of correspondance. That is if you dont mind talking to a total stranger. But you would get to know me of course as I would hope to get to know you a bit. I am not this David Still character nor am I associated with this site in anyway other than visiting here once in awhile. I like to see what people I can meet and just chat with. Anyway, I will stop with the babbling now. Take care, and I wish you the best :)

Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
Likkle G,

I am rolling on the floor laughing my --- off. Kid, you are slaying me!!!

>From: David Still <>
>I cant give it up. There is something about you. I am so curious about you.
>Maybe Im crazy, but do you belive people can form some kind of bond just by their words?
e samara murrell

19 Feb 2002 21:02:39
e Majel Peters

19 Feb 2002 21:02:41
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
how old is your little boy? children are the sum of infinite potential : no limits no tethers. i want to be a child (in spirit) for as long as possible. my idealism.
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
I am sure if you started your own anti-david still website with lotsa false information about, it would attract some attention to your site... plus it would be funny.

Sorry about that previous email, but don't you think it would be a good rumor to start?


19 Feb 2002 20:02:31
e ? ?

19 Feb 2002 20:02:37
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
i already told you man... now's your chance! ik ben binnen nederland, en wij kunnen aantreffen!!!

-bene tleilax
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
Don't toy with my emotions. I am not your doll to be played with!!!!
e Austin Tindle
19 Feb 2002 20:02:14
e Anne Gondolo

19 Feb 2002 19:02:36
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
cette farce m'emmerde vraiment
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.

*drooling on self*

oh yeah, and go to my website:
e Messy Stench
19 Feb 2002 19:02:55

19 Feb 2002 19:02:24
Subject: Re: See me. Be me.
Has anyone else heard the good news, the was created by the FBI as a means of entraping people who would use it for illegal purposes, i.e. sending anonymous threats?

That is why people on the modern equivalent of the old-school "rabblerouser index" are being spammed by him. You know what I mean.

Be careful.
Subject: Re: Re: Re: what's up ?
I have just one minute to write a little message that is : " I'm back!"

19 Feb 2002 19:02:35
e Jamie Comstock
19 Feb 2002 18:02:12
Subject: RE: yo...

888-DEVILMAN EXT. 72856
FAX BUBBA... 561-365-2325

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []

Yo- How's it been going? No porn lately.. hope that changes soon!

That's not the full reason I was writing though. I heard about your loss man. I'm sorry. I know she meant a lot to you. Maybe things will turn around and you'll be back with her? Who the fuck knows, but I feel for you man. I went through that myself. I totally was in love with this girl... I really should have held on to her. I don't know where she is now.. she was the one though. But that's the way things go sometimes. Maybe I'll run into her again someday.. I don't know.

My advice... if you think she is the one - then tag her! Make sure she knows that you would give her the world if you could. Cuz if she doesn't think you care, she won't stick around. I'm telling you from my experience. I didn't tell my one and only. I wanted to spend my life with her and now she's totally out of my life forever.
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