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Subject: Re: Identity donation
when is the webby awards I sent your web address to some friends of mine and they love it!
e carmilla green
19 May 2003 03:05:20
e Patrick Lichty
19 May 2003 02:05:44
Subject: Re: Identity donation
Hey David,

Wanted to thanks for the invite, and that I had forgotten about the Mouchette link until recently.
Kind of how people don't know about my being/having been/could be 1/3 of RTMark.

but anyway, just a quick contrition,

All the best,
Patrick Lichty

(Was the design firm a conceptual piece? I figured it was...)
Subject: Re: like to make love to u
Fat hope though.

Don't try to image.

From: "David Still" <>
> hey, i seen u around and would love to make love to you.
> you got a great body and i would really love to get within you.
> i miss you, siti.
e siti
14 May 2003 14:05:44
e Olivier.b
13 May 2003 14:05:55
Subject: Re: Identity donation
hi david
i would take the award
always nice to have something to put on top of your fireplace...(does it look good?..... the award)

Subject: Re: Identity donation

No! S'mine! All mine, damn you!!
e Me!
13 May 2003 01:05:40
e Gina Peach
13 May 2003 00:05:59
Subject: Re: Identity donation

You remind me of my friend who likes to pretend she is someone other than who she is. She is notorious for going into those sex chat rooms as a dominatrix when she really wants to be spanked herself. I myself like to just be me and let my moods dictate how I am, which is as interesting as being different people because I can look at things from many perspectives. I have never been to your party.

Subject: RE: Identity donation
Hey David,

Great news! Congratulation. I'm not surprised that the website is nominated. It's a fantastic concept.
Of course we should continue exchanging roles although i must be drunken because i only remember a party early in the morning at the first of april.
I am glad to take the prize.


Marien Vlug
Director Vlug.Net
Almere - Netherlands
e Marien Vlug
12 May 2003 13:05:33
e J.B. Boulboulle
12 May 2003 10:05:05
Subject: Re: Identity donation

Dear David,
so happy to hear this news! I am really glad for you and I am sure you will win the award! And don't feel personally insulted that they put you in the categorie of personal sites. All your real friends know that you are a concept! That's why they love you anyways. I am stuck up with my own identity and to be honest I am really enjoying it at the moment,
so good luck with exchanging with someone else... Hope to make it to your next party...
luv Jenny
Subject: RE: Identity donation
The identity of the subject is manifested on three parallel platforms; one is manifested as a natural fact that is given to the subject by the Second. The next platform is defined by the third party that treats the subject through the dioptry of its perception as an object (the third party is on the surface of the time scale presented in plural as "surroundings"). The last platform is "reality" when the subject experiences itself together with a fiction of how it would like to be
manifested to the third party (so called Wishful appearance towards the surroundings).

While the first identity form is present in the field of unconscious and can be neglected in the play of external manifestation, the other two are identity forms or identity appearances dependent upon physical predispositions of the subject (that in this particular context plays the role of the subject to a very limited extent). It is the attachment of the third party's perception on the physical reality that represents the fatal obtacle to the manifestation of the desired subject's identity towards the third party. Exactly at this point the technology of the virtual reality makes a fatal cut which marks the birth of a new, primary, in the very sense of the word., identity that is completely independent of the physical reality, and transits from the existence only in the subject's wish to the area or "reality" although that particular "reality" - in the physical sense - is only "fictional".

The identification of the subject together with his physical appearance is in the eyes of the third party directly connected with the subject's first and family names or pseudonym. The cluster name-object (t.i. subject from the third party's point of view) is a necessary term of identification of the subject's identity by the third party. When the desired identity (which was created by the subject in the reality of the cyber space) wants to be presented to the third party we have to establish the above mentioned cluster name-object (t.i. its virtual identity). The missing link is therefore the name of the new, virtual (pure, desired) identity. In the binary world of ones and zeros that represents the foundation of the contemporary information society it is evident that the name of the desired virtual reality has to be easily connected with the - in the vulgar physical sense - presentation of the virtual identity itself. That is why the cluster name - object can be transformed into another one called intent-set-up page. The logical conclusion is that the subject that has created its virtual identity presented to the third party with its intended name instead of its physical name or its pseudonym.

The new body is baptized!
e Teo Spiller
12 May 2003 08:05:30
e Cargo
12 May 2003 04:05:38
Subject: Re: Identity donation
Dear David

I've heard about your award; even yesterday when some students of the GRA visited Cargo again since your party;
I organized a rather successful lecture about looking at landscapes; by the way your landlord attended it as well !!

