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Subject: Re: got 420? - w4mw - 28
at the risk of sounding really stupid, i dont even
know what 480 is. so definitely 420. how do we hook it

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e Mariz Soliman
10 May 2006 11:05:19
10 May 2006 11:05:37
Subject: Re: FREE MASSAGE, I NEED PRACTICE!!!! - m4m
Hey David

Thanks for response. When are you available. I got a lot of emails, quick. I work until 6, availble weekend too.


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From: David Still <>

10 May 2006 10:05:25
e Irish Eyes
10 May 2006 05:05:36
Subject: RE: Now it's time for me... - 45
lol..there is no rebound guy....I left him

>From: David Still <>
>Are you looking for the rebound guy or have you gone thru those already???
>Now it's time for me... - 45
>Separated almost two years, soon to be divorcing woman looking to start the
>next phase of my life. I'm attractive, playful, sensual, h/w proportionate,
>and have a great sense of humor that leans to the sassy/naughty side once I
>know you. I'm tall, so gravitate toward tall men. I like strong or beefy
>masculine types (think 'construction') and if you've got a bit of an edge,
>all the better. You should have a good sense of humor, be affectionate and
>know how to treat a lady. Cigarette smoking is a huge turnoff for me. If
>you're looking for a one-nighter, move on to the next post, I'm not the
>woman for you.
>Some things I - rock, some pop, some jazz and blues. Can't
>stand hip hop, not a fan of heavy metal. Country is good if it's got some
>rock in it. And soul artists like Marvin Gaye and Barry White will always
>have a place in my bedroom. I love cooking in and dining out. Dancing...
>reading.... comedy clubs...movies....quite nights at home. Trying new
>things. The Red Sox and the Patriots. Walks and drives to somewhere...or
>nowhere. Anything can be fun if you're with the right person.
>Just a little glimpse of what I'm like..and what I like :) If I've piqued
>your interest, drop me a line and pic....and we'll explore some more.
Subject: Re: Reformed Badboys (look here) - 23
NO !! are you? how is this confusing? small minds get easily confused i guess. no like my ad says.. I am a reformed "badgirl" like ahh i did 1 year in framingham, im still on probation, and i got myself caught up in the drug scene, but like i said i am reformed, and i am writing back, only to fix your confusion, i would not like to converse further with you, due to your rudeness, and arragance. sincerly "you'll never know"

From: David Still <>
I am confused! Are you a slut or a whore?


Reformed Badboys (look here) - 23
Reply to:
Date: 2006-05-09, 5:15PM EDT

Exactly what I'm looking for! I myself am a reformed "bad-girl", but I very much
behave myself now! I find that i get along with and have more things in common,
with guys that have had some difficulty in life, like I have. okay, now about
me..I am 23, cute but a little on the extra healthy side, I work, I drive, I
have pic's to trade, I do not do drugs(anymore).I drink on occasion. And I do
smoke ciggerettes. Some things I enjoy are: cookouts, camping, comedy,concerts,
cards, board games, animals, cooking, and a lot of other things I will tell you
later, hope to hear from someone soon!
10 May 2006 05:05:31
e Melanie Michaud
10 May 2006 05:05:54
Subject: Re: hello
Les seules nuits torides que j'ai ne sont certainement pas avec toi... tu
n'en serais pas capable.

Mimi la fourmi

>From: David Still <>
>Voyons tu ne te souviens pas de moi et de notre nuit torride ?
Subject: Re: in for the night, take me out for a drink - 32

David Still <> wrote: back to la tomorrow, in tonite, staying w friends, they dont feel like going out, so am here bored, pesting one for a tarot reading, while hopefully this posting will track down a cutie. i wanna go out for a late cofee, drinks, something casual that involves good conv, walking around and no drama, just want some god company for the evening. for more info, im a writer/poet/artist etc, in for a wedding, back home tomorrow...

say hi hun, first come first served basis
e Medana
9 May 2006 22:05:17
e J C
9 May 2006 16:05:19
Subject: RE: STOP
e Anicia Mathieu

9 May 2006 16:05:22
e Damien Siegel
9 May 2006 14:05:36
Subject: Re: Sax PLayer
David STILL is an asshole.

David Still <> wrote: Perhaps you can "ryme" but you sure as shit can't spell, boy.

Damien Siegel wrote:
You play the skin flute so don't tell me. Just cause you love the male organ don't hate on me. I wish you were dead shithead. See I can ryme too, that means including fucking your mom I have three skills.

David Still wrote: You wish you were a sax player. Buying a musical instrument doesn't make you a musician you loser bastard. Besides, how many times can someone "jam" to Mary Had a Little Lamb?
Subject: RE: Brickell on the River
e Jasiel Bulnes
9 May 2006 14:05:04
9 May 2006 10:05:26
Subject: Re: Time To Get In Shape - 38
Hi, my name is David Still
Have you ever wanted to pretend that you were someone else.
Well, now you can! If you want to, you can use me to send someone
else an email, just use the form below

lol pretend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Do it, move it, make it happen. No one ever sat their way to success."

---- David Still <> wrote:
> Time for you to grow up buddy!
Subject: Hire a CEO. Get Organized!
Hi Dave,

Yes, I do have references.

What kind of organization challenges are we talking about?

Thanks for writing,

David Still <> wrote: To: "" <> is not working.
Do you have references?


Hire a CEO. Get Organized!
Reply to:
Date: 2006-05-08, 1:48PM EDT

(c) We are organization specialists in Boston helping clients manage paper, space, and time. Using a project manager approach, CEO works with business professionals helping them refine their office effectiveness:

"We can't find anything. The office is a mess!"

"We're growing. We need more space!"

"My desk is a disaster. I can't get anything done."

