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Subject: Re: To Still, With Love

If you insist on e-mailing my friends, I have a couple others you can add to the list: and I've told them about you, so they won't be taken by surprise.


Sure thing. No need to apologise its quite alright. These emails can sometimes be as annoying as that telemarketer call that comes just after you get into the tub for a nice long soak. Truce :)

David Still
e Nicole B.

24 Jan 2002 21:01:33
e Angie Heller
24 Jan 2002 19:01:49
Subject: RE: Playing the hero?
Actually i'm not irritated, because as you know, i'm a bit bored so i check my mail every time... plus i like receiving mails, only that i don't know who you are, and if it's true what you have told me.

Well, i work here where we do websites, cd-roms, animations, etc... i'm here since ends of March 2001 after my 2 months trip to Europe; but i'll be here until ends of January. Then i'll be working in another local of Phantasia.

Now it's my turn. Where are you from?

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De: David Still []


So what do you do? I am aware of where Peru is :) And yes in fact I am at work at this very momment, sometimes I have time to myself and others its very busy. You seem a little irritated by my sending you these messages, maybe its just me. Anyway take care.
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
Why are you sending form letters, and why are you sending them individually? Maybe I am just too big for my britches, but I have explored your website thoroughly as soon as it was up and running. Therefore, you have sent no new information. Yes, you are brilliant and handsome, but why the form letter? What? What? I am still out here and I still visit your site, is that what it is all about? Um thanks for letting me be you, is that it?
Did you hear that Peggy Lee died this week? Shame. I think that it has effected my dreams.
Anyhow, hope you are well. I don't need anymore form letters, but thanks for thinking of me.

24 Jan 2002 19:01:57
e Angie Heller
24 Jan 2002 19:01:59
Subject: RE: Playing the hero?
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
Hey, this is John. I am happy for you that you are in the Netherlands.
Life is about adventures and the more the better. Work for me is like a hobby so I have no problems with it as long I have something to do, that is fine.

Go for it and I still don't know how you got my email address but keep in touch. I am on the last year of Design and Art Direction in Manchester, I am looking forward to finish off and start to earn some bucks and travel a lot.

take care
e joao ricardo

24 Jan 2002 18:01:17

24 Jan 2002 18:01:48
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
do you know Mouchette ?
Subject: Re: lets see again
Hi David,

possibly we met in the Poanorama-Bar (it's over the "Ostgut" in Berlin) Somehow I know your face, but for God's sake I cannot remember exactly wherefrom. Could you give me a
bit more details?

Greetings Alex

David Still schrieb:
> hey, alex
> do you still remember me? we met in some club last week in berlin. just email me back and see, whether there is some possiblity to meet again and drink like he last time!
> !whisky for ever!
> david
e Alexander Kanja
24 Jan 2002 18:01:47
e Angie Heller
24 Jan 2002 17:01:23
Subject: RE: Playing the hero?
Subject: RE: Playing the hero?
why don't you tell me who you are??
Well, today i'm mega busy... so good bye

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De: David Still []

Thats interesting that you came to the conclusion that I don't know much about Van Gogh. Im not sure what I said to lead you to this conclusion. It doesn't matter. But you are right, I am only a 'viewer' of art. I would rather the piece I am looking at stir something in me from a completely unbiased point of view. I mean if I knew the artist it may change the way I look at his or her work and that would be bad in my opinion. I enjoy works of art not because of an artists brilliant use of a medium, blending of colors, the strokes of thier brush, but for the way a piece makes me feel. I admit I am no art scholar. It was ok chatting with you too.

e Angie Heller
24 Jan 2002 17:01:50
e John J Weiss

24 Jan 2002 13:01:42
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
dear david-
considering the past messages i've received from you, may i suggest you go fuck yourself, but don't forget to wear a condom.
Subject: Re: stem stem in electro

I would like to thank the Japanese people for their dillegence and commitment to fine quality production.

V. de Gamma
e vasco de gamma

24 Jan 2002 13:01:21
e elodie
24 Jan 2002 12:01:56
Subject: Re: Playing the hero? (tu parles d'1 zero ?)
Trop chiant ! JE veux savoir, j'aime les gens qui disent les choses en face comprendo ? Je suis pas une pisseuse, t'as compris ? Alors les p'tits messages recopies a la va vite, non merci ! Je suis ecoeuree ! Beurkkkkk!!!! Beurk!! Beurk!!!
JE les lis mm pas ok ? Alors tu peux y aller, je les jette direct !!
Sinon, bien le concept David Still pour les debiles comm toi ! Et sa fonctionne ?
Tu saurais traduire ?
Allez, salut a ts les paumes a qui sa plait bien de parler a soi mm, moi, c'est bon, j'suis pas skizo !!!
Subject: Re: Playing the hero?
e Tamara Lai
24 Jan 2002 12:01:26
e Gerrit Pohl
24 Jan 2002 12:01:29
Subject: AW: Playing the hero?
The only thing we owe are our childhood memories. Things will never be as good as they were those days.
Subject: sure you dead
as you had an occasion to create a new kind of bio-techno-humanity you just wasted it all by a poor simulacra of a macho-sexuality.
beside this, i don't the rude way you speak.
kiss my ...

e braichet thomas
24 Jan 2002 10:01:53
24 Jan 2002 06:01:05
Subject: Re: Oregonians
Yes, quite the eighth wonder of the world this oregon is. =]
oh, btw, you forgot oregon having the most severe
weather in the world =]

In a message dated 1/23/2002 5:29:17 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> Dude, I am really close to having to introduce myself. Oregonians are the
> best. You people from other states come here and ruin this place for the
> rest of us. We have the biggest and best state in the world. We have the
> biggest rivers, the biggest lakes, the biggest and best mall in the world,
> the largest mountain in America, and the most species of wildlife in one
> place.
> People like you need to go back to where you came from- '80s surfer hell!
Subject: Re: Sorry
Dearest David,
Please, think nothing more of past situations, but of the present instead. I
am here now, and you do not need to fear me. I would never hurt you
consciously. This is the last thing I want. As for my leg, it has healed
completely, as has my heart. I am willing to make a fresh start, if you feel
you are ready as well. Of course, a fresh start between us can never be
completely fresh, as there always has been a place in my heart for you. If
you respond, tell me where you think it would be wise to get together, and
when. We can pretend that we've never met one another and I can ask you to
coffee, if you wish. I await your reply.

24 Jan 2002 04:01:06
24 Jan 2002 04:01:55
Subject: Re: Sorry

You paint such wonderful pictures in my mind, it almost makes me feel that
you're near me. And how does one get to know you? There must be more to you
than just beautiful words. Underneath that expressionless exterior, it seems
that a genuine person exists. But do not think for a moment that I will be
won over with flattery and praise. These things take time. Of course, if
anything is worth holding dear, it is worth the time it takes to acquire.
Please respond, I feel that we have become closer already.

Subject: Re: Playing the hero?

i know where you live ... i know how to take your desk apart ...

Jackie Oweis Sawiris

USA (Baltimore): 410 821 6341
Jordan (mobile): + 962 (0)79 515 270
e Jackie
24 Jan 2002 03:01:50
e Molly and Ben

24 Jan 2002 03:01:33
Subject: Re: Is it me or is it you?

Thank You for your kind words and thoughts. May you have a blessed life.

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From: David Still <>
> as someone who came across this site i wish u lots of happiness, i don't know u and u may not care but unlike some peeps i think every1 deserves some kind of respect. :)
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