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Subject: Re: listen, buddy
Where's MY DAVID STILL?!!!

Who wrote that email? It's funny, I know your personality now. YOU DID
Who's your ghost-writer? Did you have your mommy do your homework for you?

A little advice, "David"; If you're gonna have someone else write
letters/emails in your name, at least advise them to misspell most words
and use fuckin' idiotic grammar. That way, I'll actually believe that your
uneducated-ass wrote it.

Anyway, "David", update your ghost-writer on the newest development and
have him/her write a cute little rebuttal.
It's great, you know. Nothing you type to me over the internet can hurt my
feelings or strike a nerve because you know nothing about me. I, on the
other hand DO know something about you; You are illiterate and dumb.



> [Original Message]
> From: David Still <>
> Dear Twisty! I can not meet you...time constraints and costs etc but I
would love to exchange some hot notes with your sister...I would get her so
hot she would pleasure herself at the keyboard...or we could do a chatroom
with a cam and I could wave my cock in her face for her to lick on...Your
mother is, I suspect, a bit too old for this sort of thing, but your wife
or sister!! just right. Perhaps both? Have them drop me a note here and we
can set up an Instant Messenger thingie so we can all could take
notes and whatever delights you. Advise, fast. I am horny now.
> wrote:
> yes, I have all three. And yes, could you pleasure them? I can't. But I
can pleasure your sister. I can also tell her about you and your sicko
> Or I can just call your bluff. You're just some lonely guy with no
friends. You have no sister.
> Now meet for coffee.
> twisterjoe
31 Dec 2003 19:12:21
30 Dec 2003 23:12:25
Subject: listen, buddy
yes, I have all three. And yes, could you pleasure them? I can't. But I can pleasure your sister. I can also tell her about you and your sicko emails.

Or I can just call your bluff. You're just some lonely guy with no friends. You have no sister.
Now meet for coffee.

Subject: RE: let's meet & fuck

Since when did I say I was into group sex?

>From: David Still
>To: "Sharon Holtz"

>From :
>you must be wundering why am i sending a note thru my best buddy's computer ? let me explain. we both found out that you're now into group sex so twister & i decided that it would be cool for the 3 of us to have a threesome. i prefer coital & anal. twister is strictly a pussy guy. let me know when the 3 of us can get together. we could meet at the fantasy (west edmonton mall) jan 1st after 2:00 PM.
>ps. we will supply the cock rings for the pussy & kreme for the ass.
e S. H.
30 Dec 2003 02:12:41
e John Ifft
29 Dec 2003 15:12:40
Subject: Re: fantasy football
What is the deal?

----- Original Message -----

Dear John Ifft,

Hi my name is Dave Still Esq. I got your name from a Pitt alumn who wishes to remain nameless. Here's the thing- we're trying to form a grassroots movement to shake things up. Our plan is to bring back Steve Pederson (you may or may not know Pederson has been stonewalled at Nebraska).
Intrigued? We'll be in touch.


Free as freeware, human as you

Subject: listen, man
In case you didn't know, email addresses are anonymous and you aren't hurting my feelings.

Twisterjoe=twithead joe. Original and on a funny scale of 1-10, it's a 1.

Anyway, dumb-shit, all your crap-talking is just petty and pathetic. Has anyone ever told you that you have the humor and wit of a sixth grader? Well if not, I'd like to be the first.

Again, I will tell your sister (if she is your sister) that you brag about sucking on her breasts and fucking her. Aaaah, she's gonna be livid. I can't wait. You are a grade A low-life, uneducated, complete scumbag.

Buddy, let's settle this right now. email me back and let's meet somewhere. I'd love to see the face of the biggest pussy in town.

