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Subject: Re: Please don't tell my friends
Don't worry man. I liked it and hope to do it again. I will never tell a soul.

e Wink Wink
4 Dec 2001 22:12:09
e craig slota
4 Dec 2001 21:12:07
Subject: Re: Sorry
Are you in Seattle? If so we can meet down in Beltown since that area is known for suspicious activity. Seriously let's meet. If you want I can be somewhere by 7pm tonight. Please advise.

>From: David Still <>
>oh but craig, dearest boy... i can't resist writing you.... the more private the address, the better..... can we meet somewhere private too?
Subject: RE: Thanks!
Beautiful prose. Very moving. Very frustrating!

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []

I have heard the sounds of great solitude, Not a soul to talk to, just the silence in my head and occasionally an imaginary cri...cri... cricket. I was awestruck. The imaginary cricket was fucking with my head-fucking and fucking with my head.

I was awestruck.

To escape this dangerous situation I needed a counterpoint: a companion. I started changing my focus, widening the view and scanning the added rings of my perception. Not a soul in sight.

Nevertheless, while searching I found another cri...cri... cricket. A companion to my original one. I witnessed an immediate bond, a click.

And now, my silent love, I have these two imaginary crickets in this vast SEE of solitary silence and they are fucking with my head-fucking and fucking with my head. Cri...Cri... Crickets. I am awestruck.
yours forever
your sunset/sunriseforever yours
yours forever yours
4 Dec 2001 21:12:08
e WebMaster
4 Dec 2001 20:12:54
Subject: Re: David Still??
I think I just Might

At ground zero for The Big Stink, you uncapped the bottle, slipped the folded packet of Iron II Sulfide into the acid solution and . . . you disappeared. Outta there. Gone. But definitely not forgotten.

David Still wrote:
> Do you know who this is?
Subject: RE: Thanks!
Wanker???? What is a wanker????

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still


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4 Dec 2001 20:12:39
e craig slota
4 Dec 2001 20:12:14
Subject: Re: Sorry
Let's meet then. I'm in Bellevue Washington. Name the time and place, hopefully tonight or tomorrow (at your leisure of course).

>From: David Still <>
>I'll email you as much as I want you bloody sod. I ought to beat you again, obviously you didn't get enough the last time. You make me sick!
Subject: Re: Thanks!
David we have a small problem! You have just blown yourself outta the water as someone who does not know me at all. My name is not Sam and where you got this mail address from i will never know. So either tell me who you are or stop mailing me! Oh yeah and David Still this is a horrible web page you have designed, designed to annoy and torture people! Good idea but methinks it needs re-thinking!

>From: David Still <>
>please know i love you terribley and passionately.
>it hurts me to go on this way.
>yours truely,
e sam bryan

4 Dec 2001 17:12:13
e Johnny Deep

4 Dec 2001 14:12:49
Subject: RE: Aimster Funding
Hi David,

I don't usually encourage folks who want to invest, more out of kindness to
them, because I anticipate that becoming an investor would be impossible
given the legal circumstances I'm under. In your case, you address the issue
outright and so I am writing at least to thank you for your gallantry.

If you're still willing, let's have a chat sometime. I'm in upstate NY and
am too indigent to travel, but would be delighted to meet you here or chat
on the phone when you have a chance.

Cool site, kind of a club right?

Thanks for writing,
Johnny Deep

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 6:39 PM
To: John Deep
Subject: Aimster Funding

Hello Johnny,

I've been tracking your company for quite some time now. I really like the
direction you've been going, and I'm sure you'd be a lot farther now if not
for certain uncontrollable events.

But to cut to the chase, I am very excited about your most recent prospect,
the aimster clubs.

I think this is exactly what the kids need up the ass. I was thinking of
doing this myself, but of course I have the problem of not having a popular
p2p service :)

I'm very interested in talking to you about your most recent fuck, perhaps
we could coordinate our attacks online, or perhaps we could rendezvous in

I would like to provide American dollars for your company, in exchange for
stocks of ownership of your money providing store.

Please return my email, and we will wave the dicks in response to the RIAA.

Music for no dollars!

