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Subject: Re: hehe
on second thought, i am rather fond of turtles. so he may keep stalking me,
if he wants to.
24 Aug 2004 04:08:27
24 Aug 2004 04:08:26
Subject: Re: hehe
Well keep your turtle and his stupid face away from me!
Subject: Re: Moving to CA?
21 Aug 2004 16:08:47
e Ann Eckels
21 Aug 2004 09:08:32
Subject: Re: Job advice
Wow! What do you know? A website that is actually compatible to web
Cute Baby pictures.
But seriously now, whomever is sending me these messages obviously
doesn't have the guts to "sign" their own name. On the other hand, I
do use my real name and address as I don't have anything to hide. So
whoever you are, I still care about you because I really think you need
a new more uplifting hobby. (In other words - get a life!)
This whole thing is kind of funny though - I feel kind of like I
just found out that I'm on "Candid Camera" or the "Jamie Kennedy
Experiment." Gotta keep a sense of humor about these things!
Subject: Re: hehe
Liar! You can't watch me while I am eating because I am anorexic. And if you
want to stalk someone, I would suggest stalking someone else, seeing as I am
very dull. Have a lovely day with your pet turtle!
21 Aug 2004 04:08:02
20 Aug 2004 21:08:38
Subject: Re: Moving to CA?
Subject: Re: Job advice
Hmm, maybe so. At any rate, I don't think the majority of people don't
care about others. You are a stranger to me, but I am really concerned
about you. I"ve only seen your negative side but I would like to know
what is special and wonderful about David? What are his talents? What
does he like to do in his spare time when he is not insulting someone?
Maybe it is different for you, but for most people friends were
strangers first. I care about strangers. If I see someone carrying a
lot of stuff, I will open the door for them even though I don't know
them. I think most people are more like me and less like you. I
believe in the golden rule and though I can't pretend that I am perfect
at following it, it is my goal to do so. I also believe in Karma and
know that if I do a good deed, someone else will return the favor.
David, are you happy? I am not happy with all aspects of my life
but in general things are not so bad. I have great kids who love me, a
boyfriend who loves, parents, sisters, students and friends who love me.
I am even in the unique position of still being friends with the
ex-husband and ex-boyfriends. I also have my health and am in good
shape physically. I just have to remember to not let the financial
stuff get me down as everything always works out eventually.
Anyway, I am sorry that you think I am BSing you but I am glad you
got a laugh out of it. I like you David, because I see you as fellow
human being and know that our creator made you in is image and has plan
in mind for you. You may hate me, but you see, there is nothing you can
say, that will make me hate you. I believe that I was
put on earth to help others and do my best to do so. What is YOUR
mission in life?
David, I am curious? Did you respond to the ads on Craigslist
yesterday asking for a job and for money? (she wanted it put right in
her paypal account!) I would think that you'd have a few choice words
for those two or am I the "special" one who gets all this attention?
e Ann Eckels
20 Aug 2004 21:08:02
e Ann Eckels
19 Aug 2004 19:08:53
Subject: Re: Job advice
Obviously, if you had read "the novel" you'd know that I have a
part time job and will be starting a new job in September but will not
have a paycheck until then.
As for "whoring," it is illegal, unsafe and not a good way to hold
onto a boyfriend. Also, I work with kids so the two don't really fit
together do they?
I wonder why you are such an angry person? I could make all sorts of
insulting guesses about your life and why you are this way but I won't
make such judgements as I don't know you and your circumstances.
BTW: I do check the job ads frequently and in fact, am picking up
some guy's laundry to wash today he's going to pay me $10. You keep
telling me to get off the net and look for a job but you must have an
awful cushy job being able to get online to insult people instead of
working. (Okay, I am making one judgement about you.)
I have to admit I am curious about you and where all this hatred is
coming from and somehow you must have some curiosity to or you wouldn't
write back.
Anyway, I am off to go work out and then to put stuff on ebay to
sell, and then do the laundry, teach a violin lesson and finally do the
market research thing, so I do have a full day.
I hope your day gets better and you find something to put a smile
on your face - it seems that you could use some joy in your life. I
will say a prayer for you. (I know that you don't need my prayers, but
I'll say one anyway.)
P.S. I LOVE to write "novels."
Subject: Re: Moving to CA?
19 Aug 2004 19:08:02
19 Aug 2004 19:08:08
Subject: Re: Moving to CA?

