David Still <>
subject: This can never really end

This isn't easy to say. But here goes. I've been watching you. I see you every day. I've always been a shy person, never could tell people how I really feel. But this is different. You must know this feeling of blood racing in your veins, butterflies in your stomach. I always thought all that stuff was rubbish. But it's not. It's what I'm going through.

Sitting here writing this, it's as though you're with me - the way your eyes shine, the way you smile. It's a delicious torment.
Could you ever like me? Thoughts like this are running through my mind. I'm so nervous - I feel like a kid again! Maybe it sounds corny, but I've never felt this way. I know I'm putting myself on the line but I can't keep this all to myself. And even if you don't feel the same - even if you could never feel the same - at least you'll know. Whatever happens, you've given me something special. Something that no one else can give. No one can ever take that away from me.