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Subject: Re: Hi Buddy
Perhaps opiates maybe a controlled substance where you live, but over here they are not-especially the stuff I buy over the counter for my bone aches. What is dementia? Isn't dementia the state of mind where one loses self-consciousness or demeanor and loses touch with reality? You see you entho-centric ideot, different cultures and laws do exist in the universe. Thanks for you comment regarding me as a strange individual, but it takes a strange individual to correspond with one. The monkey thing comes from you. Perhaps, you should get high, maybe it will uplift your intelligence,and in particular, your memory. Anyway, how goes the battle with yourself? I know that you are having trouble finding self-identity. I hope that my definition for you as being IQ1000 gives you moments of clearness-like when the sky breaks clear. If only for an instant, you could catch a glimpse of the spaciousness that always exist behind your clouds of egotism; then you may experience that pure and indefinable blueness of your true self. Perhaps it will appear sometime when you least expect it. Don't you think so? I guess we all struggle with the underlying and ever-changing representations of self. Your true self seems amazingly elusive, disappearing just as you try to grasp it, hiding when you seek it and appearing again when you least expect it.Do you know what I mean IQ1000? Why else would you want people to use your name and website? It looks as though you are trying to find meaning and self identity through other people. You know, some people prefer to live their lives through others because they don't have one of their own.
What a poor society full of various sub-cultures and vernaculars that foster such vanity.

IQ1000, I have mentioned something about you to some of my associates and they feel that I am crazy to correspond with you. What do you think? I told them that I find you amusing and that writing to you fills in the space of my daily boredom. Even my girl friend finds it amusing. Since you have written before that you could enlighten me. I wish for you to enlighten me on why does hate exist in our world? Some have told me that it originates from religion, different languages
clashing, culture clashes, racism, and fear of something different from ourselves. What gives and what takes when it comes to hate? Does childrearing have something to do with the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us? I know that there is no definitive answer concerning this issue, but perhaps you could enlighten me on something by giving me your angle. Okay IQ1000? And don't under-estimate my intelligences. Thanks!

--- David Still <> wrote:
> I think maybe you should give the opiates a rest sir. You seem to be suffering from dementia or something along those lines. I don't know where all this talk about monkeys came from but, um, yeah. And no, to answer your question, I do not get high, not with the assistance of controlled substances anyway. Oh yes, you lost me with the "genitalia rapacious raptor" ( think about it. Your so fucking smart!) comment also, where do you come up with this stuff. Seriously, you are one strange individual.
e Granville Armstrong
15 Feb 2002 11:02:50
e Monroe, Nicole
14 Feb 2002 17:02:56
Subject: RE: Baby !!!
Bernie is that you !!!!!!!
Subject: RE: Baby !!!

WHAT?? i can find you in NYC or I can find you in one of these frightening articles... whooooo are you???

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []

You can find me here !!!
e Monroe, Nicole
14 Feb 2002 17:02:56
e Christy Sherman
14 Feb 2002 15:02:04
Subject: Re: your dog

This is the wildest thing that I have ever heard and, if it is indeed our dog, Rosie, you have my humblest apologies and a check for your lamb. Can we meet with the culprit, Rosie, and make a positive ID? My reservations are that she has shown nothing but deep-seeded fear of the invisible fence and will not go within 10 feet of her boundaries. Additionally, she does not wear a blue box or a camoflauge collar.

Andrew Sherman

PS - We are leaving town Friday morning so I hope we resolve this as soon as convenient.

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From: "David Still" <>

> Andrew,
> I have not yet met you or your wife, as you are new to the neighborhood,
but the other day my wife and I met your brown dog (assuming he wears a
camouflage collar with a blue box). I was writing to let you know that you
owe me $15.59 for a choice leg of lamb that your dog stole from my wife out
of our own home, several doors down on Wycliff. As I was unloading packages
from the car last Saturday, and my wife was in the kitchen seasoning leg of
lamb for our dinner guests due to arrive that evening, your dog entered
through our front door without permission and proceeded to make his way
swiftly to the kitchen, jump up on the kitchen counter, steal a leg, and in
a very sneaky, sleuthy manner escaped out the very door he entered. He
completed this crime and was well on his way back home before my wife and I
even had time to react. I assume the blue box around his neck is some sort
of shock collar (although not at all effective) because as he reentered your
property, he squealed.
> As far as I am concerned, your dog is the perpetrator of a very serious
crime, specifically burglary. This, in my opinion, constitutes extremely
irresponsible dog ownership, and if something like this ever happens again
please know that I will not hesitate to call not only a dog-catcher, but the
police as well. Please email me back as soon as possible so that we may make
payment arrangements. I do not want to get the law involved, but if I do not
receive prompt payment, I will do just that.
> Very sincerely,
> David Still
Subject: Re: Is it me or is it you?
e Rozenn Morizur
14 Feb 2002 11:02:47
14 Feb 2002 10:02:45
Subject: Grey day.
I'm glad your day was easier.
If you cannot open up to the people around you I highly doubt they are the right people to make an effort for.
I'm pretty sure when you think it over you'll find I'm right, but try to appreciate these grey days.
Without a grey day you would not enjoy something blue.

everything about me you never wanted to know,
Subject: Is it me or is it you?---> or is it who???
hi david...

no, i didn't recognize you the "other day" - whereever you saw me? but i even didn't recognize you looking on your fab webpage? maybe you didn't mean to mail me? where do we know each other from? please help :-) - and give my old brain some hints...

greetz by tanscha
e tanja mezger

13 Feb 2002 20:02:37
e 20357

13 Feb 2002 10:02:38
Subject: Re: Is it me or is it you?
me too, my one true love is more perfect than i could ever have imagined, i only wish everyone could find someone as perfect and a love as pure as mine. i wish everyone could be happy. it is very rare to find love in this day and age and that is why i thank god above for giving him to me.

