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Subject: Re: i need advice
I am not a scientologist at all. I do not know why people think that I am, but again I am not. One day when i was in Hollywood looking for volunteer opportunities I ended up with H.E.L. P. H.E.L.P is a program that deals with helping out kids and teens in reading and math. IT sounds great, but as soon as i found out it was funded by the scientologist religion. I immidiatly departed. I Just dont flow with them. I am a teenage christian. I help out with things that I can, and i just do my best. I wish people that i have helped out in any way contact you. Im sorry for confusion.

David Still <> wrote:yea right. fuck off you stupid scientologist. you piece of shit. you're "religion" is ruining peoples lives. you are brainwashing them. you belong in hell you bastards.
e marvin drewitz
5 Aug 2005 12:08:24
e luke hamon

4 Aug 2005 21:08:22
Subject: Re: hey guys
I have nothing to prove to you. If you want to believe
that I'm lying, just so you can sleep better tonight,
then do it. Sweet dreams Nancy.

Luke - Executive Recruiter and Lead Singer

--- David Still <> wrote:

> LMAO. luke, you see, people who feel the need to
> point out what they have, what they make, what
> education they received - those are the ones who
> actually dont have shit and are so insecure about it
> they feel the need to lie to complete strangers.
> looks like you're letting an anonymous person get
> under your skin a little bit buddy. maybe its all
> that crappy music you make. its getting to ya.
> does someone need a hug? poor guy.
Subject: RE: This can never really end
Daddy? Nah, I'll just pretend that I'm back on the farm hittin your sheep

From: David Still []
ooh baby i'd like that. spank me and call me daddy too
e Allan
4 Aug 2005 20:08:49
e Rod RRL
4 Aug 2005 08:08:31
Subject: Re: Thanks!
Subject: Re: hey guys
David... You are so clueless. It's actually quite
funny. No basement here. Have my own place. Make a six
figure income as an executive recruiter, working 40
hour weeks. Under the age of 30. College debt (from
four years ago) paid off. I don't feel like I need to
worry about those things you mentioned. I even have a
hefty 401K going (that's what people in the working
world use as a retirement fund)! Again, rethink your
thoughts before they become words. You might save some
face. Ten years down the line... Five years down the
line... I will have nothing to thank you for... except
for maybe cleaning my windshield with a dirty
newspaper. Tell you what... I'll even have a whole
bucket of change in my center console all ready to go
for you.

Do you even know why people hate professional
musicians? Do you?

And for what purpose do you keep e-mailing me? Are you
hoping to find a weakness somewhere that you can harp
on? Seriously. Get a REAL job! I don't care about your
opinions of my band. Even if you were coherent and
made any sense whatsoever... I still wouldn't care.
Why do you think your opinion matters that much?
Somebody's a little egocentric, don't you think?


--- David Still <> wrote:

> wow, what a sharp sense of sarcasm. and boy, what
> wit you have! i feel so berated and stupid now. i
> think i may cry. you really put me in my place.
> have you ever considered a career as a stand up
> comic? or becoming a writer for a popular tv show?
> seriously, put those skills to use, instead of being
> a dipshit from a crappy band. you'll thank yourself
> in 10 years. that is, if you ever move out of your
> moms basement.
e luke hamon

4 Aug 2005 08:08:57
e Allan
3 Aug 2005 19:08:03
Subject: RE: This can never really end
Ohhh, ok. I'll give it to you in the arse. Squeal bitch.

From: David Still []

i've seen the way you look at me. i know you're curious. dont deny it.
Subject: RE: Thanks!
OK. When did you talk to me?

Rod Long

From: David Still []
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 4:22 PM
To: Rod Long
Subject: Thanks!

Just a quick note to express my thanks for that chat I had with you, it
really helped to put things straight in my mind. I've been thinking about
everything you said, and a lot of it really made sense, but I'm still not
sure if I can go through with it. I'll let you know how it all works out. If
anything else springs to mind, do let me know.

All the best,
David :)
e RocknRodLong
3 Aug 2005 16:08:11
e luke hamon

3 Aug 2005 08:08:19
Subject: Re: hey guys
Hey, you should meet a friend of mine! His name is
Jesus. Jesus, David, David, Jesus. You two have a lot
in common! I never thought I would actually meet the
voice of Craigslist! What an honor! So the voice of
Craigslist is a professional musician!? How ironic...
and all of this time I've been using it as a forum to
voice my distaste for such people. I am just like...
totally destroyed. You're right, I should pack up.
Wow, what a sad day it is for me. Hold that thought. I
have to get ready for work. You know, work! That's
where I take my education and put it to the test. You
know, education? That's a four-year degree in which I
learned how to not live off of food stamps. You
probably wouldn't know what that's like. Anyway, I
gotta get to the office before some shithead
professional musician beats me to it! You know how
they love to work! Actually, you probably wouldn't,
would you? How ironic! It's like rain on your wedding


--- David Still <> wrote:

> i am the collective voice of craigslist. and yes,
> they do all agree that you guys suck and should get
> the hell out of LA. fast.
Subject: Re: Something's Missing
wtf, i guess you dont have any friends! thats OK, i am sure the right person will come to you oneday! see ya.

p.s. i have decided to stay here inorder to educate peeps like you! g'day mate

David Still <> wrote:
To my Dearest,

I wanted to talk to you tonight so very much, I searched for you... but couldn't find you anywhere. In a way its bizarre me writing this at all because I don't know where you are.
I have the occasional glimmer which keeps me going, I'll get it to you somehow, you know me. Right now I need to see you and spend some time with you, just to take time out, that would ease my sorrow. You know where I am...