Are your needs changing? What worked before may no longer be practical. Join with us for new perspectives: identifying opportunities, finding cost-effective solutions, and coordinating the logistics. Although getting organized won't solve all your business goals, you can achieve results that will make a difference.

Call on us for corporate records management, relocations, upsizing, or any transition.

(c) CORPORATE EDGE ORGANIZATION (CEO) . . . forming creative partnerships with useful answers to your company's growth and change.

Corporate Records Management
e Corporate Edge Org
9 May 2006 09:05:53
e Michelle Fenster
9 May 2006 07:05:20
Subject: Re: re: A public announcement

Subject: re: A public announcement

Are you a guy or a gall?

Subject: RE: hello
Pis t'es qui toi....

Mimi la fourmi

>From: David Still <>
>Salut Sexy
>cela fait longtemps n'est-ce pas ?
e Melanie Michaud
9 May 2006 06:05:48
e John C
8 May 2006 19:05:24
Subject: Re: Need help making a horror movie
Subject: Re: chiro
Aha, so again, you have no proof and are just spewing forth shit.

I am perfectly comfortable in my relationship and trust Greg because he is the last person in the world that would cheat.

I don't clean up dogshit, in fact, I don't even work with the dogs, so, once again, talking about things you know jack shit about and spewing forth shite.

We had the ring appraised for insurance purposes, I know it is a novel concept to someone as stupid as you, but when you get an exspensive piece of jewlery you have it insured incase someone low class such as yourself steals it, or it gets broken/lost.

Have fun trying to get a rise out of people, you obviously need the attention, but you are just giving me and my friends something to laugh at now.


David Still <> wrote:
Lizzie bear baby doll - Greg is a cheater. Just ask him. Where do you think he is when you're slaving away wiping up dogshit at Petsmart? HAHA! You trust him so much you had the ring appraised! Does he know this? Typical Jewish bitch.

Elizabeth Goldberg wrote:
A) It is hardly cheap or ugly, I know this from having it appraised and people complimenting it on me every day.

B) I work at petsmart because I love animals, I don't need to work, but I want to so I work there.

C) I am hardly stupid seeing as I have been on the deans list every year as well as a national honors society

D) Greg has never cheated one me, but please, go ahead and proove otherwise.

It is funny how you are the one that has to argue with everyone everyplace now isn't it? Funny how you are the one that has to argue with everyone everyplace without actually having a clue about what you are talking about. However, the funniest thing is you think all those petty insults prove something, which they do, that you can't debate nor argue in a constructive manner because well...your arguments are weak and founded on absolute rubbish.

Think before you spew forth shite, if you still have a brain for all that drinking you do.


David Still wrote:
Just because you're a Jewish princess with your cheap little ugly ring from Greg who is still cheating on you btw, doesn't mean you know everything. You work at Petsmart, no wonder you're so stupid.

I have a snake for your rat and that overgrown rat you call a dog too!

Elizabeth Goldberg wrote:
You sound like a scared little boy that has done nothing but google research...oh wait, thats because you are.

You think things don't change?

Yes, as I said, not every chiropractor is as good as another, but the methods do work...hence why chiropractic is on the rise, why MDs are referring their clients to chiropractors, etc. What don't you get about that?

Oh yes, back to the founding, once again, that doesn't matter, there are methods that work in chiropractic, and there are new methods being invented...just like surgery methods, etc.

A doctor is a doctor, they have gone to school and recieved their degree. If you want to be called a doctor, get a phd or an md or a dooctorate in chiropractic.

It is not a joke, the only person "brainwashed" here is you, you know nothing but you are willing to accept the outdated ideas you have heard for years, THATS brainwashed.

Seriously, I admit chiropractic has its limits, but you won't admit that there are methods that work...although thats probablly because YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUE about what you are talking about beyond internet research.

Now, when you actually have a clue based on experience, you might try debating, until then, you are just repeating the same outdated arguements that you found online.

Ciao Psycho

David Still wrote:
You sound like a brainwashed Scientologist.

The AMA does not accept chiro as scientific.

Only 1 chiro school requires a college degree.

A DC is not an MD, and it is not the equivalent.

And the person who "invented" chiro said it came to him in a seance, and he declared himself the religious leader of chiro. Just like L Ron Hubbard.

Its a joke. And so are your weak brainwashed arguments.
e Elizabeth Goldberg
8 May 2006 19:05:54
e Damien Siegel
8 May 2006 18:05:16
Subject: Re: Sax PLayer
You play the skin flute so don't tell me. Just cause you love the male organ don't hate on me. I wish you were dead shithead. See I can ryme too, that means including fucking your mom I have three skills.

David Still <> wrote: You wish you were a sax player. Buying a musical instrument doesn't make you a musician you loser bastard. Besides, how many times can someone "jam" to Mary Had a Little Lamb?
Subject: RE: STORY-part one
what up.actually when i finish story -you will see he sucked my dick. but
yes i suck dick. you like? later

>From: David Still <>
>Lemme guess - you want to suck my cock like you did his.
e chris john
8 May 2006 18:05:18
e Brandon Moore
8 May 2006 08:05:44
Subject: Re: You people bore the shit out of me.

And I didn't even catch my own pun...thanks

No... well, people seem to think ones ass is always shit
encrusted...One can wash oneself and be quite clean. anal sex isn't at
all about being turned on by shit, most people who have anal sex
(straight or gay) have NO desire to encounter shit, I know I don't.
and it's not happened yet..thank god.

thanx for replying

On 5/8/06, David Still <> wrote:
> asses aren't "tasty" unless your a fecalphiliac
> and its funny the shit is bored out of you
> why are you people so fixated on poo ?
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