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Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
I co-host a radio show about technology, and I mentioned your website. I see you as the ultimate intelligent and sexy cyberstalker.

e bonita applebaum
25 Jan 2002 21:01:16
e michelle sanchez

25 Jan 2002 19:01:33
Subject: Re: Thanks!
As I told you, you've got the answers. Thanks.
Subject: RE: Playing the hero?
I don't mind that my emails are being posted in the site, because there's nothing special in all i have told you; but i guess there are enough.

About your shyness, well, i don't know, it's just kind of odd to me. Maybe those 2 people got tired about this "game"... Emails have its advantages but its disadvantages too.

-----Mensaje original-----
De: David Still []

You sounded interesting the first time I read your replies to other people and the replies that you send to me. Why do say that its odd that Im shy? I am very shy in person, but on here its easier for me to talk. I am in touch with two other people that I have met on here although I dont hear from them that much any longer. That drink sounds like a good idea. .I think Im going to get one myself :)
e Angie Heller
25 Jan 2002 16:01:49
e Nicole B.

25 Jan 2002 16:01:45
Subject: Re: To Still, With Love
Yes. Right now in fact. Thinking of you puts me in touch with my baser self.

You should be careful in what you say about yourself David, some artists are assholes.
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
Dag David,

Leuk project!, mooi huis maar Almere, tsjonge daar zou ik dus nooit willen wonen ;-)

groet uit Zwolle :-)

e Michiel Knaven
25 Jan 2002 16:01:46
e Billy Fernandez

25 Jan 2002 15:01:41
Subject: Re: Sorry
It was Thursday, you retard, and I'm sending you the veterinarian's bill. My pooch hasn't yelped that much since Josh went at him.
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
is it art? i dunno.
but i've sent you so many love letters.
you just ignored them.
now my heart is broken.

john sinclair.

what a difference a day make, uh?
25 Jan 2002 11:01:23
e Marty Huisman
25 Jan 2002 11:01:20
Subject: RE: Playing the hero?
Hi David
In fact I have enough trouble understanding my own identity. Needless to say I would consider borrowing someone else's. Your offer is very generous and could potentially help those with an identity crises. Why don't you team up with shrinks?
Other than that I wouldn't want to live in Almere, despite the view you describe so romantically.

Best regards
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
so, you're the hero of the davidstill-page? nice............. For more info on just visit the symposium in De Balie in Amsterdam tonight starting at 20 o'clock on with interesting critics and artists. But maybe you're just an 'amateur' with no further aspirations. Possible. How did you get my address by the way. Thanks ........... enjoy almere .........
doei, famke
e famke schaap
25 Jan 2002 11:01:39

25 Jan 2002 09:01:01
Subject: Re: Re: Playing the hero?
Subject: Brian S. Gray -- Automatic Reply
-- this is an automated message --

A U D I T I O N !
for Jesus Christ Superstar
to be performed May 10, 2002
we need GUYS! (and gals, too)

Auditions are SATURDAY, January 26 from 3-5pm, in Faulkner Recital Hall.

Please SIGN UP for an audition slot (5-10 minutes) in Shakespeare Alley.
Audition music is available in the Drama Department Office. CDs of the same
selections are on reserve at Paddock Music Library.

Looking forward to hearing you!

25 Jan 2002 08:01:47
e David Still

25 Jan 2002 05:01:07
I don't want to send an e-mail with my address because
I don't want to open myself up to receiving more, so
I opened this account to get your attention . . . but
if it is possible to take oneself off of your site,
can you put these directions somewhere online so that
I don't have to get any more of these e-mails from
whoever is sending out random e-mails to me?
Thanks. --- the joke was funny in november but not
after the fifth stranger has sent me an unsolicited
e-mail and i cannot get off of your stupid mailing list.
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
Well that just proves to me that you dont know me very well. Besides, I like DangerMouse, which was the motivating factor behind the choosing of the name in the first place. But your advice has been noted. Thank you very much for your concern, but I have chosen not to change my name at this time. If you care to offer suggestions in the future please refer to this email for the address in which to submit forementioned suggestions. Thank you again, and
have a wonderful day.


>From: David Still <>
>danger? what a mouse!
>i still think you should cal yourself ruth, it suits your personality,
>really, it does. much better than mouse, let alone danger. or maybe you'd
>like roger instead, then i could take care of you.
>love & love & love & just as much hate,
>your endeavouring,
e Danger Mouse
25 Jan 2002 04:01:21
25 Jan 2002 04:01:34
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
Subject: Re: Playing the hero? - I dont think so

I don't think you are either.. I think you are slightly strange.. please tell me where you got my address from. I must say it pisses me right off that people like you email me and fill up my inbox with rubbish!
e Louise Webber

25 Jan 2002 00:01:37
e fish
24 Jan 2002 23:01:02
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
Hello David,
Now that's a funny idea, though I don't see why I would borrow your identity unless it's for something filthy or illegal ;-)
Ronald van Vemden

Cyberfish Laboratories - 3D animation & graphics -
Toonafish - 3D Characters -
Keizersgracht 8
1015 CN Amsterdam
the Netherlands
Phone : +31 (0)20 5289291
Subject: Re: Thanks!
I dont have the answers to all those questiones, but you do. I've been through a lot of problems, you must feel happy to be the first one who knows what my next step is. I keep thinking of killing myself. I'd like to know what you think about this.

See you.
e michelle sanchez

24 Jan 2002 23:01:39
e Kate Tallent
24 Jan 2002 23:01:00
Subject: RE: Playing the hero?
Hey thanks a lot. You are doing exactly what I want to do- move to Holland.
Good luck!

Kate Tallent
Graphic Designer
International Youth Foundation
32 South Street
Suite 500
Baltimore, Maryland 21218
phone: 410-951-1571
fax: 410-347-1188
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?

Hey, you seems to be a really friendly guy on your page ;)

where di you get my email? i just saw etiopia_gauthier in the source, did you come from the etiopia board?

e [Gauthier]
24 Jan 2002 22:01:48
e Angie Heller
24 Jan 2002 22:01:29
Subject: RE: Playing the hero?
received your mail in the right moment because i was nearly getting asleep...

O.K, I believe you. I haven't gone to Wisconsin yet but to many other US states.

So, i sound interesting in 1 or 2 emails i send before to someone else? or when i reply to you?

And are you still in touch with the other people you have met? It's fun (funny odd not funny ha-ha) what you told me that you're very shy...

I'm going to take something to drink 'cos i'm thirsty.

-----Mensaje original-----
De: David Still []

Im glad to hear that you are not irritated. Sounds interesting what you do. I decided to write you because you sound very interesting. And I guess I am a bit bored also :) I like meeting new people, and this is a very interesting way to do it. Im generally a very shy person, and this way it just seems easier for me to talk. Everything I have told you is true, and I have nothing to do with the website itself other than the fact that I come here to read what you write. I am from the US, Wisconsin in particular. The fact that we dont know who one another is, hasnt stopped us from writing each other, I think thats kind of cool. I am curious by nature and thats probably why I wrote you the first time, I was just curious :) But I wouldnt mind keeping this up if you dont.
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