David Still <>
subject: Egos and Alter-egos

Dear ,

You knew it all the way: you can be me, smile like me, write like me, send my emails... I am your alter-ego, you can use me for everything you want.
That's why I deserve a place in a museum for Alter-egos.
The exhibition "Alias and Alibi" in the FriesMuseum in Leeuwarden, Holland, is displaying my site in their beautiful gallery, along with other famous artistic alter-egos.
Some artists are passing for James Dean, others for Robbie Williams, and you are pretending to be me.

But me?
Who am I going to be?
Could I be you?
Shall we do a swap of identity?

Please be my alter-ego.
Let me teach you the pleasure of giving yourself away.
Join the club.
Be in the show.

David Still