Yours truly, Twithead joe
29 Dec 2003 09:12:42
28 Dec 2003 23:12:07
Subject: FW: RE: FW: Re:
> I'm sure your mom is so proud of you, buddy.
> What does your sister think about you? You know what? I'm gonna ask her.
> You had better hope that the girl I met is not actually your sister. For
> your sake, I hope you're just a pathetic, illiterate lowlife that likes to
> mess around on his computer.
> I will see that girl again. I will run into her. Also, I will ask her
> her brother. I really hope she is an only child because I have saved your
> sick emails and will show them to her.
> Do you play poker? Because here I am calling your bluff. David still. You
> fucking idiot, I googled "david still" the second I got your lame-ass
> email. You're so creative.
> See ya soon.
> But you'd better hope not.
> >
> > twisterjoe
> >
> >
> > > [Original Message]
> > > From: David Still <>
> > > To: <>
> > > Date: 12/28/2003 7:30:36 AM
> > > Subject: Re:
> > >
> > > Why would a girl ask a guy how to pick a melon? guys don't know that
> > shit. She was coming on to you but you were off in space thinking
> doubtless
> > of her two melons that you would like to squeeze--my sister's tits! In
> > fact they are great and I squeez them once in a while in jest. Go back
> > Trader Joes and offer to sqeeze fruit for the babes. This might liven up
> > your seemingly dull life.
> > > wrote:
> > > David Still, no need to call names, you dick. Sister or not, she's
> > > cute, accept it.
> > >
> > > And by the way, I don't "chat up the babes" as you put it in your
> > > elementary school terms. She asked me how to pick out a melon,
> > >
> > > Another thing, You never worked at Trader Joe's. They don't
> > > hire people to hand out samples a few hours a day. No need to lie.
> > >
> > > Now David Still, don't be such a dumb-shit. I don't care who your
> > > is, I'll still slap your pansy-ass around if I have to. And don't
> > back some
> > > rebuttal telling me how buff you are 'cuz I saw your pathetic
Subject: Re: fantasy football
By the way, I am intrigued, so email me when you get a

--- David Still <> wrote:
> Dear John Ifft,
> Hi my name is Dave Still Esq. I got your name from a
> Pitt alumn who wishes to remain nameless. Here's the
> thing- we're trying to form a grassroots movement to
> shake things up. Our plan is to bring back Steve
> Pederson (you may or may not know Pederson has been
> stonewalled at Nebraska).
> Intrigued? We'll be in touch.
> D.S.
e John T. Ifft
28 Dec 2003 19:12:56
e John T. Ifft
28 Dec 2003 19:12:28
Subject: Re: fantasy football
Why do you want Steve Pederson back? Why was the
subject of your email Re: fantasy football?

Why do you think Steve would come back? What do you
think he did good at Pitt? He padded the schedule
here to make Pitt win. Adding MAC opponents, South
Florida, East Tenn State, etc. He did the same with
the basketball schedule. He did this so we could win
fast, just so he could show it on his resume to the
Nebraska chancellor. Steve also inflated attendance
numbers, and sold tickets for $60 for a season! Just
so he could say the attendance is higher also. What
he did was build a house of cards that soon could
fall. Steve has more things to worry about at
Nebraska. Steve got lucky with the hiring of Ben
Howland. Remember he hired Traci Waites and Walt

He got lucky and his plan worked.

--- David Still <> wrote:
> Dear John Ifft,
> Hi my name is Dave Still Esq. I got your name from a
> Pitt alumn who wishes to remain nameless. Here's the
> thing- we're trying to form a grassroots movement to
> shake things up. Our plan is to bring back Steve
> Pederson (you may or may not know Pederson has been
> stonewalled at Nebraska).
> Intrigued? We'll be in touch.
> D.S.
Subject: RE: the one you're looking for
I 'want to move in with your fake family. I am an orphan.

>Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 13:24:12 +0100
> david still <> the one you're looking for David Still <>
>Help me to find you, and I will find the one you're looking for.
>Believe me david still, I can help to find the person you want.
>Read everything and send, click until the last click.
>David Still
e david still
22 Dec 2003 03:12:21
17 Dec 2003 19:12:41
why not ? who are you ?

David Still <> on 2003-12-17 13:05:27

Pour : "alex baby" <>Objet : me again

dont even dare tell john who i am....

who gave you my email ? And stay away from me

David Still <> on 2003-12-17 12:56:00

Pour : "Alex" <>
Objet : stay away

stay away from johnny.... if u know whats good for you....
you dont know what a bad person he is,.... he may seem nice at first, but he is going to make your life hell....
just a word of advice

17 Dec 2003 19:12:44
16 Dec 2003 23:12:59
Subject: Re: Advertising
Hi, i kinda Dont like ads on my page but since your site is sooooo totally random, i'll post a link for it on my home page some where near the top!
Cant offer any better than that though!