Subject: Re: Moving to CA?

-----Original Message-----

-----Original Message-----
Hey dumbdick. You posted on Craigslist. They have a HUG section for SHARED ROOMS AND APTS FOR RENT. Is your skull that thick? Your eyes that bad? Jesus, pay attention.

Oh, and since you are such an idiot, stay away from CA. We dont want you here.

19 Aug 2004 07:08:39
e Ann Eckels
19 Aug 2004 01:08:02
Subject: Re: Job advice
Well, actually it doesn't help. I don't want a handout - I want to earn
some money. As I said, I have a part time job. I have also had 4
interviews in the past few weeks. I have a few job offers in S.D.
county which begin Sept. 1. I also will still be working for the school
district but with less hrs. and on an independent contractor status.
Unfortunately, I don't begin until October.
I am doing whatever I can to earn money. Each day, my son and I
take a walk and pick up recycle items off the sidewalks and streets.
This earns me 5 to 10 bucks per week which I use to buy gas. I am also
doing a market research focus group tomorrow night.
I could tell you my whole story and explain why I am not working
full time right now, but you would think I was "bitching" and I just
want to state the fact that I need to earn money now to pay bills in the
next 2 weeks; money I have coming to me in Sept. will not help now.
I did not put the ad under jobs as I think they charge $25 for that
(maybe it is just for San Diego - I go back and forth so much between
cities, that I don't know.) Also, there is no an employment wanted
A temp. agency cannot help me to find the kind of flexible schedule I
need. I teach violin lessons at a music store 5 days a week (hence the
10 hours.)
At times, I have seen ads for people wanting someone to clean their
house or work in the yard one time so I thought someone out there might
appreciate my services. I guess I did not really need to mention that
I am off for the summer etc., ect. I certainly didn't want come off as
though I am begging for help like these people who ask strangers to loan
them large sums of money. Maybe I will change the ad tonight when I get
home from work. (I guess you did help a little as it made think about
that - thanks!)
Now here is some advice for you about getting along with other
people in the world: you should not just judge people so quickly without
knowing the facts. You've basically accused me of being lazy and you
probably think I am fat and watch soap operas all day. You have judged
me to be guilty of a crime I have not committed. Also, if my ad bothers
you, you could be more tactful about your suggestions. (I cannot help
but wonder WHY it bothers you.)
Anyway, if you talked to anyone who knows me well, they'd tell you
that I am one of the hardest working woman they know and that I often
hold down 3 to 4 jobs at once. (the aforementioned circumstances that
we aren't discussing lest I should be "bitching" prevented that this
summer.) Sometimes in life we encounter difficult times and we must
overcome them in life and go on - thus my ad so perhaps I can earn some
money. (So, far, I have managed to stay out of the unemployment line
this summer.)
I suspect that you are probably actually a pretty nice guy &
something about my ad just set you off. My ex-boyfriend once replied to
a woman who wanted to give men massages and was seemingly looking for a
"sugar daddy." He called her a whore. Well, we had a shared email
address and because I paid the web tv bill, only my name was on it so
she thought it was from me, since he didn't sign his name. She put a
search in for my name and found out that I ran in the Jimmy Stewart
Marathon Relay and that I teach music lessons. She wrote to me and said
she was going to talk to one of the race directors whom she knew about
me and could such a seemingly compassionate person be such a bitch. Her
mom had just been diagnosed with cancer and the comments my boyfriend
made just made her day that much worse. Needless to say I got him his
own email address` after that. I tried to get him to apologize to the
lady but he wouldn't and he said that if she put an ad like that out
there she is fair game. (as I guess am I )
I don't even know if you will read this lengthy email as I if you
are a typical man, you'd have preferred that I'd just gotten right to
the general point, but I am a woman and LOVE details! At any rate,
writing this made me feel better (not as good as if you had a job or me
though,) and I am no longer pissed off at you an in fact I am starting
to have a sense of humor about this .
Thanks for the distraction away from my problems.
Subject: NEXT OF KIN.
Barrister Anthony P. Ofor (Esq)
Plot 456 Satellite Town Lagos-Nigeria
Tel: + 234-803-5829210
Fax: + 234-1-759 1240
Private Email:

Dear Still,

I am Barrister Anthony P. Ofor (Esq) , I am the Personal attorney to Mr.&Mrs.
Harry Still, a foreigner, who used to work with Jange Chemical development
Company in Nigeria`.On the 2nd of Dec. 2002, my client,his wife were involved
in a car accident along Ikeja Express Road. All occupants of the vehicle
unfortunately lost there lives. Since then I have made several enquiries
to locate any of my clients extended relatives, this has also
proved unsuccessful.