Please try and do this for me, I miss you terribly.

e m k
3 Aug 2005 04:08:24
e Allan
2 Aug 2005 19:08:11
Subject: RE: This can never really end
Go away psycho. I'm straight. And you don't work with me.

From: David Still []
i'll give you a hint - we work together. i think you know who i am. but i
cannot reveal myself yet. just remember, i love you allan.
Subject: Re: hey guys
That's funny... Do you speak for everybody? Who the
fuck asked you? By the way, who said we were still
looking for a drummer? We auditioned about 20, and now
we have our man. So, maybe turn that pistol around
that you've got pointed at us.... you do the rest.


Luke... singer for The Interstate

--- David Still <> wrote:
> please get off the cl board. seriously. no one
> wants you there anymore. you're annoying and will
> never find a drummer and honestly, your music sucks.
> seriously. please just go away.
e luke hamon

2 Aug 2005 16:08:55
e Allan
29 Jul 2005 15:07:04
Subject: RE: This can never really end
Um....who are you?

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2005 2:47 PM
To: Allan
Subject: This can never really end

This isn't easy to say. But here goes. I've been watching you. I see you
every day. I've always been a shy person, never could tell people how I
really feel. But this is different. You must know this feeling of blood
racing in your veins, butterflies in your stomach. I always thought all
that stuff was rubbish. But it's not. It's what I'm going through.

Sitting here writing this, it's as though you're with me - the way your
eyes shine, the way you smile. It's a delicious torment.
Could you ever like me? Thoughts like this are running through my mind. I'm
so nervous - I feel like a kid again! Maybe it sounds corny, but I've never
felt this way. I know I'm putting myself on the line but I can't keep this
all to myself. And even if you don't feel the same - even if you could
never feel the same - at least you'll know. Whatever happens, you've given
me something special. Something that no one else can give. No one can ever
take that away from me.
Subject: Re: lonely
thanks i shall do just that, and leave this ugly place for stupid people like u, bye

David Still <> wrote:Please move back to Northern California. No one is L.A. wants you here. Thanks!
e m k
27 Jul 2005 21:07:05
e chris feeney
27 Jul 2005 11:07:04
Subject: Re: Bond
Jealousy gets you nowhere mister "still organ".I have passed your i.p address onto the authorities and im sure they will be in touch.Contact me again and i will have little green men in balaclavas visit you ok!Not a threat in case you misrepresent my email and wish to do something about.....a promise ok,have a nice day david or whoever you are you coward lol

David Still <> wrote: Hey

Any word on Bond 21 yet? It seems that your not in the running anymore, or more to the point if you even were, why would they cast a little chimpanzee looking mother fucker in the role when they can easily cast an "ACTOR".

How much of your past is fabricated? You seem to think that your such a star but I can see nothing on your resume to back that up, and how come you spend so much time on the UKScreen forum. If you were that good wouldn't your agent be getting you work rather than you looking for scraps of freebies and student films?

And now I find it funny that you've fallen out with Fintan... What happened there? Which one of you realised that the other was full of shit. God would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that argument, two fags without an ounce of cop on between them.

Why don't you just get a life cunt face...
Subject: Re: David Still - imaginary man
e Jason Smith
27 Jul 2005 10:07:19
e joseph ninosky
27 Jul 2005 09:07:20
Subject: Re: David Still - imaginary man
Nah. Your tired rap is what is causing my boredom. If you wanna play, name
the time this weekend. Next weekend is out due to the MB 6-Man tournament.
So basically, if you can't make it this weekend, I will consider you a fraud
and will continue my search for a worthy opponent. That's about it.


The Kingpin
Subject: Re: Fuck you loser
What the fuck??!!! I have never gotten my ass kicked ever. You obviousley
dont know who I am. So I will say again, come down to the address I gave you
and we can handle this like men.

From: David Still <>
Fuck you retard. I already beat your ass.

Ramon Ascencio wrote:
Waiting for what fagot? You know where I am and what times I'll be here. I
told your stupid white ass you can come down and "beat my ass" whenever you

From: David Still <>
i'm still waiting pussy.
e Ramon Ascencio
27 Jul 2005 08:07:43
e Ramon Ascencio
27 Jul 2005 08:07:59
Subject: Re: Fuck you loser

From: David Still <>
you gave me a bogus address bitch. i'm no punk, i stopped by to rearrange
your yellow ass teeth
Subject: Re: David Still - imaginary man

>From: David Still <>
>your ass is mine
e joseph ninosky
26 Jul 2005 11:07:04
e Ramon Ascencio
26 Jul 2005 09:07:54
Subject: Re: Fuck you loser
Waiting for what fagot? You know where I am and what times I'll be here. I
told your stupid white ass you can come down and "beat my ass" whenever you

From: David Still <>

i'm still waiting pussy.
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