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Subject: Re: something to confess
Hi, David

Oh, don't worry. There's no shame in being taken in by your own
tactics when they are so clever and cunning. It simply shows a supple,
capable mind that is able to think beyond its own limitations.
And despite the change to capitalized letters, my e-mail analysis
program, which works much like a handwriting analysis, has decided that
there is an 83% chance that the writer of the below message is the same
writer as the first message replied to.
As such we can deduce that if you are not the real "David Still,"
which I am growing to suspect is likely a nom de net, you are at the
very least the site owner.
I suspect that after pouring your soul out, you did not want to take
responsibility for detailing your past disappointments in love.
However, be strong and admit your past follies so that you may grow
stronger from them. And never fear, e-mail is still one of the many
circuitous roads that leads to love. Mind you, I find it helpful to
have had some real life contact before the e-mail romance begins. But I
have had many long-lasting rewarding experiences that have begun with a
"stoking of the fires" as it were by e-mail.
So while I feel convinced you are the real "David Still," we must
consider what is real. Are glowing words on a screen real, or are they
just symbols dancing in phosphorous that our mind, addicted to finding
patterns and meanings, insists must indicate the precense of something
That is, we all have a little David Still in each and everyone of us.

and i live on surreality street,
- jove

p.s. when are the david still t-shirts to go on sale?

--- Original Message ---
> Hi, Jovian
> It was wonderful to get to read your story, but also what you had received as a reply, since this wouldn't have appeared on the site if you hadn't carefully quoted it.
> You certainly realise that this friendly and thoughtful David who answered your love letter was just one of the site contributors, reading and replying from the 'reply email' page, and never to be identified.
> Just like me.
> Just like you, if you reply to your own letter now.
> Or if you had already replied to your own letter and quoted it in your own reply....
> That's how it goes on Reality Street!
> Everybody lives there and is David Still.
> And so are you.
> (self)love, forever
> David (Still)
e jovian francey
27 Nov 2001 02:11:31
e Robert
27 Nov 2001 01:11:32
Subject: Re: Flinch Book
james is my brother. how do you know him?

Subject: Re: Sorry

Is there anyway I can find out who this is???

e S T
27 Nov 2001 01:11:21
e jovian francey
27 Nov 2001 00:11:14
Subject: Re: something to confess
hi david,

i got you! :)
i'm straight too though also not homophobic.. and while you're an
attractive guy, dave, i'm sorry, you're just missing some of the things
i look for in a partner..
the letter you received is my "generic love letter" that i wrote for
a spoken word night.. much like the "this will never end" pre-written
message available from your site, there is almost nothing specific..
and on careful reading, it reveals all sorts of dysfunctional neuroses
(only some of which are actually descriptive of me).. so yes, your
analysis was quite accurate..
one of my roommates received the "this will never end" e-mail and
became immediately concerned that she had a deranged stalker on her
hands.. she actually roused us all from trying to sleep through our
hangovers at the ungodly hour of 11am to share her panic..
fortunately, by pointing out the vagueness of the words and by directing
her to your site, i was able to alleviate her concerns..
however, we thought we'd have a bit of fun and send our own confession
of adoration back..
thank you so much for your concern though.. very kind and thoughtful
of you.. it demonstrates that your intentions with your more-or-less
anonymous e-mailer are not malicious.. your site is quite hilarious..
if i really was going to be someone else, i wouldn't mind being an IT
professional in the Netherlands, living on Reality Street..

undying love & devotion (heh heh),
- jove

--- Original Message ---

> hi jovian,
> that was an amazing love letter you wrote me, but, uh, i don't think
we've met! sorry, but you've got the wrong david.
> i really hope that someone's not playing a joke on you by giving you
my email. you seem like a really nice person who's really infatuated
with someone, to the point where you're extremely vulnerable to any kind
of malicious little prank. i guess i've just seen a lot of friends hurt
in situations like this, and even though i don't know you, i want things
to work out well for you. i feel a little foolish giving you advice,
because i don't even know you. but for what it's worth: if you are
mostly in contact with someone by email and not in person, it's really
easy for your imagination to run wild, and trick you into thinking that
you're soulmates with someone. i speak from experience here. i met a
girl at a party (yes, i'm straight but not homophobic by any stretch)
who seemed really great and we had this amazing year-long courtship by
phone and email. she moved up here to be with me, and real soon we
found out that it just wasn't working out. i think my poor lonely mind
had somehow managed to fill in all the blank spots in my knowledge of
her with the best possible "information", you know? certainly a
person's intelligence and sense of humor will come through over email or
whatever, but it's actually the day-to-day way a person lives their life
that really determines whether you get along or not. that's a lot more
important than the intellectual stuff in my opinion, and i don't have
really good words for it, except to talk about a person's "vibe" and
things like that.
> but hey, i don't want to be a buzzkill either, and you know what they
say, "it's better to have loved and lost..." just be careful jovian,
because you seem like a real sweet person who's easily hurt.
> if any of this seems off base, i'm sorry. i just felt i had to say
something. here's wishing that you find your real david soon, and have
the best of luck when you find him! ;-)
> i drink a toast to your luck in love my friend jovian, wherever you
> best wishes,
> david (still)
Subject: Re: Thanks!

*** don't tell me how to be, 'cause i like some suffering.
don't ask me what i need. i'm just fine here finding me ***

27 Nov 2001 00:11:13
e Louise Webber

26 Nov 2001 23:11:58
Subject: Re: Thanks!
"recieving".......'I before E except after C' Did you not get taught that
at school? Best get a dictionary and learn how to spell rather than wasting
peoples time with random emails!

