David Still <>
subject: In the flesh

I never thought that offering my identity online would get me this far: I'm really getting famous!
"He's all-in-one artist and the artwork." Or so they say.
So I get invited to Art Festivals all over the world. And I'll go there to promote my website and myself. You'll see me in the flesh! The day has finally come! Don't miss it - how will you ever know the truth if you don't see it for yourself!

I'll answer all the questions in the faaq. At last you'll know who was behind the mask, sending you nasty messages using my identity - bombarding you with spam - trying to learn all your intimate details by pretending to be a friend. All will be revealed...

On the 25th of October, I'll be in Basel, Switzerland at the VIPER festival
On the 31st of October, I'll be in Utrecht, Holland at the IMPAKT festival

And when you meet me you'll find out whether I really deserve the name "artist and art work in one".
Which of the two will be celebrated most in these festivals?
What if they find out I'm not exactly who I say I am?
Will you be with me then?

David Still