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Subject: ummmmm.........

don't know whether to thank you or call you a nosey bastard!

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From: David Still
hello marnie o'dowd.... you don't know me, but... is your hotmail account password itwillhappen?... change it because i've found it out and can access your account.
e Marnie O'Dowd
1 Feb 2002 13:02:55

1 Feb 2002 11:02:04
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Playing the hero?
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Playing the hero?

1 Feb 2002 09:02:21
e paul marek
1 Feb 2002 01:02:44
Subject: Re: Sorry
who are you? i think you sent to the wrong person. i don't remember any violent encounters on wednesday.

paul marek

ps. nonetheless, it was a touching letter.
Subject: Re: wheres my fucking order!!!
i'll kill you...
i will stab out your fucking eyes and shove a cattle prod into your skull through the empty sockets.
Then I proceed to turn it on and ram it into your brain cavity.
Then i will pour miller high life into a tall cup and rejoice with some Johnny Horton music.
e Brian Stan

1 Feb 2002 01:02:16
e laura carmona
31 Jan 2002 22:01:18
Subject: Re: Sorry
Subject: Re: Something's Missing
Who are you??????? I keep getting these emails & it is REALLY p****ing me off!
I dont know where this stupid David still or who ever this werido is got my email address from.

>From: David Still
>I am replying to your entry on Mr. Still's system, to see if it then disappears. Perhaps it is easy to clear our names from this "service" by simply replying to ourselves. This doesn't absolve Mr. Still from responsibility, but it could prevent us from being bothered.
e Frances M
31 Jan 2002 21:01:34
e Andy
31 Jan 2002 15:01:26
Subject: Re: After some months!
Yap i told you this... sure... not exactly as you
wrote but something like this :) So ok.. I remember...
but I have all of those stuff written in my ICQ info,
so I tell that to everyone :)) Tell me about
yourself... if you expecting from me to remember you
by description I gave you.. hehehe... that's pretty
weird to expect... so tell me about yourself... as i
told you... David is not a rare name hehe... so you
convinced me, that we were talking someday... :)

I want to stay in contact with you... and don't forget
this... I DON'T LIE ABOUT ANYTHING... cause I don't
like others to lie. So please don't think that way.

So tell me about yourself so maybe I will remember you

Bye bye

Subject: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Playing the hero?
OK; forget this detail ; just tell me what your objective I mean why do you write me and how did you had my address ? I need to know if we want to continue our exchanges !!! can you understand that ?
see you katia

31 Jan 2002 09:01:05
e John Dempsey

31 Jan 2002 04:01:58
Subject: Re: Removal
>I am just glad I got you to use the word fuck. I cant wait
>to see how things go from here.

I have his phone number and a cheap calling card.
Note here that my request to his DNS CONTACT ADDRESS resulted in more of his stupid "art" to my own.
He has no ethics, no taste, and no chance.
I guess my next steps are mostly cheap/free: Contact his upstream provider, and report a violation of TOS. If you can't contact a site operator with complaints, believe me, that's a violation of TOS.
Subject: Re: Removal
>No stop responding to these emails and eventually they will
>stop. For goodness sake.

This is simply false. He maintains a list (culled from where?) and spams it. Sensible replies requesting removal generate more traffic. No removal mechanism is provided. And in fact, this Removal request you replied to was addressed to his DNS entry contact information, and is instead crapped into his "art hole" for more anonymous abuse. Whether it takes me a month or a year, I'm correct that all people who wish to be removed from this "art" have the right, and denying it is unethical. Wow, what an artist.

Mostly I'm billing the abusive replies. Then I guess I'll find this chump on my next visit across the water.
e John Dempsey

31 Jan 2002 04:01:39
e John Dempsey

31 Jan 2002 04:01:35
Subject: Re: Removal
>Isn't it receive email from a someone you don't know?

No. It is annoying. And now, incredibly, the contact informaiton in his DNS entry just posts to his stupid web interface. So he is behaving irresponsibly with his domain, and not addressing legitimate greivances against it. It is essentially a mailing list that one can't get off of.
It's completely in violation of netiquette.

>How did he do it/why?

He's a dork and a megalomaniac. I've had better ideas.

>This man isn't bothering you, is he?

He has created a method whereby I am initially spammed and then abused for wishing to withdraw from his stupid system.

>How could it be so disruptive to your day that you
>would charge him?

A common tactic used against undesired emails.

>Perhaps you could take the 2-3 seconds to delete his
>email, if for some reason on that given day you did not
>want to experience a drive into the seek out
>what makes someone the way they are, or what is in us all
>creating that curiosity to know others, to experience
>their life.

What a crock of shit. There's nothing about him in this save his desire to brand anonymous communications with his name. I think therein lies the fallacy: This is not experiencing anything or anyone new. You see, I correspond with a great many people on Internet, and value doing so. But not in this context, anonymously, with the opportunity for anonymous abuse, and no continuity, just bland smiley-face (or worse) missives.