>From: David Still <>
>To: "Louise Webber" <>
>Subject: Re: Thanks!
>Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 18:48:19 +0100 (MET)
>Louise, my name is Nic and i have been recieving bizarre and freaky mail
>from this address? I was wondering if you know what this site is all bout?
>The first message was thanking me for a conversation that i had with who
>ever and are ver gratefull. My proper mail address is
> I would like it very much if you would get back
>to me. Thanx alot. Nic
Subject: RE: Sorry
Dear David,

Thanks for your e-mail, but I'm not sure if you have the right person - there are two Annes here, so I'm not sure if this was meant for her..?

e Anne Barlow
26 Nov 2001 23:11:54
e Jeorge, Lydia

26 Nov 2001 22:11:45
Subject: RE: This can never really end
i dont think that this is funny.
Subject: oh yah?
when you come home big poppa?
e Erin Long
26 Nov 2001 22:11:41
e Lauren
26 Nov 2001 22:11:47
Subject: kinky sex.....
Hmmm....kinky sex 'eh??!!

Well there r a couple of things we need to know about each other first..

like what's you REAL name?!?!?!
Where you're from?
And how did you get my e-mail add?! (unless ofcourse I know you and u'r just trying to be funny?!!!!)


I get my sexual fulfilment from my boyfreind thank you.... so unfortunately for you... sex is a no-no!
:) :)

Any hoo....
write back if you are not feeling entirely bitter about being bounced?!?!?!

Subject: Re: Sorry
who the fvck are you? don't answer. this is obnoxious.
e Kurt Gottschalk
26 Nov 2001 21:11:51
e Monica Scopel

26 Nov 2001 21:11:09
Subject: Re: Sorry
Please provide me with the senders name who sent this e-mail to me. As you can read I need to know this information.
Thank you

----- Original Message -----
From: "David Still" <>
To: "Monica Scopel" <>
Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2001 4:45 PM
Subject: Sorry

> Monica, I am sincerely sorry for what happened on Wednesday and for my actions in particular. I wasn't planning to use physical violence. I do hope you will accept my apologies.
> Rest assured that nothing like this will ever happen again, promised.
> Regretfully yours,
> David Still.
> -----
Subject: Re: goodbye
Sorry david! I can't make long distance calls from work! I guess you'll just have to carry one without me... somehow...

>From: David Still <>
>To: "rosa" <>
>Subject: goodbye
>Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 19:35:47 +0100 (MET)
>i changed my mind.
>call this #:
e Rosa Kramer
26 Nov 2001 19:11:14
26 Nov 2001 19:11:58
Subject: Re: Sorry
Physical violence? Try me. That's the last thing that you need to consider when dealing with me! Trust me.

Subject: Re: ?
I still don't have a clue with what your going on about. I'm not changing identity, if you knew me you would know that I don't need to. When your as good as me, way would you want to change?
Now please stop send me mails, you're boring me.
Thank you very much.

>From: David Still <>
>To: "Kevin Hudson" <>
>Subject: Re: ?
>Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 19:00:16 +0100 (MET)
e Kevin Hudson
26 Nov 2001 19:11:34
26 Nov 2001 19:11:20
Subject: Re: Sorry
blah, blah, blah. Use your real name, what are you , yellow!

Subject: RE: you
You're right I do have a nice ass, and once again I should probably "get over myself", right?
So you want to know how I found out about the website? Well silly "D", when you send a message the link is also along with your message.

I figure you must be pretty bored while being "shy" at the same time, how can you do so many things at once? U are truly gifted!!

One last question, DO YOU HAVE A NICE ASS?

Can't wait to hear from you "D", now don't go changing on me-


Sarah J
Regional Promotions Manager
JCOR Records
151 Lafayette St., 6th Floor
New York, New York 10013
T:(212) 994-6813
F:(212) 219-1115

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []
Sent: Friday, November 23, 2001 1:09 PM
To: Johnson, Sarah
Subject: Re: you

i was kidding sarah i think ur hot and u have a nice ass but i'm too shy to tell u who i am
e Johnson, Sarah

26 Nov 2001 19:11:42
e sam bryan

26 Nov 2001 18:11:49
Subject: Re: Thanks!
Hello, im sorry you seem to have the wrong end of the stick, im pleased i have helped you in some way but it would be nice to know who you are? If you do know me as well as you seem to be making out you will realise i will never lead a lonely path. If you wanna be my easter bunny i need to know who you are? XXxx

>From: David Still <>
>To: "sam bryan" <>
>Subject: Re: Thanks!
>Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 18:49:24 +0100 (MET)
>im sorry if you feel that way, but that conversation we had meant a lot to
>me! so im no longer your little pink easter bunny of desire? alas, the
>winds of progress have turned, and it seems that the two of us have fallen
>into eternal seperation. i hope you despise your loneliness as much as i
>do, for it was you who chose this path.
Subject: RE: Stop it!
e Angie Heller
26 Nov 2001 18:11:45
26 Nov 2001 18:11:54
Subject: Come 'Git It, Pussy...
Dearest David,
As you were the "well spoken" gent who wrote me, out of nowhere, cursing like a sailor, and telling me what an "elitist cocksucker" I am, I don't regret any "hard feelings" you might have for my first e-mail.... my biggest question is, "have you been in a coma for 8yrs, 'cuz there's been four albums since Songs For Insects... it came out in '92"...
As for a man who talks about himself endlessly, I'd say you're the self-absorbed arse.
As for you coming to the U.S. and kicking some ass, I was looking at your photo, and we all decided we're sick of hearing you crying like a don't look very "tough"; so eat a dick.

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