Freqently Asked and Answered Questions
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1 Do you really exist or are you a made-up personality? answer
2 How do I get my email address removed from the mailing-list? answer
3 Why don't you have a 'female' version of david still for women to send anon. e-mail to men? answer
4 how did aurelie mertenat remove her messages from this website? answer
5 When will the site be up and running again? answer
6 Are you (we) Mouchette's boyfriend? answer
7 My name is David Still.
this is not a joke.
my father is also named David Still. we have contacted a lawyer and are taking action in removing this website and charging those responsible for it. if the site is taken down before action is taken, we will drop the case
8 if the real david still asked you to remove this website, or at least change the name, would you? answer
9 Kan deze site ook in het Nederlands, gezien het feit dat je nu toch in Almere woont ? answer
10 how would you support the argument that this site is a form of new media/ interactive art? answer
11 what did you want to be, growing up? answer
12 What is the best question you have been asked? answer
13 What's your perspective on September 11th? answer
14 Is it possible to request for removal of one's history from the board, i.e., all postings, not just e-mail address? answer
15 did David Still see or touch any penguins making this website? answer
16 Are all messages automatically posted or do you first screen/edit them? answer
17 Is there a way to send you a private message, one that won't be posted? answer
18 Is that what you really look like? answer
19 I come here to read the faq, why do I have to answer them? answer
20 Can you speak Dutch already? French? Any other language? answer
21 Can I meet you at your house and how do I get there? answer
22 Is there such a neighbourhood called "De Realiteit" (The Reality) in Almere, NL, with your blue house in it? answer
23 Does my message disappear from the board after it has been replied to? answer
24 Is it possible to know who REALLY sent the message I got from your site? answer
25 Next question, please.