David Still <>
subject: Playing the hero?

Hi. I'm David Still. I work as a communications consultant and have just emigrated to Almere, the Netherlands. It wasn't such a big step for me - I suppose I've always been kind of restless. Now I'm getting on for 33 (yeah, that funny age) I feel I want something more. That's what this website's about.

When I just moved here, I was quite excited. New opportunities. New people. But I quickly got caught up in the old rut. Work, work and more work. But I love being in communications. I love meeting people. So I decided to make my work my hobby and designed a site for myself - about me - but something you can use as well. I suppose I'm a sort of real life screen hero. You can 'borrow' my identity - send people emails pretending to be me.

Sitting on the balcony of my little blue house looking out over the Ijsselmeer lake, I make little web pages with old photos of me so you can enjoy my childhood memories as if they were yours. And if something fun happens during the week, I make a new web page so that you - and your friends - can share it.

You know, it's getting kind of weird. Maybe I've become an artist - or am I the work of art?