Subject: Re: never ending story
where did I told you I was quiting smoking?
Who the fuck are you?
I'm really going paranoid.
I'm just totally sure I never chat with you
so I just don't understand your messages and the begining of that
e Virginie Polanski
4 Dec 2001 12:12:45
4 Dec 2001 10:12:39
Subject: Re: Thanks!
i didn't even know that i was straightening you out in one way or the other! i'm not sure how our conversation helped you but i'm still glad that it did.

if you want to read about somthing political you might want to check out noam chomsky, linguist and observer of the media (i told you about him on saturday) or michael moore.

i'll send you a line if anything interesting comes to mind.
Subject: Re: Porsche
ok MAN, who are yOu??????

----- Original Message -----
From: David Still
Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 3:55 PM
To: Markos
Subject: Porsche

It has come to my attention that you have a Porche that leaks.
That really sucks, considering how much money you paid for the car. Be sure to let your friends drive it a few times then sell it!
Later dude...
e Markos Balopoulos
4 Dec 2001 05:12:46
e craig slota
3 Dec 2001 23:12:43
Subject: Re: Sorry

I am intrigued by your response. Obviously you are still confused that I am some person you have physically assualted. If you would like we can meet anywhere here in the Seattle area and I can clear up any confusion that you
may have about my identity. If not, please remember this is a private email address and future correspondance from you is not needed.
Craig Slota
Subject: Re: Long time, no see
No answer send from you, are you looking for a man. You thought SAM must be a man, sorry just a girl. Are looking for a date. A friend of mine is looking for one. Yes yes he's a man. If you're interestered send me a mail. He needs a news year's present, and i don't now what to give him.
bye bye Sam
e susanne mays
3 Dec 2001 23:12:34
e Bret Easton Ellis
3 Dec 2001 23:12:07
Subject: Re: Thanks!
Wow, you're telling me to grow up? I'm not the one sending some girl a bunch of SHIT under someone else's name. Why don't you own up to the crap that comes out of your mouth?
Subject: Re: what.....
if you know me then tell me about myself, not just what i look like but what i act like, i don't remember you, yet i have a bad memory, so that may be the cause.....
and also tell me about yourself, and i will say if i know you or not, ferther more , tell me what grade i am in and my school name, if you know, for all my friends on the net know that little bite?
you know if you know and when is my b-day and my best day out of the whole year?
if you know this then i know you, if not then you are gone from me forever....
amanda ( only people that call me mandy don't know me that well)
e amanda l.
3 Dec 2001 21:12:57
e amanda l.
3 Dec 2001 21:12:19
Subject: Re: what.....
no i don't understand or remmber you, explain yourself....
or i will delete you, forever....
p.s no one calls me mandy unless they want to die.if you knew me you would know that.
Subject: RE: Thanks!
Well... This is definitely an interesting concept. Kinda like a secret admirer? Or a secret thanker, in this case.
Whatever we talked about or did, I hope that it helped. Needless to say, since I have no earthly idea WHO you really are, my curiosity kills me. I hope you will take the time to go to the e-mail section of the web site and write a more personal message. Do take care, and all the best to you.

This message is intended only for the use of the person(s) ("Intended
Recipient") to whom it is addressed. It may contain information, which is
privileged and confidential. Accordingly any dissemination, distribution,
copying or other use of this message or any of its content by any person
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please contact the sender as soon as possible.

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e Franco
3 Dec 2001 20:12:21
e Alan Pollock
3 Dec 2001 20:12:30
Subject: RE: Hi
Hi "David" (unless you are the real David Still, in which case, Hi David -
although he's somewhere in Holland according to his site - I'm already
intrigued at the whole "Deep Throat" nature of this!)

First up, I must say how flattered I am that you considered me as somebody
to contact for this position, it's nice to know that the work I'm doing for
Grey is doing what it's supposed to!

In relation to your offer of a conversation regarding your agency's vacancy,
I would have to say that in terms of position, salary, and creative input
and output, I am currently very happy working for Grey. I'm enjoying my work
here, mainly thanks to a great professional and personal rapport with a
great creative team, and while I'm well aware that complacency is a
dangerous thing (and would hate to give out any wrong signals that I lack
the ambition you're seeking), I have only been with Grey for just over a
year-and-a-half and, having just started to step up a level in terms of the
work I'm getting involved with at the agency, aren't really looking to move
right now.