Please keep me posted if you're gonna win it !!
LG on behalf of the Cargo-staff
Subject: Re: Identity donation / but dead
e pierre obrecht
11 May 2003 19:05:26
e myriam eckert
11 May 2003 16:05:09
Subject: RE: Identity donation
Subject: Re: Identity donation

My dear David,
We are one in the world. Whom ever collects that Webby will be us.
Hey, we deserve it!

Oh, it's only a webby. Do we all pay attention to that?
I think we have better things to do.
Congratulations to us.

Yours in ourselves,
11 May 2003 05:05:24
e Nathan Blair
10 May 2003 22:05:54
Subject: Re: Identity donation

We're playing a game??? I thought I saw a pawn walk by the window the other day. So who's winning?

From: "David Still" <>
> Yes, every receiver become a donor. That's the rule of the game.
> David
Subject: Re: Identity donation

Why, sure, Dave. I'll accept the prize, just, please don't use my name.



Howard Meister

10 May 2003 22:05:16
e Lucy Petrovich
10 May 2003 21:05:00
Subject: Re: Identity donation

I will be happy to accept the award and win the prize. Lucy
Lucy Petrovich
UA - Media ARts
Subject: Re: Identity donation
No, I don't, maybe in an another david's art piece, and I mean david lynch. He gave me his phone and I heard him thru the wires, and it was not last month, this was at least five years ago, before my best friend Daniel died (another one with a D), so you weren't born yet. Should I conclude you're a liar, maybe a psychopath, or even worse: an artist.

You say that people recognize you in the street, well, I strictly don't care, talk about it to Jean-Claude Van Damme, he'll be interested. I surely prefer not to be bothered on the street as I walk and give some fresh thoughts to my mind. So, you're the real DS or the other, what's the difference? I'm me.

Yes I can imagine what it is like and I know that there's always a group of people who have to freeze everything by giving awards or statues, so they can have the impression they can control individualistic creativity.

Why are you so excited in being famous? So you'll have your picture in some nerdy magazines, so what? With such a contemporary project I'm quite surprise that you're still going for ancient times's stuff like; honors, fame, prizes, etc, etc, etc...

Talking exchanging personalities, have you ever tried oral sex, I mean, psychoanalysis? If you try to solve your personal problems, that is if you fail to recognize the difference between desire, pulsions and fantasies, if you try to solve this by using us like some kind of huge virtual (although quite real) analyst, then the question of payment should be raised, or is it a copyleft version of the shrink?

And finally, I'm always very cautious in dealing with someone who wants to give himself as a donation. There's a guy who did it few thousands years ago and a lot of blood got spilled over this, my carpet's still stained because of him.

It's common knowledge that those wanting to give are the ones who want to receive the most, what do you want David? What is that the big child did not receive from his mamma, huh? What's the big dirty secret behind all these good intentions?

Anyway, david, don't deceive me.

e vincent matyn
10 May 2003 20:05:46
e Pawel Permjakow
10 May 2003 19:05:21
Subject: Re: Identity donation
Hi David

This letter is yours mistake. I wasn't at yours party.
It's not the first yours mistake.
I am not YOU. I am I.

I wish YOU to win the prize.
And I don't want another's money.
Take the prize. I shall very kind - it's YOURS money.

We know more about us THROUGH another man.

Today I was at party hier in Almaty. Party in my Theatre.
It was Scheisse. ( I think you understand Germans)
All drink and eat. It's bored.
Then it was at your's party also, I am glad, that I wasn't there. (ha-ha-ha)

Tchuess David
Sorry for blue letter.

Subject: Re: Identity donation
I'll take the prize but I live in the US. SO if you could patch me in via sattelite that would be neat.
IT would be neat if you could get acceptance speeches from all davidstill participants.

See you later Dave.

PS: That misunderstanding over Janice.. she's all yours for now I didn't mean
to intrude. I really DID have a great new recipe for tangerine squares.
10 May 2003 18:05:36
e Ambroise Barras
10 May 2003 18:05:17
Subject: Re: Identity donation
Dear Ambroise Barras,

You seem to ignore it, but I'm David Still. How can you pretend to donate me my proper identity? I'm DS and remain his.
This situation is hard to endure, as you could perhaps try to understand.
I'm not sure that, by the prize I'm predicted to win (through my nomination to Webby Awards), this comedy will dramatically change.

Mine truly,
David Still.

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