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Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
Gee Whiz! And I thought you could spell. Do you mean ignorant? You spelled "earlier wrong"-Peckerhead. Well anyway, keep pecking at your key board and send me some more of you sewer pipe sluggy comments. I find them very amusing.

--- David Still <> wrote:
> what the fuck are you talking about you moron... like it was pointed out earlyer... you is an ignant fool
e Granville Armstrong

9 Feb 2002 07:02:58
e Alan Russell
8 Feb 2002 23:02:45
Subject: Re: apology

It wasn't an apology as i have nothing to apologise for. Have a nice life.


>From: David Still
>Do you call that an apology???????????????????
>You have got to be joking me brother. Do you really think that I would even consider putting my stuff out on your label at this point? After the way you have treated me!! You are gonna crap when you see it doing well on another label. You will be playing my record crying and yelling wondering why you had to ignore the little people. Get a grip on yourself. You need to listen. I feel sorry for your lovely wife. Her life must be a living hell. I just think about how you have made me feel and I can help but think of you giving other people that same feeling. N-E-G-A-T-I-V-E!!! I hope that the future has hope for you. I hope your label does good! K-A-R-M-A Do you know that word?? What you do does so follow it!! Hopefully, you will understand before we meet again. Then we can begin to forget.
Subject: Re: Re: what's up ?

8 Feb 2002 17:02:35

8 Feb 2002 13:02:20
Subject: what's up ?
Subject: Re: Is it me or is it you?
Unless you cut the crap and let me know who you "really" are I would like you to fuck off and leave me and my inbox alone.
e Carla W. Mundwiler
8 Feb 2002 05:02:22
e Christophe Duchatelet
8 Feb 2002 03:02:17
Subject: Re: mega teuf
Subject: Re:
Is this a lecture? If it is I am not interested. The "I want to die" message was not meant to be taken literally, nor was it meant to be responded to. It was nothing more than my expression of frustration at that particular moment. As for who Mouchette is? I don't really care anymore. I guess the curiosity has finally worn off, kind of like a fad I suppose. Although I did see the movie and Robert Bresson was a talented director. So I guess I can thank the creator of that site for exposing me to something new (well, new to me anyway). You and everyone else can look at the outgoing messages, no big deal, that's the whole point behind this site. I don't mind saying that you come across as a little condescending. And good heads up catching the fact that I sign my messages with DangerMouse or DM. . .good eye. You will forgive me if I don't applaud your ability to point out the obvious any further. However, I do know who the character Mouchette is. As for the website, it is only loosely based on the film. Good for you that you know Mouchette personally or maybe not so good since she is supposed to be dead.
Which means either you communicate with dead people, or you are a little on the looney side, either way it no longer really matters to me. Thank you for your response, wait a minute, you seem to be the only one who responded to that post, curious. Anyway. . . .off you go.
DangerMouse aka DM (duh)

>From: David Still To: "Danger Mouse"
>So you want to die, DangerMouse... You are only trying to attract
>attention, I can't believe you are really that depressed... What worked for
>Mouchette or could also work for you, or that's what you
>think... "If I say I want to die, someone will sure pay attention..." Hey,
>it didn't work! You didn't get a single reaction to that 'I WANT TO DIE'
>message of yours hehehe And I know it. You know why? Because I can look at
>David's outgoing mail! hehehe And I know Mouchette very personally, yes!
>You keep asking about her. I see it when you are sending mail to people
>because you very often sign it with your name or with your initials DM...
>What do you want to know about Mouchette? You don't even know whether it's
>a man or a woman hahahaha......
e Danger Mouse
8 Feb 2002 00:02:12
e Marc Hyndman

7 Feb 2002 22:02:54
Subject: RE: Dinner Date Tonight

C'est toi David Still Dodo? Tu n'as donc pas ta propre adresse email?


-----Message d'origine-----
De : David Still []
Dear Marco,
Would like to have a wonderful candle lights dinner with me tonight, mon coco?
Subject: duba
David Hi,

thanks for your mail etc...and you may visit and read about possible interpretation of the phenomena of our screen personas, games etc.... in the text one of the audio-visual artists projects at

Best duba

Prof. Duba Sambolec
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Trondheim Academy of Fine Art
Head of Sculpture dept.
Faculty of Architecture, Planning and Fine Art
Tlf: +47 73 59 79 14
Fax: +47 73 59 79 20
e duba sambolec
7 Feb 2002 15:02:31
e Alan Russell
6 Feb 2002 22:02:52
Subject: Re: apology
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?

Are you addicted?
Where do you live?


