David Still <>
subject: Used and Abused

You make me sick to the very core of my existence, I trusted you and all you did was play with me. Emotions are delicate things you know. Oh sorry, I forgot, you don't have any. What do you think I am, a toy to throw away when you're bored? I am a human being you know.

What shocks me most is that you did this after all we've been through, do I mean so little to you? You think you can juggle with people, come on... how many balls do you have in the air right now? Let me guess... I'd rather not. Surely you realised what was going to happen.

How would it feel to have that done to you? Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself... You're nothing but a moraless rat and you belong in a sewer.
Bye and don't ever try and find me.