However, never say never and all that, and while I may be a Cavanman I'm not
that thickheaded as to reject your offer of a conversation completely out of
hand. If you'd still like to talk to me - having just read how I'm currently
fixed - I'd be more than happy to talk to you, and I'd do so with an open
mind - again, never say never etc.

I hope you understand that, given the likely nature of any conversation we
may have, I would prefer not to carry it out during office hours or on Grey
premises, which obviously leaves an evening or weekend phonecall. And I hate
to be awkward (I feel awful, I don't even know who you are!) but between one
thing and another I have a jammers after-hours diary this week of stuff I
have to turn up to, and tomorrow night (ie Tuesday - I'm writing this on
Monday evening) after 8pm is really only the good time to get me this side
of the weekend.

Alternatively, if you'd rather talk to me this week rather than next, I
would be glad to meet you for a coffee or such during my lunchbreak (between
1-2.30pm) - although, given your secrecy so far, I would understand your
reticence towards a face-to-face at this point. The last thing I want to do
is mess you about or give the impression that I'm not bothered about talking
to you, so if you'd like to mail me back with a choice of times (evenings or
lunchtimes) that'd suit from your point of view, please do and I will
endeavour to make the time, be it this week or the next.

Thanks once again for considering me and if you still wish to have our
conversation, I look forward to talking to you!


Alan Pollock

PS: I don't usually overwrite as much as I just have here!

> ----------
> From: David Still
> Sent: Monday, December 3, 2001 4:58 AM
> To: Alan Pollock
> Subject: Hi
> Hi Alan
> My name is David Still and I'm a member of senior management at an
> advertising agency in Dublin. At this point I'm afraid I can't disclose
> the name of the firm.
> Alan your name was recommended to me by Seamus O'Neill and on a separate
> occasion by Morgan Jones. Subsequently I had a look at your work on the
> Super Valu ads and was very impressed indeed.
> I would like to assure you that I personally respect the delicacy of
> employee/employer contracts and have no intention of encroaching on this.
> However having said that I do believe in providing people with
> opportunities.
> At the moment we are looking to fill the position of 'senior copywriter'
> and would be very anxious to install someone young and ambitious who could
> add a new aspect to our work.
> If your interested in speaking to me please mail me a contact phone number
> and a time thats convenient for you to talk.
> Thanks again,
> David.

Subject: Re: Sorry
Is that actually one person replying or diffferent people? I know on the website you can reply to other peoples emails..
And are you someone i know from real life or the net?

>From: David Still <>

>because it's much more fun if you figure it out. I promise you, that when
>you do, you will be much happier than if I had told you... so, start
>guessing as your first approach at figuring this out.
>for now,

> >and you can't tell me because?
e Freaky Becca
3 Dec 2001 17:12:13
e Raoul Duke

3 Dec 2001 16:12:57
Subject: Re: Sorry
Okay fanboy. I didn't solicit your weird little psychodrama, and I certainly don't recall having ever met you, let alone exchanged words or blows. Although I'm sure I'd have been bored to tears with your pitiful flamejob in the case of the former.
In the case of the latter, I would have snapped you like a bit of dried toast. But I suppose you could still type with what was left of your mangled digits.
I borrow this name because I respect the man's work, and also because I'm a journalist with a penchant for drugs, alcohol and trouble. It's also oblique enough an alias to confuse sad little netheads who have nothing better to do than maintain a weak-ass homepage and pester well-meaning
citizens with their semi-literate "burns".
So, after your done jerking off to net-porn and all finished playing Diablo III for the 500th time, please delete this address from your embarassingly short mailing list. Then you can turn off your tired little 1200 baud modem, crawl underneath your Garfield comforter and fall asleep trying to imagine what sex with a real live girl might be like.
Thanks chump,

>First off Raoul, you gotta wonder about someone who has to borrow a fake
>name. You can think of any on your own? Or is it so everyone knows how
>"KOOL" you are?
>Secondly, if I was pulling your dick you would have wanted to marry me.
>Why don't you go back to how rad your life isn't, but don't kill yourself.
>The pizza guy is on his way and he deserves a tip having to lug all those
>pizzas up your rotted apartment stairs. Canadian bacon suprisingly isn't
>light when you order it "FIBE PEESHES FICK"
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