After these several unsuccessful attempts,I decided to trace his relatives
over the Internet, to locate any member of his family but of no avail,
hence I contacted you. I have contacted you to assist in repartrating
the money and property left behind by my client before they get confisicated
or declared unserviceable by the Finance House
where this huge deposits were lodged.

Particularly, the Finance House where the deceased had an account valued
at about US$9 million dollars has issued me a notice to provide the next
of kin or have the account confisicated ,since I have been unsuccesfull
in locating thethe relatives for over 1 year now I seek your conscent
to present you as the next of kin of the deceased since your a foreigner
and the same so that the proceeds of this account valued at US$9 million
can be paid to you.I have to work on the necessary legal documents that
can be used to back up any claim we may make upon your concept.

All I require is your honest cooperation to enable us see this dealt through.I
guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that
will protect you from any breach of the law of your country and my country
too as a professional legal attorney. Finally,lets maintain confidentiality
in this transaction.


Best regards,
Barrister Anthony Ofor Esq.
Barrister Anthony P. Ofor (Esq)
Plot 456 Satellite Town Lagos-Nigeria
Tel: + 234-803-5829210
Fax: + 234-1-759 1240
Private Email:
16 Aug 2004 14:08:57
e Dennis Huffman
14 Aug 2004 01:08:06
Subject: Re: The free ticket
And you know where you can stick it.

--- David Still <> wrote:
I've got a free 1 way ticket to hell if you'd like it you fucking mooch
Subject: Re:Moving to CA?

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still <>
Sent: August 13, 2004 1:38:54 PM GMT
To: Transplant <>
Subject: Moving to CA?

Hey dumbdick. You posted on Craigslist. They have a HUG section for SHARED ROOMS AND APTS FOR RENT. Is your skull that thick? Your eyes that bad? Jesus, pay attention.

Oh, and since you are such an idiot, stay away from CA. We dont want you here.

13 Aug 2004 20:08:50
e Erik
13 Aug 2004 01:08:46
Subject: Re: Bunny Blog List
is this you asking for the list?

----- Original Message -----
From: "David Still" <>
To: "Erik" <>
Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 3:50 AM
Subject: Re: Bunny Blog List

> The "bunny" sucks ass...what the fuck is that crap? Jesus there are
some fucking weirdos on this planet
Subject: Re: Chuck
Was that you??!!!

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From: "David Still" <>
To: "Richard Bruce" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:18 PM
Subject: Re: Chuck

> C'mon Richard, you don't remember that steamy night we made homosexual
love in the backseat of your car?
> mmmmmm mmmmmmmm
> xoxo
> David
e Richard Bruce
12 Aug 2004 22:08:09
e Erik
12 Aug 2004 03:08:23
Subject: Re: Bunny Blog List
Last night Tucker blew me off. Again.

I went insane. I cut off all my hair with kitchen scissors like Frida Khalo.
Today I examined the fallout (actually quite cute and flippy. I am good at
everything). I also thought, "Bunny... there is something terribly awry. Why
are you so angry? Why have you become a bitter and horrible person since you
met Tucker?"

Today, while I'm working, Tucker is hovering over me asking me the same

I have decided to make an itemized list of reasons why I might want to cut
off all my hair like a rape victim.

[Note: This is truly humiliating. If anyone were to make a medicine to cure
low self-esteem, I'd take it in spades; I'd do the 10k walk for closet
self-loathers, and wear the empty wine bottle lapel pin. I wish to God these
FACTS were fabricated or embellished, but the awful truth is that they are
not. I only hope this helps the other girls who don't like themselves].

What it is like to date Tucker Max.

-You will get fried chicken for your birthday. Later that night when you
both go to a bar, you will want a diet coke, but won't get one because that
is one less beer that he can drink.

-He will hang up on your favorite aunt, and be stunned when you get upset
that he referred to your mother as "that fucking bitch" because she called
you at a late hour.

-He will scream at you because you don't like the instant coffee he bought

-He will never kiss you, and barely fuck you, even if you beg him to for
months. You are now the Virgin Mary. He will still try to coerce crazy
whores into coming to Chicago to fuck him. He will kiss them because they
are whores, and don't you know that you're only supposed to give good
passionate sex to women that you don't know or give a shit about? I didn't
know that either.