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From: David Still <>

> I am so glad that you have found your "one". It is very rare in this day and age to find a love so pure and true as yours is. I congratulate you and wish you the best that life can offer for the both of you. And I would never want to get in the way of that. Take good care the both of you:)
Subject: Don't hold back.
There is one thing about levay satanism I have always agreed with. They believe you should never hurt children or animals, because they are the only creatures with untainted thoughts.
I think I shouldn't worry about holding back.
If I hurt your feelings by saying something brutally honest I bet you needed to hear it, and deal with it if the words went so deep. And on that note I think people fail in life, because they have not experienced enough to deal with real life situations or choose their situations carelessly. I think if people were exposed to more pain, and joy they would be more able to deal with painful situations. Be a good citizen and kick your neighbor, or hug. You make the call.
So go deal with your life that real one, and stop sensoring me.
I'm going to read my david the gnome book.
13 Feb 2002 05:02:17
e Ike Starnes

12 Feb 2002 22:02:21
Subject: RE: I HATE YOU!!!!

OK, I'm waiting.

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []

I am going to come over to LEAD Technologies and KICK YOUR ASS! You had better have a fucking gun else I will fucking kill you, you mother fucker!
Subject: Re: Is it me or is it you?
Well then, it does ring a bell. After all, we are the same person (are'nt we?). See you later...
e xenoangelos
12 Feb 2002 18:02:21
e Claudia LEDUC

12 Feb 2002 18:02:27
Subject: Re: Long time, no see
sorry I just can't remember you... and I do not think you ever wrote to me except if you've recently changed name and e-mail address which is quite improbable...
I think I've been trapped into some kind of weird scam... Remind me where we've met, if we have.
The worst is I always have a lot of problems recognizing people, so I get kind of paranoid with this...

your web site works quite well,

Subject: RE: Long time, no see
Interesting web site indeed. However, I do I know who is e-mailing to me???
Could be anybody really, considering the purpose of the David Still e-mail.
So, is it really you????
e Anne May Sirois
12 Feb 2002 17:02:26
e d johnst
12 Feb 2002 17:02:56
Subject: Re: Long time, no see
The controversies of our indemnity are subtly diffused
along the long langourous lines of our regret

Stiffen up and fly right
the south is always awake at this time of night.

surrealistically yours,


David Still wrote:
> Not the toenail clippings. Come on, there is always time and space for toenail clippings. Perhaps you can make an acception in this case.
Subject: Re: Hi Buddy
Your intellectual prowess never ceases to amazes me. What is it you do exactly, because it seems that you have plently of time jerking peoples' chains? Golly, how did you know that I am a monkey? You must be some fucking cosmic genuis with an IQ well over 1000! Gee, at least you know that I am still evolving, but don't tell anybody about it. Well, anyway genitalia rapacious raptor, I have to go on and celebrate Chinese New Year with a little touch of opiates in my blood. Already, I am beginning to feel a bit Raphalaelesque. Did you ever have a transcendental experience when you get high, or do you get high? Man, I must be high writing to somebody I don't know, nor will I probably ever have the honor of meeting. Nevertheless, you do amuse me, and I mean that from the bottom of my heartless hole. Lastly, I appreciate you writing to me with the upmost transparency. There is nothing better in the world than to share your gift of celestial intelligence with us degenerating monkeys that dwell in the jungles of Asia. Chow.

--- David Still <> wrote:
> Hmmmmmm, I guess the word I'm searching for is . . . .anyway.
e Granville Armstrong

12 Feb 2002 04:02:31
12 Feb 2002 01:02:49
Subject: Re: I am playing, like you are.
You care enough to take the time and send me an e-mail.
Subject: Re: Long time, no see
Due to lack of space and time constraints, the following material will be deleted from your account: one set handcuffs, an ashmatic inhaler, twelve toenail clippings, a stapler.

We appreciate your concern.
e d johnst
12 Feb 2002 00:02:26
e suzanne allard
12 Feb 2002 00:02:01
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
You are disturbing and weird, I don't know how you got my info... but keep your memeories to yourself. You are neither artist nor art, and I like my own memories just fine, thank you.
Subject: Re: Is it me or is it you?
Hey, tell me who started this thing. who and where are you?
i was on "your" homepage" and i also saw bruno recieving a mail from "you".

curiosity killes the cat?

e Claudia Stebler
11 Feb 2002 20:02:21
e Claudia Stebler
11 Feb 2002 20:02:20
Subject: Re: Is it me or is it you?
i am going to kiss you if you tell me where i can meet you
claudiplaudi oxoxox
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