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subject: Help me to find you

Dear ,

When I recently returned from a week's holiday, I had the feeling I'd been far away from home for a long time. Suddenly you're able to view your surroundings from a fresh perspective, like you're a stranger in your own home. Regrettably this feeling quickly ebbs away and everything dissolves back in the all-too-familiar daily grind.
In the coming months I need to think and write a lot about a complicated scientific phenomenon. In reality it demands a similar type of approach, you need to keep a certain distance, make comparisons and put things into perspective. Nonetheless, it's difficult to keep a fresh outlook.
At a certain point I'll finish this assignement and no doubt my surroundings will change too. The every-day constant is myself. The problem is that you can't take a holiday from yourself. Instead of seeking escape through the use of temporary mind-expanding or mind-numbing substances, I'm in search of a more durable and deeper solution.

Can you , , help me , , , to see myself afresh through your eyes?
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