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Subject: Re: alors new york???
who the fuck are you? and who the fuck is your girlfriend?

David Still wrote:
> What girlfriend you ask. Take a wild fucking guess asshole.
e Benjamin Trigano
6 Dec 2001 18:12:01
e little jeannie

6 Dec 2001 13:12:02
Subject: RE: Sorry
I think you have the wrong person. I don't know anyone who used violence on Wednesday.
Subject: Re: alors new york???
Who are you? What girlfriend?

David Still wrote:
> I found a visiting card with your address in the pockets of the jacket of my girlfriend.. if it thank you telephones you to warn me!!
e Benjamin Trigano
6 Dec 2001 10:12:16
e Ian Rowland
6 Dec 2001 10:12:33
Subject: RE: Challenge
Ja Stienie! Hoe het jy my opgespoor?


-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []

Hi there,
Here's the challenge. See if you can find out whom this message is really from! You have until the 9th of December to mail me back or I win! (Again)
Hope to hear from you soon!
Subject: Re: Hey what's up ..
max: programming language. i write my own audio software for making music/sound stuff and playing live. but i still don't get how you would've made the connection.
so you follow me around? i've seen you a few times but only when you are on another train or something. you are good tho cuz i didn't know it. DOME was freaking obvious_ and i played it like i didn't know and then one day just said "hey dome." but he was following cuz he wanted to fight or some shit_
im looking at him like "i'm almost 30 years old_ i don't fight."
wait_ CIFE? who is that? and he want s to kick your ass? cuz you get up more? i don't get it. but i started doing graf when i didn't know what it was... i lived in a medium size town and painted with brushes on freight trains. i didn't know anything about graf politics... wish i still didn't.
anyway_ say hi or something next time you see me.


> hey bro. cyf again. yeah I found yer email on some Max (?) list? I dunno
> much about computers. ummm... yeah I don't mean to freak you out but I
> sometimes follow you around the city -- that's how I know who you are. I mean
> I'm not weird or anything -- I do it to a lot of people. I just spend a lot
> of time walking around the city and sometimes I get bored with just tagging.
> oh oh also - I had to start putting up fys cuz all these guys (this one head
> "cife" expecially) want to kick my ass. I don't know why.
e coll

6 Dec 2001 03:12:24
e Kevin Halligan
5 Dec 2001 22:12:40
Subject: RE: hello
I'll kill you

> ----------
> From: David Still[]
> I work in the same building as you and have been watching you for the past
> few months. I think you are extremely attractive. I'm very shy but I
> was able to get your name and email address from one of your coworkers.
> I would like to meet you. Maybe we coud have lunch?
Subject: RE: Thanks!
My sweet,

You need not go that far. We had spoken about your departure, and you know
where I stand on it. You insisted that the journey needed to be made, and so
I agreed . . . reluctantly. I am glad that you took my breath away with you,
but now grow weary of your absence and my altered image in your mind.

You need not go that far. You can always come back. I know the journey is
important to you, but there is no need to destroy all the memories. Your
treasure has lied there, undisturbed, since you were born, and will remain
there until you are ready. Come back, and then try to go on again through a
different route.

Above all, be safe.

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2001 11:23 AM
Subject: Re: Thanks!

I did not mean to be frustrating, I did mean to move you.
I'm introspective today. I'm looking at the map reviewing the first few
days of this journey.

I have a confession to make. On our last night, before my departure, I
placed a specially designed container by your nostrils and filled it
with your deep sleep breath. I feel guilty for not mentioning anything
before but I was concerned you might reject my attempt as you rejected
my request to let me have a hologram of you to carry along in my bag.
You said it would make me too soft and mushy, and you wouldn't want to
take on your shoulders the possibility of causing distraction, thus
exposing me to danger.

In the first few "nights" (night = when the sunset/sunrise sky shifts
into a deeper orange hue), I sniffed very little of your breath. I
didn't need more than that because your air was still all around me. But
days passed and as events took place and their winds pushed away yours,
my inhalations grew deeper and deeper, longer and longer.