> Hello, website owner. I am David Still and i wondered if you would be
> interested in allowing me to advertise on your website. Naturally I
> would have to pay but i fell it will be mutually helpful.
> Please reply asap
> Yours Sincerly
> David Still
Subject: Re: end zone blog
You don't understand...I sincerely appreciate his blog. I have learned a lot by reading his blog. His blog has made a contribution to me personally, and I am happy to acknowledge him for that. I may be a bit too Ned Flanders for your taste.

David Still <> wrote:
Christ, man... you are such a suck ass--Instapundit I suck your cock etc etc stop fucking crawling on your knees, toady.
e Greg Cotharn
15 Dec 2003 02:12:10
11 Dec 2003 16:12:02
Subject: RE: peas

Who is this?

From: David Still

hello - this is a message from all Northerners telling you to eat more.
Please do so now,
Cary x
9 Dec 2003 19:12:38
8 Dec 2003 11:12:16
Subject: RE: the empire strikes back
Dear David,

Thank you for including me on the circulation list for your letter below.
The point that we were trying to make in the editorial was that, for all the
hard work being put in on the preventive agenda by yots and others, it is
very difficult to produce results when the atmosphere in the youth justice
system is still so punitive in many respects. That is the contradiction at
the heart of the system we wanted to draw attention to, a contradiction
incidentally which is certainly not the fault of yots. We would be pleased
to hear suggestions and ideas from your colleagues, and you or they are
welcome to send us a letter to be considered for publication.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Ivory
Acting Editor
Community Care

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []
Sent: 05 December 2003 21:07
Subject: the empire strikes back

> Dear Yot Manager,
> Many of you will already have seen the latest issue of Community Care
> magazine which features an editorial comment that we believe seriously
> undermines the hard work and determination shown by Yots across England
> and Wales. The challenges you have faced in the past few years have
> certainly not been easy to overcome, yet the impact you are having on
> young people's lives is immense.
> The full comment is below, but to summarise the editorial claims that
> 'Years of attempting to change the culture of the youth justice system
> have failed to make more than a marginal impact'. It is disturbing that a
> specialist publication such as Community Care does not appear to be aware
> of the fundamental impact the creation of Yots have had on the youth
> justice system.
> To ensure that the magazine's editor is made aware of the change in
> culture in the youth justice system, we encourage you to contact him
> directly to let him know about your experiences of the reformed system. We
> know that significant progress has been made and it is important that this
> is fact is reinforced by those working in the profession.
> The address for letters is:
> Mark Ivory
> Acting Editor
> Community Care
> Quadrant House
> The Quadrant
> Sutton
> Surrey
> SM2 5AS
> or email the editor on
> Regards,
> Katie Martin
> Communications Manager
> Youth Justice Board Press Office
> 11 Carteret St, London SW1H 9DL
> T. 020 7271 2988
> M: 07900 137855
> F. 020 7271 3030
> 'Echoes of punitive past' - Editorial Comment, COMMUNITY CARE, 4 - 10
> December 2003
> Talk of progress is one thing, achieving is quite another. There is no
> better example than the government's policy on youth justice, where youth
> offending teams have been briefed to reduce the numbers of young people
> sent to prison and intensive supervision and surveillance programmes
> (ISSPs) are supposed to provide a ready alternative to custody. While
> there is some evidence of success in pursuing rehabilitation rather than
> punishment, the policy has been slow to translate into practice. Our
> exclusive story about Stoke Heath Young Offenders Institution reveals that
> the truth is grimmer still: young people deemed disruptive can be stripped
> naked and incarcerated in tiny cells for days at a time, a punishment more
> redolent of a Victorian prison than of a modern penal system.
> Years of attempting to change the culture of the youth justice system have
> failed to make more than a marginal impact. The contradictory nature of
> policy-making in this field is well illustrated by the home secretary,
> with his rhetoric about being tough on crime. But the contradictions go
> way back.
> A criminal justice act introduced by the Tories in the early nineties had
> the professed aim of reducing the numbers of young people in custody, yet
> they rose by 90 per cent in the ensuing decade and children here are
> generally still much more likely to be jailed than counterparts elsewhere
> in Europe. The advent of ISSPs was supposed to usher in a fundamental
> rethink of sentencing policy. Instead the courts have used them to toughen
> up community penalties they would have issued anyway and continued dishing
> out custodial sentences with nearly as much abandon as they did before.
> The result? The number of under-18s in custody fell by a meager 143
> between July 2001 and August 2003.
> In the meantime, one tried and tested alternative to prison custody,
> council secure children's homes, faces cutbacks by the Youth Justice
> Board, which wants to tilt the balance in favour of secure training
> centres where more emphasis is placed on punishment. The YJB claims that
> secure training centres provide better value, a consideration which
> apparently outweighs the welfare and the life chances of children subject
> to this regime.
> It is time for talk of progress in youth justice to be backed up by
> genuine, deep-seated change in a culture that perpetuates the opposite,
> injustice. Only then can we be confident that the barbarites more usually
> associated with another era will be eradicated.
Subject: RE: spanish class