>I don't mean to support either way, except to try and
>broaden your horizons a bit,

I think you're a paternalistic snot-nose.

>he is just making art.

He is spamming my inbox. Why is that art?
Subject: so
Dear David, I've given it a lot of thought. This is clearly not my arena of expertize. Yes, I think we did agree, though I'm still a little hesitent- I'll have to check my files to be sure.
Can such crazy things exist? What kind of world do we live in, David?
Obviously, this is all way over our heads. I appreciate what you said to me, I really do. I just hope it stays between you and me, ok?
Peace, brother,

David Still <> wrote: Tyler!

Did you get a chance to think about it?
I was wondering, and wandering around the city the other day, and I thought about what you said. I mean, really thought about it.
I think you're right--
and for the most part, we did agree on it, didn't we?
Did you think about what I said?

I wish you the best with your thoughts. Solidify them, and get back to me.

Your friend,
e tylar macscore
31 Jan 2002 04:01:29
e Andy
31 Jan 2002 00:01:12
Subject: Re: After some months!
Oh come on David! Why are you so rude?! I don't remember who i was talking with yesterday... how should i remember about last year. And i think you are the one who is mistaken. I don't remember that i was talking about prophecies of attacs on USA.. cause i've never prophecied something like that. Don't be so sure that you're talking with the right guy. You even told me, that you're not sure about it.

So I'm not trying to avoid you... we can talk if you would like to.. so this is not a problem. Why should i fake it? And I don't rememeber your picture.. cause i don't know who are you... oK?!... so don't insult me, please.


--- David Still <> wrote:
> He,he!
> I knew you wouldn't remember me!!
> Oh,... it was in the summer, last year... It seams
> that night time chating is maiking your memorry
> weak, ..., he,he:)
> Try to remember. Your words were so sweat and
> clever.... and much more...
> Something about USA... prophecies about attacs...
> Remember now?!
> OK, if you realy do not remember me, there's no hard
> fillings.. ;)) but I think you're faking it...
> Maby sending my picture wasn't the right thing to
> do!
> It hapens that after they don't show up anymore.
> David
Subject: Removal

I request permanent removal from all your email listings for these addresses
which I maintain:

Further mailings to these addresses will be considered a request for
consulting services, and will be billed to you directly at the rate of
$75/hr, with $150 minimum per incident.

Your attention in this matter is appreciated.

John Dempsey
e John Dempsey

30 Jan 2002 23:01:52
e John Dempsey

30 Jan 2002 23:01:41
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
"I am sure that the person in charge of this website will be rather amused at the charges if he even gets them to begin with."

Still, David
Realiteit 18
Almere, Flevoland 1325 AL
+31 20 6350035

I'm sure he'll just laugh his ass off.

"And since Im not the one thats going to be billed, I could care less."

A curious point: He's created a way for strangers to fuck him over. Genius!
Subject: Re: Something's Missing

I do NOT want my email adsress on your site, take it off or i will tell my father, he is a police sargent so please take it off!

>From: David Still <>
>I am no one in particular. Have you gone to the website that this email originates from? You will see your response there along with your email address. Now, you will also notice that there have been alot of responses on this website and that everyone who does respond, gets posted along with thier email address. I thought you might like to know that. Since this probably wont be the last time you get a silly email from this site.
e Frances M
30 Jan 2002 20:01:56
e John Dempsey

30 Jan 2002 19:01:20
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
I will happily read your Email messages and offer my consulting services as to their content in a reply to you for a standard fee of $75.00 hour, $150.00 minimum. Please be advised that any future unwanted Email from you will be considered a contractual obligation and solicitation of my services at the above mentioned rate.

John Dempsey

>From: David Still <>
>Well, we will see. And I really have no idea what contract you are referring to. It looks to me like you are using a web based email account. There will be no charge for these emails, and any attempt to convince me otherwise are just idle threats. As far as your magical mumbo jumbo theory, your email is posted, anyone who visits this site can send you an email, its pretty much that simple.
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
No, Daisy, I don't think it's funny. I think it's dumb. Nor is it wierd. It's more "creepy" than wierd.

>hi john,
>this is so weird ond so funny. Don'z you think?
e John Dempsey

30 Jan 2002 19:01:17
e Andrej Tisma
30 Jan 2002 18:01:55
Subject: Re: Sorry
Yes it is interesting meeting unknown people, but they sometimes send you viruses (never open "New photos from my party" attachments). It is not much interesting. That has happened to me yesterday, and I got infected. But it is all cleaned now.

David Still wrote:

> That is all very interesting, but I think that you may have the wrong impression about me. I really have nothing to do with this site at all. I just like reaching out to people whom I have never met or spoken to, and trying to open some kind of dialouge. I use this place because we all have one thing in common, a strange email from someone we have never heard of or met arrived in our mail boxes. And those that are here were intrugied, annoyed, or just plain curious enough to respond. :) And it is quite interesting to see what people you can meet here.
> DangerMouse
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