-You will beg him to take a shower, which he will not do. But he will shave
his face to have long make-out sessions with any random girl.

-You will read every piece of writing he has ever done and be supportive of
all his creative outlets. When you then ask him to read your own novel he
will drop it after chapter one because it's a waste of his time. He's not
good at editing.

-You will give him the greatest head of his life on a regular basis. He will
still suck in bed.

-He will make sure you know that you aren't very hot, only sort of cute, and
that your head is too big for the rest of your body. You also have
unattractive dark circles under your eyes and your tits are too small. He
will never compliment you.

-You will be bi-sexual and okay with him sleeping with other women, but this
will not be enough. He needs freedom.

-If he is an insensitive asshole to you, it is only because you are selfish.
You should understand that his parents sucked and now you have to pay for
this. How this is logical, I'm not really sure.

-When he has major surgery you will not leave his side. You will spend day
night waiting on him hand and foot, making sure he is comfortable and well
cared for. You will even wipe his ass when he takes a shit. Later he will
tell you that it was all unnecessary. He didn't need or want you to be

-When he is supposed to pick you up and take you to a party, he will get
black-out drunk and fuck some girl instead of showing up.

-He will tell you he loves you and wants to have children with you. When you
then get pregnant, he will say that he has about two to four more years of
drinking and whoring left to do, so a baby isn't in the cards. He will
coerce you into an abortion by threatening to give away your dog if you try
to have the child. Then he will be evasive so that you will be forced to
dump him and he can get off scot-free.

-When you get upset about this, he will tell you that you are
over-emotional. When you try to explain how this hurts, he will ignore you
till you find yourself screaming and breaking things. He will explain these
outbursts to his drinking buddies as so: "Yeah she's fucking crazy. She
flips out on me like every third day."

-When you go to stay with your parents (read: bawl day and night) for two
weeks, he will fuck other women in your bed. The night you return he will
try to go out with a whore he's just met and wonder why you're upset about
that. He needs his freedom.

-When you are at your parents, he won't take your calls. Instead he will
spend his time e-mailing some whore. Later, he will not stop e-mailing this
same whore, because all whores come before your feelings even if the whores
are half as attractive and barely capable of forming cogent sentences.

-When his ex-girlfriend dies and then comes back to life, you will nurse him
through the depression. You will even be fine with her coming to stay at
your own fucking apartment so that he can decide which of you he wants. This
is so that you can be fair to both of them because you are a good person.
unlike them.

-Later on you will catch him telling this covert bitch who pretended to be
nice to you that he is only keeping you around because you are willing to
support him financially. They will laugh at you behind your back for being
"over-emotional." Oh how silly you are!

-When Tucker bounces back from his depression you will not be needed
anymore. You will just hand over the keys to his car and not say a word when
he drives it all over Chicagoland while black-out drunk.

-When girls come to the apartment, he will become "Cooooool Tucker Max." He
will dress and act differently. He will be an asshole to you. Why are you
upset? Don't you know "this is the Tucker Max show?" This pathetic statement
is his actual quote.

-And finally (though I could write pages and pages of this horrible shit):
When you've been stood up by the very first date you've planned in a year,
you will call Tucker and ask to hang out with him. He will not come pick you
up in YOUR OWN FUCKING CAR, because HE lost your license the night before
and you won't be able to get into the club he's going to. When you ask if it
's possible to go anywhere else he will refuse because there are free drinks
and whores in said club. Whores are very special. Much more special than the
woman that did all the above things out of unconditional love FOR A FUCKING

posted by The Bunny at 4:22 PM

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From: "David Still" <>
To: "Whomever" <>
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 3:23 AM
Subject: Bunny Blog List

> Hey, email me the bunny list. Send to:
> Thanks!
> Rereed
Subject: Re: Chuck
How do I know u?

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From: "David Still" <>
To: "Richard" <>
Sent: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 3:19 PM
Subject: Chuck

> How much wood can a woodchuck chuck
e Richard Bruce
11 Aug 2004 21:08:31
e josefvenice
8 Aug 2004 10:08:52
Subject: Re: Everything I always wanted to know about myself...
Yeah, dude, you're right.
Can't remember my answer exactly.
Nor you. So send the link.
Got your message twice.
Can't figure if its you, me, or somebody pretending to be us...
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