David Still wrote:

> I'm going to have myself put away for this. This is disturbing... the internet, just another way other people can peek into each others lives. Just words on the screen some would say. But as the populous grows more dependent on technology, the more information about each individual that gets put out there in cyberspace, just waiting to be had by anyone with the knowledge to grab it. And to whoever made this website. What's the point? Just what is it exactly that makes it art? What is it that makes it interesting. Is it the nonsense that gets posted on this page? Is that really of any interest to anyone? I have been coming here for a while just out of curiosity to see what it was all about. So far I have seen people starting arguments over abstract ideas and theories. I have seen people threatened, insulted, and "verbally" assulted. Kind of strange how a website can stir so much in people to make them waste thier time on something like this.
e Julie Blakley
6 Feb 2002 05:02:54
e Raul Esteve Soto
6 Feb 2002 01:02:31
Subject: RE: Re: Is it me or is it you?
Subject: RE: You may not remember me

I Love it!

come on...tell me who you are... if you know me you know i can't stand the suspense.....

ps. number one stalker is taken but we can negotiate for number two

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still

from the other night, but I was wondering if I could be your number one stalker. I won't crowd you, but I just can't allow you to see that other guy any more. You just mean so much to me and you are just too beautiful for me to share with anyone else. Have a great evening sweetheart, and one day we'll be able to watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer together.

I'll be watching, sweetheart.

e Stowe, Rayna M
6 Feb 2002 01:02:41
e D Furness
5 Feb 2002 23:02:49
Subject: Re: Cunt
Can I have the phone numbers of these friends of yours?

>From: David Still <>

he's here. i can see him, but for once he cant see me. i'll keep an eye on him dreading every second that brings him a little closer. oh i think he's spotted me. i'll look busy, maybe he wont come over, i'll tell you about my night. i spent 2 hours talking about rumors and stuff that i had heard about my friends sexual fetishes. he wanted to know what i had heard so he cousl tell me it wasnt true so he could sleep with me. then a very dipressed friend called me i talked him out of suicide, and hopefully made him feel al ittle better, i do love him. next, an old friend from out of town called me up out of the blue and we had phone sex. it was fun i do enjoy all the things he tells me. after that i went online and found that i cant trust anyone even my best friend for even they gossip and bitch and make up lies. it is very hard to stay friends with your best friend and his ex girlfriend at the same time when they both make up lies saying the other had said horrible tings about me, or they said i said horrible things. why cant they share me. we can all be friends. i told them they were both stupid and went to bed.
>i think he's getting up soon, who you ask? the man who follows me and watches me and touches my leg and make in uncomfortable. thats who.
Subject: Re: Cunt
Please, please, taunt again! Taunt again, for the love of God, man!

>From: David Still <>

>No! Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time-a!
e D Furness
5 Feb 2002 23:02:01
e Danger Mouse
5 Feb 2002 23:02:55
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
I guess I thought "cyberstalker" was a good term when I first got one of your letters, the pre-fabicated ones. I was happy to have gotten one of the more pleasant ones, but you do have some nasty ones as choices. And when I did get the initial email, I kept trying to figure out who had sent it. And then, I found your domain name, and tried to figure out who would use your website to send me one of "your" emails. All very spy-like, or stalker like.
I still need to figure out who sent me that initial email. Only you have that info, do you not?

And is there any truth to the rumour that you are connected to Mouchette in some way?


>From: David Still <>

>Cyberstalker, eh? Just who, exactly, am I supposed to be stalking? Thanks
>for the plug, though. :)

e bonita applebaum
5 Feb 2002 21:02:13
5 Feb 2002 21:02:21
Subject: Re: how sodomized david still
you silly goose. thinkin' your're all dope and shit. i'm going to sodomize you rat bastard. i'm going to break in your trailer and sodomize you to death with a splintered baseball bat cocksucker. just hold on you sorry sack of shit. you'll get it when it comes.

On Tue, 5 Feb 2002 14:14:09 +0100 (MET) David Still wrote:

> you sonofabitch. thinkin your'e all cool and shit.
> i'm going to kill you motherfucker. i'm gonna break in your house
> and beat you to death with one of your guitars bitch. just wait
> motherfucker. you'll get what's coming to you.
Subject: Re: negatieven
Hi David,
Hope you had a good holiday. London was great. I had the photos scanned onto CD so I can e-mail them. Thanks again for everything! Can't wait to see the Prague review.


----- Original Message -----
From: "David Still" <>

> Hi Lisa, dank voor het terugzenden van de negatieven; de foto's waren natuurlijk voor jou. Misschien heb je betere afdrukken laten maken?
> Het lijkt me een leuke tentoonstelling van NL in UK. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het was in London.
> Robert heeft net een flinke vragenlijst doorgemaild over Van Nagsael , ik vraag me af hoe Rolf daarop reageert, ik vind het wel grappig. We hebben natuurlijk al allerlei interviews gedaan voor lokale radio en tv en lokale en nationale pers, maar dat vereiste niet zo'n berg huiswerk!
> Ik kreeg net een mailtje uit Praag dat ze de foto kon gebruiken die ik gisteravond heb vertstuurd, dus dat is nog gelukt.
> Veel groetjes,
> David
e Lisa Holden

5 Feb 2002 20:02:57

5 Feb 2002 17:02:24
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Playing the hero?
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