I'm writing you this first letter, beloved, as the meter on the
container points at almost zero. I might have a breath, luckily, two
left. From then on the only thing that remains is the image of you
in my head.

And that scares me.

Moreover, I realized that in the last few hours I've started conversing
with this image of yours. And then it dawned on me that by the time I
return, hopefully with what I came out here to find -- a lost treasure, the
YOU in my head will be far removed from the YOU I'm going meet.

See, the image of you that I imagine and conversed with, will alter as I
will, throughout this journey. I can see no way around it. That's when I
realized the importance of sending you these letters, even though you
can not respond.

Through these short scribbles, I hope you'll be able to understand
what's happening to your image in my head and when you feel it has
become too removed from the source, make sure you cut all attachments
because, I am afraid, beloved, that this will signify that I have gone
too far.

And that scares me.

Yours forever
your sunset/sunrise forever yours
yours forever yours
5 Dec 2001 21:12:19
e David Still
5 Dec 2001 21:12:51
Subject: Re: He Lives!!
As I should, mirrors never lie they only shatter.

On Wed, 05 December 2001, David Still wrote:
> You say this with great confidence?

Get your free @Elvis e-mail account at!

Subject: Re: Hey what's up ..
cyf_ you ve been busy i ve seen! nice work. i m pretty caught up these days between work and other projects but yeah_ maybe we could get together and sketch with some other TMP guys.
just curious_ where did you find this email address? and how did you know it was me?


David Still wrote:
> hey man.. it's CYFER here. remember we met that one day at the El? I'm using
> my dad's email. ummm... I was just poking around the net and I found your
> email on some computer list. How are u? Do you want to hang out maybe ? we
> can go paint or something maybe. I don't know ...umm.. I will see u around
> then.
e coll

5 Dec 2001 19:12:01
e David Still
5 Dec 2001 18:12:23
Subject: Re: He Lives!!
As we spoke I saw Elvis pass by. Your eyes like mirrors of tears.
Subject: Re: Sorry
yeah next time you better swallow, bitch!
your evolving fabulosity as a sex queen has henceforth been tarnished.

e Messy Stench
5 Dec 2001 18:12:06
e Bret Easton Ellis
5 Dec 2001 17:12:45
Subject: Re: Thanks!
OK, someone from this site wrote to me and they misspelled "cage", they wrote "cadge". Holy shit there are some retards out there.
Subject: Re: alors new york???
e Benjamin Trigano
5 Dec 2001 17:12:34
e Lucifer INRI

5 Dec 2001 17:12:47
Subject: Re: Still There?
Subject: Re: David Still??
My cats will sleep where they please, for hairs they have none of these.

David Still wrote:
> Do not allow long hair black cats to sleep atop laser printers and tape drives. The black hair is almost invisible in black pattens, gears, and rollers.
e WebMaster
5 Dec 2001 15:12:52
e Johnny Deep

5 Dec 2001 14:12:05
Subject: RE: Aimster Funding
I'm often in Albany, at 80 State St., the intersection of State and Pearl. I could meet up with you whenever you happen to be in Albany.

I don't have a direct phone line, but you can leave a message for me at 518-434-6543.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Johnny Deep
Subject: RE: we know who you are
Eat My shorts

Conor McQuaid,
Microsol Limited,
The Centre for Monitoring and Control,
Enterprise Complex,
Pearse St.,
Dublin 2.

Tel: +353 1 4153700
Fax: +353 1 671 6343

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []
Subject: we know who you are

And we're on to you Mr McQuiad.
e Conor McQuaid
5 Dec 2001 14:12:18
e monica de savoye

5 Dec 2001 07:12:36
Subject: Re: Thanks!
i would REALLY appreciate a reply from you since you seem to know ME so well.... when was this 'CHAT' we had????!?!
Subject: Re: Sorry
That's cool. did you kick my ass or did I kick your ass? please let me know.
john g.
e John Graham
5 Dec 2001 06:12:57
e craig slota
5 Dec 2001 00:12:14
Subject: Re: Sorry
Sure, 11pm is fine. Please let me know which location as Seattle has many Starbucks.

>From: David Still <>
>Let's meet at starbucks. See you at 11.
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