David Still <>
subject: See me. Be me.

Who'd have thought I made this entire site just to keep in touch with you?
I miss you so much. I hate it because you're not here. Right now, I want to share every second with you - real things, not this virtual stuff!

I can't touch you or smell you. It's like I'm trapped behind this screen. I need you to let me out. It's like the song says - 'you are everything, and everything is you'. But don't pity me - I'm fine. I have friends, I have a life. But it hurts all the more because you're not here. Every face, every conversation reminds me of you. But no one else can be you. And that's my problem.

I suppose I made this site so I could be close to you - share my life with you. You inspired this site - it's just as much yours as mine. You know sometimes, when I'm thinking of new photos or text I can use, it's almost as though you were in my head - you feel that close! If I can't physically be near you, this is the next best thing. You can see what I see, read my thoughts, even use my name - you can more or less be me. I want to feel there's no distance between us - I want you to climb inside my head, I want you to see me. Feel me. Be me.