Fuck you bitch

Louis T. Bray
The Pennsylvania State University
University Towers
458 East College Ave. Apt. #606
State College, PA 16801

-----Original Message-----
From: David Still []
Sent: Sunday, December 07, 2003 7:14 PM
To: Lou Bray
Subject: spanish class

Hi this is the girl who sits in the front of spanish class. i want to
talk to you but was too nervous. please come and talk to me on tuesday
night. thanks hope you like me too. cya
e Louis T. Bray
8 Dec 2003 06:12:24
4 Dec 2003 15:12:30
Subject: Re: Everything I always wanted to know about myself...
On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 03:40 am, David Still wrote:

> We could work out the details. Meanwhile, if you send a note to my
> attorney, Jack, at, he will assure you that I
> have ample means to care for our love child. I would not want you to
> think even for a moment that I would not fully provide for a dear one
> born of your loins. Full credentials and a sample of my worth can be
> forwarded you in advance to confince you that a tryst for us can bring
> all happiness to you, a child born of our seed, and a pleasant home in
> a continent and country of your choosing. I love your name! So
> suggestive of one my sources of income--diamond buying and selling in
> the Netherlands. And a memory of the Mitchabishi Japanese auto, with
> its diamond logo adorning the hood.

This is all a bit sudden, perhaps we should get to know each other a
little first ? Tempting though your offer may be, and I think I'd like
to try Arizona... David, or is it Jack ?


Subject: Re: Stapler Mishap!
Thanks for the email, i was beginning to think you'd forgotten me. I'm sorry about the stapler. I'm glad you can see the funny side now and I can only thank you for not pressing charges.

Did you get the trip to miami on your med insurance? Talk about the benefits of a unionised workplace. Here at <<NAME DELETED>> our plan gives us the first two days of chronic illness free, after that they
charge by the hour.

The clown thing was funny, so i won't apologize for laughing at that.
I never thought i'd get you to do your impression of Jimi Hendrix dying right in the path of the fun run. The clown was running for Financially Unstable Circus Trainers and went on to win the heavyweight division so it was all in a good cause. Although I don't imagine that will help heal those scars.

Take care mate, see you soon,


On 2 Dec 2003, at 15:06, David Still wrote:

> Hi there Tom, how's it going? It's been a while hasn't it mate?
> Anyway, I just thought I'd update you on the stapler situation - it's
> gone septic! I know, how bizarre you must be thinking... And all that
> from just one little comment at a party. This means now that I'll have
> to go to Miami and get some treatment, but it'll be nice to get away
> to sunny climes methinks.
> I'll keep you updated at any rate, coz I know you love this kind of
> thing, especially after your reaction when that clown stepped on my
> face by accident in the park. You couldn't stop laughing, but it hurt,
> he had running spikes on.
> Laters Tom
e Thomas Stewart
3 Dec 2003 19:12:24
2 Dec 2003 21:12:39
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